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Halloween Costumes by Astrological Sign

What’s so fun about Halloween? You get to dress up, and wear an aspect of your personality people may know about – or not! The cool thing about the zodiac is that each sign contains universal archetypes, universal energy patterns available to us all (for instance, Aries, the Warrior), making it really easy and fun to tap your birth chart for costume inspiration.

Want to enhance your natural creativity and give your energy a lift? You could go with your Sun sign, and your urge to shine, be seen and get noticed. What about your private self -that part of you that no one but loved ones ever really sees? For that, dress up your Moon sign. Or to exaggerate the “mask” you already wear in the world, dress for your rising sign. Your Rising Sign is your mask – the visible costume you wear every single day for the world.  [Read more…]

Full Moon Aries Lunar Eclipse: Warrior Moon


Confession time: I’ve always had a fear of not being liked. Caving in to social pressure, via the desire to please another person rather than bare the uncomfortable pain of disappointing them, is probably my biggest and most persistently troubling life lesson to date. For me, this is no small problem, no minor flaw that I can brush under the carpet. I’ve sustained psychological and physical damage to my body from “people-pleasing.”

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Eclipses: Moving Beyond the Four Walls of the Known

total-solar-eclipse_0808I am not going to give you a destination. I can only give you a direction – awake, throbbing with life, unknown, always surprising, unpredictable. -Bagwan Shree Rajneesh

Eclipses make waves. Some are big waves like the sea at high tide; others are more like small ripples. In breaking waves, eclipse season can deliver difficult news, like the announcement of death or illness, or wondrous, a birth or true love.  Others are quieter, but carrying no less impact, for if our life resembles a placid lake, emotional ripples can jar something loose within, deeply inside. [Read more…]