Leo New Moon: Step Into The Light

Theatre stage with red curtain and spotlights on the stage floor.

Do you see me? Do you see? Do you like me?
Do you like me standing there? Do you notice?
Do you know? Do you see me? Do you see me?
Does anyone care?  -Ode to My Family, The Cranberries

As an introvert, I doubt I’ll ever feel comfortable being the center of attention. While getting onstage, being in front of or even standing out in a crowd, well, the lump of fear to simply get up and put it out there is so large that I want to flee. Yet there’s nothing more invigorating than taking to the stage and expressing my Self. At some point, sometimes mid-way but always afterwards, I feel on top of the world. I feel powerful strong and fearless, like I can do and accomplish anything. I feel my Sun.

The Sun lives to unabashedly shine. Our Sun needs to be noticed, appreciated, seen and recognized. The Sun is the Self, the Divine Child in each of us who, ideally, feels it’s absolutely okay to spontaneously speak up, share our heart, express affection, joy and go after what we want. How easy and how difficult this is! Who among us can claim absolute trust that The Universe will receive us lovingly? Even my Leo husband who is blessed with an overwhelming sense of well-being, wonders, after sending a heartfelt travelogue to close friends and not hearing back, if his open-hearted sharing is too open. He wonders if anyone cares.

To shine as bright as the noontime Sun. We need a healthy ego capable of working through our fears so we can take the risk of charting our Sun’s path instead of skirting it’s orbit, or orbiting around other stronger, solar people. A dear client expresses concern about Jupiter in Leo’s potential for egocentrism, too much “notice me” focus. She has Leo on her Twelfth House cusp, Sun in Sagittarius in the Fourth. Awhile later, talking about a list of goals for the year, she says, ‘I have a hard time being specific about claiming my goals; it’s easier to generalize and say I want something that brings me passion than name and claim it.’

Most of us have spent ample time in the Sun’s shadow, feeling unclear in our self, neglected, unnoticed and underappreciated, our natural talents and skills underutilized and under-expressed. Leo New Moon says it’s time to step into the light. You have a right to exist. You have a right to be the center of your world. You have a right to claim space, and you have more space than you think. In her book, The Language of Emotions, Karla McClaren shares a great exercise for getting in touch with our personal space, so we can not only know where we end and others begin (for the Empaths), but so we can more fully live.

Try this at home: Extend your arms out, moving them in all directions so you feel your self standing inside a bubble. Extending arm’s distance from your body (you’ve seen this aura in paintings of the Virgin Mary – the golden orb shining from within and around her body), is this strong flexible boundary surrounding you called your aura.  It is a real thing, and it’s attached to your body — for instance you can feel it in a crowd, when others are pushing against you.  Now fill your aura with bright, lively colors that speak to you. After you spend a few minutes in this spacious area, ask yourself: Do I claim this much room in the world?  Karla says you may be surprised to discover you do not. Your aura is your personal space, but because our culture supports distraction and dissociation, most of us don’t feel entirely in control of our personal space- making centeredness challenging.

In the days surrounding this Leo New Moon, nurture your Solar space. Do Sun Salutations. Do Lion yoga pose. Fill your aura with amazing colors. Claim space, and take more of it. Don’t wait for another person to give you permission to do so because they may not! Stop waiting for other people’s approval or guarantees. The time is right for nudging your Lion or Lioness to life and when you ally with the archetype of the fierce Lion or Lioness within, you’re emboldening the Self who knows the only way to step out of fear and into life is to let down your inhibitions and shine.


  1. Great advice, Jessica! Although I have Leo Ascendant/Moon, it’s trined by Saturn, and my Virgo Sun is squared by Saturn. Plus transiting Saturn’s been squaring my Leo points. Anyway, I am looking forward to Jupiter in Leo lighting and expanding things! And I love this exercise — seems like a good start. 🙂

  2. Jessica, thank-you for this early birthday gift! So ready for the new moon tomorrow! I’m a triple Leo with sun and moon in the 12th and have felt exiled in Siberia. Btw, I write a monthly profile on astrology for cats. It’s all about Leo today and I make my own graphic. I’d love your feedback.

  3. Thank you, Leslie. Yes, the exercise about taking up space is very Jupiter in Leo, no? xo, Jessica

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