Pisces New Moon, Thursday, March 10, 2005, 1:10 AM PST

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

-Anais Nin

Pisces New Moon, Thursday, March 10, 1:10 AM PST

Where were you on 3/04 when Mercury tumbled out of Pisces long dream and announced the first call of spring? Were you asleep and dreaming or did you hear Aries ram hooves shuffling outside your door of consciousness? In the Bay Area, we could sense the change with the weather. A co-worker pinpointed the exact hour his hay fever appeared, to the tune of Mercuryís entrance into Aries. It was an instant shift when this antennae planet changed our perceptions. With parting clouds, sensations of springtime appeared: urgency, quickening, warmth in the air, on your ideas, a sudden and gradual awakening. The irritation of hay fever comes too, typical Aries style.

The Sun is in Pisces for another 10 days, things continue shifting and changing. The impetus of the New Moonís call is longing. But this is longing of Odysseus, the longing for that singular journey only you are called to make. As a Siren calls the voyage off course, so we are challenged to course-correct to the alluring dreams and goals of Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune both rule Pisces; Jupiter is the believer, knowing all things are possible. Neptune is the enchanted dark forest where things are not what they seem. You look at your reflection on the surface of water, your image dances with light and water. These are changeable impressions, color, light, water shift and move, and you realize these are perhaps more true than the solidity of your body. The longer you reflect, the less solid you feel, and the less certain you are about the nature of your well-constructed reality. A piece of music starts playing in the back of your mind, you canít get it out of your head and you really donít want to. The song is so pure and true for you, so connected to this experience of yourself right now, in fact, you feel more alive and connected to yourself than ever before. This is who I am, you think. But who are you?

The truth is you are far bigger than you. Pisces is infamous for their lives of sensory overload–existing in one body but taking on the nature of many other subjective realities all in the course of a day. Pisces copes by diffusing these experiences, blurring the lines to protect the mind from the temptation to believe & the temptation not to believe, in all of it. Jupiter watches over Pisces by offering a belief system, God or guru to protect the fragile mind from exploding all over the place in chaotic grasping. Meanwhile, Neptune lurks like a voluptuous mermaid vulture with an ethereal beauty, songs hopeful and melodic. Neptune is your Siren, a beautiful distraction with hurricane force power to crash your dreams into the rocks. The Neptune aspect of Pisces is strangely serene and benign, as the atmosphere right before a hurricane. Like Odysseus, you are on your journey and so heed the navigations of Mercury in Aries, the only clear-headed one around. Too good to be true, he says. Of course it is. You recognize the song of your demise. Meanwhile your crew has been lulled into a Neptunian coma; reality has abandoned ship.

Awaken yourself. The harbingers of reality: Saturn opposing Mars in a t-square to Jupiter. This troop contrasts dreamy visions to the hard work of staying on course. Jupiter at the helm will direct the crew to keep personal goals in focus, while Mars and Saturn are unruly crewmembers, the workhorse course-correctors. But Mars is always on sex-drive default and Saturn has a reputation for both school-marmish discipline and bad-boy duplicity. It’s a tricky proposition: we must be wary of the beautifully evil Sirens, yet allow for enchantment of the shimmering dream. Thereís a subtle difference between escapism and enchantment and we must carefully, reverently walk this threshold or risk total peril.

Venice is a sinking city, but I still dream on Venice. Ironically, the word Venice means serenity. The city knew it was sinking and so chose serenity. For Pisces, life is like this, an island of artistry, enchantment, mystery on constant verge of submersion by the great collective sea. I don’t buy real estate there, but I visit. I go to Venice in my imagination, this island of knowing. Maybe I’ll listen to the Sirens song from safely afar, dipping in for brief and ecstatic glances. Enigmatic, soulful, she re-fuels my devotion to the dreaming, to the emanation of everything.

These are the days

3/10 Possibilities are no longer potential, but tangible goals even as you watch them morph. Yet, frustration kicks in around the same time. But thereís room to move as Venus graces us with, well, grace. Saturnís cohorts remind you to honor your current commitments as overextension looms large. Responsibility is a worthwhile pursuit this evening when Saturn trines the Sun/Moon, letting us know that with careful planning and time/risk management, we can achieve some goals. Moon in Aries whispers more promise of spring in your ear into tomorrow.

3/12 Moon squares Saturn, Mars and trines Pluto all before the early afternoon. Your mood is cranky and restless but turns out to be a tour de force in emotional stamina. The evening has us settled down for the exactitude of Jupiter trine Neptune 3/14. Moon in Taurus is oriented toward the practical whilst the latter two are elusive dreamers. Mutual reception between Venus and Jupiter thru 3/22 opens us to artistic and creative pursuits. Since early March, Artists find these times exceptionally prolific & experimental.

