About Moonkissd

About Moonkissd

My healing journey began in my late teens when I became very ill. This began my lifelong quest for wholeness, and astrology became one of my healing tools. Astrology is one way of reminding me of who I AM, my connection to my Divine Self- always the goal of my work for myself, and with others.

Along the way, I earned a bachelor’s degree in art and business from Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina, moved to San Francisco, CA, moved back to Santa Fe, New Mexico (my hometown), Maui, then back to San Francisco bay area where I made my home for twenty years.

In 2003, I began writing and consulting as an astrologer, became certified in Steven Forrest’s Astrology Apprenticeship program. Meanwhile, I earned a certificate in the Mechanics of Vision (clairvoyance & vision),  became certified as a wellness and health coach through (IIN), and I logged many healing hours training in Matrix Reimprinting – a form of shamanic journeying/inner child work (an offshoot of the EFT modality). Though I have never identified myself as a witch or pagan, throughout I’ve also practiced personal ritual and spell work – magick- because it helped to anchor change.

I enjoy writing, so wrote about my experiences online, then in books. For instance, the spiritual practices to draw my soul mate to me (it worked!), I wrote it all down and that story became A Love Alchemist’s Notebook. Venus Signs evolved naturally from that work, as a way to connect with the Goddess and lover, within. Karmic Dates gave “permission and ease” (as one astute reader put it) to those who are oriented to love and learn from a number short-term partners versus one lifelong mate.

Why my focus on relationship? They have always been a great source of growth.

Then, in spring of 2016, I experienced an awakening. I’ve always been sensitive and empathic, but I was starting to “feel energies” on a whole new level. I felt extremely connected to everything and everyone, which was terrifying and confusing. Finding my Self, my still, calm center was like trying to find my keys in a snowstorm – almost impossible. Synchronously, my teacher appeared to me exactly when I needed her.

In our work together, it became clear that Consciousness itself was evolving and that I was an active participant in this shift. Spiritual principles that once worked no longer did — or at least not in the same way. In a sense, everything became it’s polar opposite.  Instead of creating the vision to step into, it was now about unfolding and allowing. Using tools outside oneself, focusing on fixing others, fixing self (fixing or changing anyone or anything, really) was like moving the same furniture around in the same room. True change could only be achieved by opening to the Divine Self and guidance within.

Presence, inwardness, inner listening, inner knowing, intuitive awareness, learning to recognize dis-resonant energies and clear them… all have become my new reality and focus. And all of this continues to deepen my alignment with Divinity.

In 2018, my husband and I moved to Honolulu, HI. The choice to do so was absolutely a culmination of my new way of being. It became clear that I was no longer aligned with the vibration of where I was living (we both love it here!).

How does this connect with my work? When I work with you in a session, I listen beyond my five senses. What comes through is a blend of my unique life experiences & wisdom, a culmination of my inner work, and my connection to Source. It could be called channeling, intuitive awareness, energy sensitivity. Or simply being in presence, holding space for whatever wants to unfold during our time together.

That said, thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. However we may connect –either through my writing, or in a session– it is an honor and pleasure to accompany you on your journey!