Leo New Moon Eclipse: Spread Your Wings

My relationship with my creative identity has been in flux for awhile now. I notice I am no longer comfortable calling myself an “astrologer”, and not because I don’t have the technical expertise of my craft, the years of experience or ability. But because this identity does not, any longer, encompass the whole of what I do. [Read more…]

Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Full Stop

I had been looking forward to attending a concert all week. I had even gotten buy-in from my husband, whose musical tastes are vastly different from mine (we have Venus square Venus), so this was an exciting and huge accomplishment in and of itself! Yet by the time Friday night rolled around I had a headache. I’ve learned that sudden physical symptoms can be an intuitive premonition about what’s to come, so I checked in with myself, scanning all aspects of the concert. The venue. The venue felt wrong for me. And, by extension, the people. The venue would attract a certain quality of crowd. This event was a definite “No.” But I had purchased the tickets. I was so curious. I could leave early. [Read more…]

Cancer New Moon Eclipse: Feel The Love

The thing about living in Hawaii is… everyone wants to visit. Your brother from another mother. Your fifth cousin three times removed who just found you on Ancestry.com. Everyone. All this visiting has lit up my Aries-Libra-Cancer chart like a pinball machine. In my family, I was taught to play by the rules, to not honor what I need. You can imagine how easy it is to wind up feeling like everyday is “groundhog day”: you’re sitting there, and, bam! here we go again. The energetic field surrounding family – with all its invisible rules and dynamics- is so strong. It takes supreme consciousness to do differently. [Read more…]

Mars Wants Your Attention!

I was out in the ocean with my precocious Gemini niece. She loves the water, but today she was being clingy and climbing all over me. I asked her to stop; being a climbing gym for a five year old just doesn’t feel good! But she didn’t listen. I got frustrated, angry. She became surly. We stopped playing. Later, feeling guilt and shame for disappointing our chance to play in the ocean (which I’d been building up for months), I went back into the ocean with her. We did the same exact dance all over again, but this time it left me with an injured back and a night of missed sleep. [Read more…]

Capricorn Full Moon: Dancing With Pele

Every few days or so I’ll receive a concerned email, asking: Are you okay? The Kilauea volcano is erupting, as it has continuously for decades, the last eruption was in 2014, lasting several months. The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions, so volcanoes erupting is part of life here. One resident sums up the destruction of her hometown of Pahoa with a sentiment that’s oft-repeated: “It’s Pele’s. She made this place and she can take it away. We all need to clean house.” [Read more…]

Sagittarius Full Moon: Intuition

To the uninitiated, downtown Waikiki is a surprise; people don’t exactly expect a cosmopolitan urban center in the middle of the ocean. One first timer, describing her experience, said it felt like Las Vegas. For many, this part of Honolulu doesn’t match the expectation of “tropical paradise”; for others, this mecca of shopping, dining and drink is Hawaii. [Read more…]