3/14 What starts out mellow, easy even, by mid-afternoon has changed course.
This can animate you with an intensity of purpose and exacting executive abilities, or produce a heavy hand that forces your hand to the deeper demands of an issue. Venus trine Saturn suggests the solution that moves everyone forward is best accomplished by cooperation and responsibility to one another. Financial resources may need re-allocating today as we look at the bottom line of everything.

These planetary currents reverberate to 3/17. This first quarter square is busy networking in Gemini, but the environment may not be yielding the information you seek. The true issue may surface when evening brings us to our buried needs. Venus square Pluto shows up as experiences of power/lack of power in relationships, self-worth and questionable availability of resources. Combat loneliness and depression with some good Cancerian self-care. Cathartic activities heal; if feeling especially vulnerable be sensitive to your need for self-protection.

3/19 & 3/20 what a weekend! The big event of the day is Mercuryís retrograde in Aries. Mercury will retrograde in the sign of the ram until 4/12, creating extra potential and possibility for head-butting and courageous new ideas, perhaps even simultaneously. The usual instructions: communications and transportation are all subject to problems. Be careful with contracts and long-term plans made during this time period. If a plan is put into motion, it may change or fall apart by 4/12. Old friends reappear. Outstanding issues come back to haunt in an attempt toward reconciliation. However, itís a great time to tackle projects on the back burner, things youíve put off. Continuing what you’ve started and tying up the loose ends results in more mettle than muddle. Sun sextile Mars both in the last degrees of their respective signs prepare us for the burst of new energy tomorrow.

3/20 welcome spring equinox! Some of us don’t actually feel the strength and promise of 2005 until this day. Sun in Aries is the urge for life, all things in their seed potential, awaiting pollination. This is a heady fullness that doesnít quite know its power or force. Weíre renewed by this stamina, but yet unfamiliar with what it all means. Here’s an Aries suggestion: be a pioneer in anything you do.

Enter Mars into Aquarius. For the next month and a half, energy is especially focused on what doesn’t work to make way for expressions of individuality and uniqueness. Overlap with Mercury retrograde, watch out for aggrandizement of both self and others. As life is filled with contradictions, there is a subtext working here. We feel the newness but we don’t see it yet. Saturn’s got spring by the ankle, time is moving slowly as the planet changes pace to the tune of molasses.

3/21 Leo moon wants self-fulfillment in whatever form that may take, and with Saturn’s station to direct tonight, self-confidence means getting on with well-laid plans. The machinery has been in the shop all year and now the oiled gears shift and turn. This planet rules professionalism and social roles, expect some career restrictions to loosen up.

3/22 Venus enters Aries. Now we’re really cooking as the planet of relationship joins Sun and Mercury in Aries. Relationship tastes and preferences are hot and sudden, new and exciting. This Venus is about the thrill of the chase, stalking her prey to culminate in an erotic conquest. Wait; is this a relationship or a car show? Used constructively, Venus is really about taking a chance, finding the courage to love again or renew love with the fresh eyes of springtime. The thrill of this love involves risk-taking and even a little ego-stroking, vroom-vroom!

New Moon Aquarius, Tuesday, February 8, 2005 2:28 PM PST

I would love to kiss you.
-The price of kissing is your life.
Now my loving is running toward my life shouting,
What a bargain, let’s buy it!


New Moon Aquarius, Tuesday, February 8, 2005 2:28 PM PST

The astrological weather changes again, and aren’t things different from even a few weeks ago. The ancient Roman holiday of Saturnalia loosens the wool bindings at Saturn’s feet. The God of nose-to-the-grindstone loosens up. It would behoove you to perform some equally liberating ceremony, right now. Freedom is in the slightly electric air.

So, make a wish and run with it. This is a fabulous moon for dreams come true. Hope, wish and dream of Aquarius is that you use your personal wishes to better all of us. It’s no coincidence that Aquarius rules the house of hopes and dreams, and is also the sign of the humanitarian. It is true, the dreams associated with this sign always benefit all of humanity, even if the dream appears to be very personal. Your dream to live your life ‘on purpose’ has everything to do with the rest of us. Friends also play an important role with this energy. Go with any dream involving group endeavors and collaborations of like minds. The consciousness of someone else working on behalf of your dream and your dream working on behalf of others absolutely magnifies it. Your energy puts wind under everyone’s wings.

