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Sagittarius New Moon: A Lighter Spirit

viking feast by harvey dunn

In the Pacific Northwest, it’s raining as I write this.  The gentle pattering of rain is drenching the Earth with wetness, making up for all those days of having to go without. And so it goes with astrology. Those of us who study it know that astrology flows with the cyclical seasons of life. Just as spring follows winter, yang follows yin, each zodiac season relieves the former. The good and the bad news is: Everything changes. Nothing can last forever. And so on the heels of the shadowy, intense, autumnal, inward looking sign of Scorpio -the season of increasing darkness, of falling leaves and fallen loved ones, of grief and intense emotions and psychological introspection – arrives Sagittarius in a fiery bluster, all bravado and festive boisterousness. [Read more…]

The Final Degrees of Saturn in Scorpio: The Last Gasp


Last Monday (at the Mars-Pluto conjunction), my cousin’s wife’s young sister was murdered by her boyfriend- who then suicided. Mid-week, we heard sad news of Thich Nhat Hanh’s precarious health. Saturday, my maternal grandmother died.  Though I didn’t know my cousin-in-law’s sister, and since their move to the West Coast, from Ohio, we’re still just getting to know her, my heart trembled with horror. Overnight, jokes about violence have become distasteful. A picture of Annie Oakley on my Facebook feed with the supposed quote, “I ain’t afraid to love a man. I ain’t afraid to shoot him, either.” I would’ve found this funny, previously. Death changes things. [Read more…]

Neptune Station: Awaken From The Dream

horse in mistWe all need to dip into Neptune’s waters of just being from time to time, as a measure to the time we spend doing. Losing all sense of time and space, for a bit, is a welcome and necessary reprieve for an overly busy world. Meditating, a day at the beach, a day of watching movies…even staring at the ceiling for hours can be therapeutic. We all need to dip into the timeless dimension, if only to remind our Self that we are an Eternal Soul.

Yet as with all archetypes, Neptune can be as much friend as foe. Neptune can instruct us in observing the hushed beauty of a flower, the silent reverie of mind, our connection to all things great and small. Unconscious Neptune can strand us in the middle of an ocean of emotion, rudderless, lost at sea, feeling victimised/martyred. We are not fated to experience only the difficult side of Neptune. Neptune’s invitation is for more conscious awareness, and to find a middle way. [Read more…]