There’s a transcendent urge happening. Although Aquarius is a detached, intellectual sign, in close relationship to Neptune and Venus, you’ll find yourself not only wanting to connect your purpose to a larger vision, but feeling it. Stories of compassion, altruism send a signal to the animal brain we’ve all been listening to. ‘wake up, wake up, reality can be deconstructed!’ In the spirit of Aquarius, reality television may actually change the world. Something prompted me to do what I never do-watch a reality TV. show. A group of designers give a widowed wife and two children a new home and life. Witness the whole community of Bakersfield, CA build, create, heal not only the family, community but an entire ‘viewing audience’. The tides have turned, from Hollywood money-grubbing to whole-hearted acts of generosity and kindness. Headline: ‘Acts of Kindness Create Larger Market Reach.’ This is lovely. Aquarius comes as a water-bearer, healing and melting, cleansing and merging.

Warning: It may also be easy to space this lovely energy out. That’s Neptune for you, rubbing your belly with clever little addictions, diversions and fantasy, lulling you into total complacency. You’ve passed out in front of the tube for several days-‘huh?, transcendent change? I just want to check out.’ Wake up and smell the eucalyptus. There’s something fresh just outside your window but you have to open it.

I heard a newsbyte about a day trader’s career change. He was a millionaire by age 30. Successful by social standards, he was terribly unfulfilled. So he left urbanity, moved to Boulder, Colorado and wrote a rock opera. Now he is wildly happy. The day-trader friends now fly in to attend his unusual performances. The friends he lost in the process, uncomfortably look down at their martinis when his name is mentioned. A good friend once said, ‘there’s no higher price than the cost of freedom’. What is the cost of living someone else’s dream? The cost of not living yours? Acts of courage, insanity and social disruption encouraged here. Where we’re hard-wired to the inner critic, push the release button.

Although it sounds risky, it doesn’t feel edgy. And that’s your ‘in’, so you can take a step forward into what may normally cause you small anxiety attacks. It’s also what astrology is most excellent at providing, perfect timing to move you seamlessly, elegantly into a new beginning. This new moon offers the antidote to the usual suspects, the sidekicks of change–Fear and Distortion. The antidote is love-a soothing, melodic and transcendent song playing in the background. Iconoclasm meets a graceful prima ballerina. Be outlandish. Especially if your animal brain says: ‘-but that’s not me, I’d never do that.’ It’s a signal to loosen up & live a little.

Neptune’s love is transcendent, Venus’ love is personal, Aquarian love is visionary. The shadow of Neptune is codependence, fantasy and glamour. Hyped up fantasy is the mindset around Valentines Day. In an effort to combat the marketing sirens who want to convince you that you, your lover or love offering is imperfect, know that a more civilized society would honor your romantic longing instead of exchanging it for DeBeers billboards. Peek into Plato’s dialogues on the Nature of Love: Eros, Philia and Agape. Eros is not so much romantic physical love, but the element of ideal beauty your lover reflects in shared values and pursuits. Philia is mutual admiration, the cultivation of virtue in self and others experienced most often with friendship relationships, a priori self-love. Agape is the decidedly Aquarian ideal, containing both brotherly love and erotic passion, awe, and desire that transcends earthly cares and obstacles. This is the gaze of your lover, the mate to your soul. She is fervent, devoted and longing for reunion. Who is this faceless lover stirring in your heart, ready to marry your life’s work to everyone and everything? Name the promise you made to yourself, the dream that costs nothing less than everything-costing, in fact, all you have to spend. Buy it now. What a bargain.


Notable Dates:

2/10 Mercury in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra. Ease of information, the expansive mind and higher education. Communication has the potential to open new doors. Market your idea, speak your piece.

2/12 Moon in Aries, Sun and Mercury in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius. Ride Thursday’s flow and you have the green light to do your own thing. Anything you’re doing on behalf of others has the potential for deep change, making everyone stronger. Remember that willfulness only pays if righteously applied, a light touch holds more promise than you thought. This is a good day for investments and joint ventures.

2/14 V-Day Venus in Aquarius conjunct Neptune. Dreamers, unite! Love, poetry, fantasy, mystery, intrigue. This day has all the makings of an epic romance. Actually, does this stuff ever really happen? Well, today maybe for a Leo, Libra or Aquarius. If you’re not busy feeding your lover grapes and wine conversing on Plato’s love: ‘ I think Eros is underrated-‘ take it to the movies. It’s a perfect day to bliss out & experience love, in all her emanations-from personal to divine.

2/15 First quarter moon in Taurus, Mars sextile Uranus. Get some spunk under you. If you’re feeling lethargy, blame it on your love hangover. First quarter moon we need to ‘do something’. Moon in Taurus is more placid than most, preferring security and stability to action. But Mars and Uranus give you some pep in your step.

2/15 Moon in Gemini, Mercury into Pisces. It’s a mental day, truly. Mercury moves into Pisces for the next month and this isn’t a strong position for the mind. Details get mixed up, facts have the chance for getting thrown in with the laundry, one red shirt turning everything pink. Forgive yourself for your spaciness and make space instead. Shut down the monkey mind and give the mind a chair on a beach. Suggestion: use this time for mental rest and non-rational creative pursuits of fantasy, spirituality and imagination.

2/17 Venus in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra. Okay love muffin, shower the people you love with love. Express it, give it-to someone specific or no one specific. Catch the eye of a stranger and smile. Actually talk to the cashier at your grocery store. Ask them how they are doing. If you’re surprised to feel the love bouncing back at you, contemplate your surprise. Why not do this all the time? Generosity is the absolute cure to loneliness.

2/18 Moon in Cancer, Sun in Pisces. Sun moves into imaginative, nebulous Pisces. Artists love this energy– we all have a heightened ability to drink the ethers of the cosmos with thirsty abandon. Our sense of purpose is primarily felt in the moment rather than rationalized. Sensitive, subtle and intuitive energy predominate the Sun’s trip through Pisces. This is the sign of the believer. Don’t expect a Pisces to know exactly where they’re going and why. They ‘just know’ that they’re on the right track and when to get off. Use the lesson of Pisces: the gift of knowing. You don’t have to justify or explain anything. Just be.

2/19 Mercury in Pisces conjunct Uranus. Carry a pen or tape recorder to jot down electric impulses and ideas. Put on your secret decoder ring.

2/21 Moon in Leo, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius. Moon in Leo highlights pride and where we exercise our creative powers. Venus and Pluto want you to see below the surface of things, making sure everyone is counted. Merge the energies by using integrity and truthfulness in all relationships.

New Moon Capricorn, Monday, January 10, 2005 4:03 AM PST

New Moon Capricorn, Monday, January 10, 2005 4:03 AM PST

What a New Year! I am incredibly saddened by the devastation in Southeast Asia. When we are becoming increasingly sensitized to the world’s suffering, how do we make meaning of the suffering? The earth hangs like an earring in the universe, so delicate and small. We often forget that we serve the earth, that she is a living, breathing thing- she absorbs all of it so quietly and gracefully. Until she has been pushed too far, & like the organism she is, breaks down. Astrologer Malvin Artley points out that as with any organism, when she is stressed, the weakest link crumbles the castle. One perspective: we look at southeast Asia’s third world conditions and compare to it’s wealthier neighbors. Many of the islands hit are popular resort destinations, playgrounds of the wealthier nations of the world. History continues to bare out the natural law -where disparity exists, nature corrects. Nature’s law only cares that we live in equilibrium.

Sun and Moon in Capricorn rebalance the scales, earning ruling planet Saturn’s title as ‘lord of karma’. Saturn/Karma is not punitive, it is simple cause and effect. ‘Karma’ is elusive to the human mind because we cannot understand how tragedy is corrective and good for anyone. What if we could really grasp this truth-that our personal tragedies and triumphs are all apart of this great cosmic web? We are indeed balancing the scales for one another, living out our great-grandmother’s karma, and a resort worker in Phukhet just as we live our own. How can our mind possibly hold the responsibility for something of this magnitude? A tragedy of this size asks us to be seized by a magnanimous grace, a kind born of honoring our interdependence & responsibility to one another.

Nature’s laws, like God, may be equally mysterious and intimately knowable. The Earth is a body, like your physical one. She is impressionable to your word & intention. Intentionality is key; where we direct our attention is where we reap results. In the sign of ‘put your money where your mouth is’ New Moon in Capricorn intentions want you to merge who you say you are with what you do in the world. With Capricorn it’s actually that black and white, that simple.

The first new moon of the year, I’ll venture to say that January 10 will feel more like the start of the New Year than 12/31. There’s plenty of energy for new beginnings, the impressions of our words and actions sink into the wet cement of the universal mind. Intention has weight, heft; work on where you want to be.

The new doesn’t happen without growing pains: the new Moon is a close approximation to a t-square: Moon and Sun conjunct Chiron, old wounds-we are beginning anew with wisdom in the ground of past pains– opposing Saturn, we feel the place where goals meet limitations and restrictions. This opposition reminds me of the re-building process, as though we’re walking through a foundation laid bare with broken pipes & tears, architectural plans in hand. But the t-square in a new Moon is an active energy, capable of great accomplishment, full of motion and resolve. The point of tension is held at an apex by Jupiter– we’re having crisis of faith, doubts. As Jupiter holds the tension, he also holds the solution. Jupiter is the planet of goodwill, faith, the almighty, miracles; Libra is love. Here we have visionary love, graceful generosity and expanded capacity to be a bigger presence in relationships. Like the world stage, are previously unimagined relationships where we renew our faith and find blessing? We’ve already seen the bright response of generosity in response to tragedy, each nation monetarily competing for goodwill.

Many people have been presented with new or expanded relationships the latter half of the past year, a promise of Jupiter’s passage through Libra. Yet just this past week, some notable/celebrity relationships ended. As we steward our relationships, our interdependence on the earth and one another, it’s good to get clear on just what our obligations are to self and to others. This New Year/Moon we’ll be asked to be honest with ourselves-not fudge the answers to the important questions. When we give to another we do so with integrity and truthfulness to self, not making promises we can’t keep. If we compromise self for another, we find that our foundation will crumble.

A suggestion of this New Year chart is that with a correction of attitudes and beliefs- that by dropping some of the baggage of the past, we are in a position with enough to give. Develop some New Moon/Year epiphanies designed to get rid of anything that limits your freedom. Try these on:

I question the power of the past to control my future dreams.

I don’t mistake circumstance for the reality of the infinite.

I see the previously solid nature of my perceptions and identity as fluid and expansive.

To be certain, we are feeling both a contraction and expansion –two forces, when paired, negate forward movement. If fear is present; look squarely in those cold beady eyes knowing that fear only gains power if we do what it wants us to. Expansion is scary from a place of contraction & need. Jupiter exposes us to the place we need to incorporate an attitude of abundance, while Chiron encourages us to own our wisdom by caring for our Achilles heel, our loveable limitations. We learn to be both broken and whole. Venus in Capricorn is applying a sweet sextile to Uranus, giving us a boost of ‘practical optimism’. If we show up for self, the things and people we love will, too. There we learn to trade the same old stuff for enlightened change.

For a taster, here are a few more bigger picture notes for 2005. Although it’s started out awnry, the year will be more visionary than last. Through mid-2005 we’ll have an inconjunct between Saturn and Pluto. We can expect to see more seismic creaks and groans as old structures are ruthlessly assessed for their stability. Consider any creative restructuring like preventative medicine. The news and media continue to play a role in exposing what boil needs lancing. On an upbeat note, Jupiter and Neptune will be waxing sextile through mid-August. This brings an influx of inspiration and hope into the overall collective mood. We could all use a little uplifting news and it looks like we’ll all have an ease of access to inspiration and the messages of encouragement we need. Meanwhile Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius continue to mutually receive one another – wherever we need to show up as revolutionary and idealistic change makers, we are supported. Shift will happen mid-summer when Saturn moves into Leo, and Jupiter moves into Scorpio. Hopefully, Saturn’s move means less overall pressure on the U.S. economy, since the U.S. is a Cancer nation and Saturn leaves Cancer by mid- July. Around the same time Jupiter enters Scorpio with a mutual reception to Pluto in Sagittarius, encouraging us to dig deeper for resources. Jupiter will be the megaphone for hidden treasure (including those who ‘hide’ their financial dealings) with a possibility for financial boons and sudden influx of money. This will also highlight merging of finances and we’ll all want to get clear on to whom we’re financially partnered or indebted.

In the day by day, 1/10 Mercury and Venus in Capricorn continue to travel together through the full moon. This lends credibility and polish to our speech and social interactions. It also may lend a make it or break it quality to relationships-maybe it’s not time for the bottom line– listen to your intuition. It’s a great time to be writing, expressing yourself creatively or artistically in some tangible way.

1/13 is a day when we may be stopped by the reality police for an error we’ve neglected, a parking ticket unpaid. This isn’t an easy for anyone, Saturn opposing Sun dampens spirits and puts noses to the grindstone. Don’t mess with authority here as you’re sure to be called out on all the places you’re weak. This influence is felt for a few days before and after, yet these days too shall pass, so try and take it easy on you. The evening wants to relieve your burden and give you new ideas and approaches. Venus sextiles Uranus; maybe you call a friend and get a different take on things. Venus and Mercury join and both sextile Uranus on 1/14– introducing our minds & relationships to new possibilities and outcomes. Open yourself to radical ideas and people that you might not normally consider and you’ll put yourself in a great position for receiving new life energy to put the swing back in your step. Moon in Aries supports risk taking, wanting you garner your courage and rally around your cause with self-motivated enthusiasm. As Mars sextiles Neptune, a gentler approach is required as energy simultaneously wanes and wants expression. The first quarter moon on 1/16 is all about action, and partners with the node in a square that may fan desires and aggression toward getting it- whatever ‘it’ is. The moons nodes are enigmatic, often out of the blue providing timing and propulsion to a previously laid plan. Since this moon is already a fiery girl ready to take the next step, this could mean a commitment to a new enterprise. In natal astrology, the north node joined to the moon could be a literal joining to a woman of maternal nature, children or a home.

Mercury sextiles Neptune on 1/19 to the tune of a Gemini moon. Sun moves into Aquarius. Communication may be unclear or clumsy, yet receive moments of mystical communication. Messages are spoken in tongues, but attune your inner ear for the message. As the sun moves into Aquarius for the next month, we have the capacity to envision what needs to come next. Sun in Capricorn can naysay the New Year’s wishes away and Aquarius is the solution. In affect until 2/18, our focus turns re-visionary. How do we want things to change and what needs to stay the same? Rebelliousness around questions of conformity/authority plays out as we bounce new ideas off of what isn’t working. This is the master deconstructionist who gleefully cuts away anything and anyone that impedes progress. Nervous systems may be more tightly wound as pragmatism makes room for change we look at the good of humanity, the whole organism as we think about new approaches to satisfying our personal will and of others.

1/21 Venus in Capricorn inconjunct Neptune in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter in Libra. Idealism is high, pleasures & relationships aren’t as satisfying as we’d like or maybe it’s our expectations that need checking. The promise is tantalizing though and Jupiter wants to deliver unto us some new enthusiasms. Energies are uplifted and open, apply a little optimism to your efforts & find yourself infused with sense of purpose. If you’ve been feeling like a girly man, go to the gym, pump iron with this ego/energy boosting aspect. Don’t overdo it. The next day, 1/22 Mercury in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra. The planet of movement, mind & communication squares the planet of expansion- take care to not take on too much or you may find yourself dissipated. This could lead to too many thoughts, paperwork or errands. Prioritize what you need to get done. There’s always a danger of overextension, over inflation with a Jupiter square. Think back to 1/7 when Jupiter squared Sun, a few too many cooks in the kitchen. Follow this with a Venus square Jupiter on 1/24. We all need the occasional indulgence; this may be one of those days when you just have to let it all hang out. A tough day, let it go tonight by giving yourself a sweet treat that doesn’t break the diet. Send the people you love a little token of affection. Everyone could use some love right now– to put yourself in a position to receive, remember the law of the universe: give and you shall receive. With an open hand, let a little go to get something back.

Full Moon Cancer, Sunday, December 26, 2004 7:06 AM PST

I had been hungry all the years;
my noon had come, to dine;
I, trembling, drew the table near, and touched the curious wine.
‘T was this on tables I had seen,
when turning, hungry, lone,
I looked in windows,for the wealth
I could not hope to own.
I did not know the ample bread,
‘T was so unlike the crumb
The birds and I had often shared
In Nature’s dining-room.
The plenty hurt me, ’twas so new, —
Myself felt ill and odd,
As berry of a mountain bush
Transplanted to the road.
Nor was I hungry; so I found
That hunger was a way
Of persons outside windows,
The entering takes away.

­‘Hunger’, Emily Dickinson

Full Moon Cancer, Sunday, December 26, 2004 7:06 AM PST

Passing the longest night of the year in the blink of an eye, here we are with the days now slowly increasing in light, so slow that we don’t notice the change. Time slows down, all but stopping. Time moves in cycles, we feel this now, remembering when the summer days were long and when there was hope in our hearts. Where has it gone? Will there be light again? For some of us, this time of year offers space for reflection. The darkness brings comfort and room for renewal, we let it cloak our days like a big woolen cape, dropping our hoods gratefully for the brief moments of sunshine.

Sun in Capricorn is Father Time, chronos and kairos time. Chronos time is the clock time we’ve created to structure our days; this time was a manmade creation–like the railroad transportation system which created the time zones allowing us to organize our time on earth. Kairos time is our circadian rhythm, not just a physiological clock but an organic, moving continuum. Our mind knows chronos time, but our body/mind knows kairos time. This inner knowing tells us what stage of the continuum we’re in right now. Are we beginning, synthesizing, gathering, sustaining, harvesting, ending, dissolving? Sun in Capricorn looks through these evaluatory dark glasses, only picking up the light and dark, the essential view. We arrive at the end of the tunnel of winter with a clearer understanding of where we’ve come from, who we are now and where we’re going.

Like old Ebenezer Scrooge, uncompromising Capricorn energy will overlook nuance and rosy sunsets for outcome, product, the bottom line. This may be a necessary point of view; we need the stark landscape to re-inspire our new-year dreams. We need to face down our demons of the past and hopes for the future in the dead of night. Melancholy, sadness and reflection on days of yore lend themselves nicely to this process. Everything seems to have an air of finality about it; our dreams may feel terribly earthbound with restrictions and limitations. Know it’s natural to feel this way right now.

Christmas materialism has just scratched at our door like a hungry cat. The mewing would have you think this cat hasn’t eaten in years. The mewing cat is calling out the contrast of what we’ve yet to achieve against all we have. This hard reality can be disheartening; but Capricorn teaches that the exact place our heart hardens, there exists the fatal flaw of our hopes and dreams. Is there a hard place in your heart, the place where that bitter pill you keep swallowing becomes jagged edged, wounding the soft, beating flesh? Your heart is listening to that story.

The challenge of Capricorn is to keep tender, to keep climbing the mountain, long view in sight while honestly assessing what is and is not working.

Full moon in Cancer is a call to balance, to not neglect the heart for the ‘reality bites’ soundtrack. What nurtures and sustains the heart on this long journey through the dead of winter? It is nourishing to have a good home, supportive and nurturing relationship, family, rooted ness, tradition. It is nourishing to have your basic emotional and physical needs met.

The heart needs the practicality of Capricorn, the realism of Capricorn needs the hearth-flame, a rooted ness of heart. This is the inner knowing that we all truly live- in the deepest sense of the word, in the heart. No matter what we build in the world, the heart is the home, the place where we know how to allow our self to fearlessly release into the spring, summer, autumn, fall of life. A well-nourished heart is life-support at all the right moments. An injured heart falters and we end up hungry. When we ‘keep the home fires burning’ we give ourselves and others a sense of place, belonging and interconnection.

This full moon, appreciate the importance of your heart needs. The fulfillment of these basic needs animates life. It’s the difference between having a house or making a home in the world.

12/26 Full Moon day Saturn still opposes Chiron, exact. All year we’ve had the opportunity to heal relationship wounds and end those not working. Separation and reconciliation are themes. If this sounds familiar, by now you will know on which side of the fence you stand. If your story grew a shell around your heart, it may be thin and fragile as an eggshell but strong enough to keep both the bogeyman and the dream away. Put the wind back under your sails with a trio of optimism; Mercury, Venus and Mars in Sagittarius give us all the energy to push on. Like buoys in the sea of life, we are tossed about but always stay above water.

Our mental outlook is upbeat and facing-future and sextiling Neptune, idealistic and seduced into sugar plum fantasies. Mercury travels close to Venus, the people we have around us mirror our own inner attitude right now—they are encouraging and enthusiastic, warming our hearts despite the winter chill. Mars has just entered Sagittarius, leaving powerhouse Scorpio where our energy had a lot of focused staying power and we were up to the task. For the next 6 weeks in Sag, physical energy is easily dispersed among many things, with the potential for overextension. If you have the tendency, take care not to over commit.

12/27 Moon in Cancer, Venus sextile Neptune and we’re lost in a daydream of pleasure. Sit by the fire and meditate on all the Christmas gifts you’ve accumulated. 12/28 Mercury and Venus join exactly on a Moon in Leo day.

Friends are gabby and dramatic; we talk about travel, journeying and making future plans. The planet of information gathering joins the planet of what makes-me-happy in the sign of hopes and visions makes this an ideal day for gathering your resolutions ‘round.

12/29-12/30 It’s all in the game of love. Venus and Jupiter make beautiful music together in a mutual reception. Venus loves Jupiter and Jupiter loves Venus to be sure. Relationships experience a cosmic bear hug and we’re in love again. In the pinball game of love/life, you have just been given 50,000 extra points to spend as you please. This gamey Venus is ready to take a chance, and Jupiter is happy to oblige. How will you spend your windfall? Do not miss out on this aspect! Perform some planetary magic by putting yourself in a position where the ‘pleasure odds’ are in your favor.

With Jupiter, is there a place you want to go, a dream you want to live out, right now? Jupiter is the planet of travel, teachers and higher learning: long voyages of the mind and body are favored. Spiritual pilgrimages & journeys with heart invigorate and inspire. Mercury sextiles Jupiter making 12/30 It’s a good day for travel and big picture thinking– like marketing.

One major cautionary note for this day and it’s a biggie. Mars squares Uranus, always a volatile and dangerous pair. Mars newly in Sag may be overeager and careless—this is a problem for Mars because among others he rules cars, sharp instruments, firearms. Uranus always means sudden changes of events and disruption. Unfortunately, the potential for violence and destruction is energetically supported. If you’re traveling by car this day, you cannot be too careful. This aspect is exact in the late evening (PST); try to get where you’re going by then.

Clear skies for 12/31 New Year’s Eve. Sober moon in Virgo and festivities may be atypically restrained, making a quiet eve more attractive. Moon trine Sun in earth signs make us more concerned about comfort and physical pleasure than the get-up and go. Virgo moon doesn’t like excess or overindulgence so beware of too much drink; the body will feel the consequences. Virgo energy continues through 1/01. Inward and reflective, we stand at the threshold of another year, seeing both potential and potential faults. In the evening, Moon sextiles Saturn and we find the commitment to do what it takes.

1/02-1/03 last quarter square, Moon in Libra. Venus and Pluto conjunct, Sun inconjunct Neptune. A now pensive Venus has the potential for bringing up relationship issues. If a new perspective or change in mind comes up, don’t be surprised—it’s been in the works. Heavy handed, yes, but brutally honest. Sun inconjuncts Neptune asking for dissolution of a stubborn stance, perfectly timed for this Venus who demands sacrifice.

1/04 Moon in Scorpio, Mercury on Pluto and it’s more of the same. Thanks to retrograde Mercury, this first took place 11/19, 12/07 and now finally 1/04. This is the mind-purge. Obsessions, grudges, resentments—all the ugly and destructive thoughts you hold onto hold you back. Who’s in control here?

The mental attitude is dark and tenacious. This final pass means it’s finally time to let go. Things won’t move forward without dropping the baggage. Look to the last New Moon’s newsletter for guidance. Still in effect, 1/05 be sensitive to others as Venus is quincunxed by Saturn. Relationships require compromise, feel the consequences for better or worse.

1/06 Moon finally moves into Sagittarius in the evening, moods lighten up a little and we can begin to unwind. 1/07 Sun in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra. This may be the pressure release we’ve been searching for, but we may want more than we can actually handle or afford. An authority figure or the reality police have the potential to spoil your fun. Appease the planetary gods by asking for a side of ‘a little bit less’ with your order of ‘more’.

1/09 Venus and Mercury move into Capricorn, Moon in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is the ultimate millionaire’s wife- she looks for status and security in relationship, and so do we during the tour de Capricorn till 2/02. Traditionally, Venus is not so happy in Capricorn. On her own, Venus is sociable, sharing and flirtatious. In Capricorn she doesn’t socialize, she networks; when she shares she is making a mental tally of give and take; she doesn’t flirt, she is sizing you up for marriage material. Are you stable, successful, financially established? We may find ourselves and others concerned with social acceptance, status and prestige. Yes, if we can hold it in our hand and in front of others, it has weight and worth.

Mercury is right there beside her, so we have agreement between the head and our desires. If only there was a Howard Hughes for every girl.

New Moon Sagittarius, Saturday, December 11, 2004 5:29 PM PST

Come, come, whoever you are, this caravan has no despair. Even though you have broken your vows perhaps ten thousand times
Still, come again, come, whoever you are, Whoever you are, come. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving, come!

New Moon Sagittarius, Saturday, December 11, 2004 5:29 PM PST

A second lunation for Sagittarius, another opportunity to cultivate the seeker. The full moon illumined the inkling of a seed something. We read the lay of the land with its many paths and directions. The river whispered your name, the bending tree told you which direction to best follow your life destination. Your vision was broad, and the particulars needed focus-,it was just beginning. The full moon promised new roads in the backyard of our familiar. Hopefully we discovered some. Sagittarius wants us to reach further, to envision outlandish possibility. This is the searcher, seeker, preacher, teacher, poet-philosopher, mystic & magician in you. Looking for the purpose in all things, this is where we weave context and meaning. To the mystics, the mundane of ordinary life events are like puzzle pieces falling into a larger cosmic web. This new moon wants us to drop the baggage off on the way.

The timing of this lunation seems especially relevant to the new paradigms we’re now living. There have been big shifts this fall; many people have been catapulted into new realities. These changes were subtly announced with elegant planetary patterns, long awaited breakthroughs happened almost seamlessly, like a knife through butter. All your surrender, work, your patient waiting for life, finally softened and allowed room for new. If you showed up to the moment, the effects produced profound results: healings, endings & beginnings. The Divine blew gentle kisses into your ear. For Sagittarius, life is magic, the universe pulsing with color and new experience. The visionary in us lives for expansion. As we get ready to expand, there is clean up work.

The thinker, Mercury the mind, has been stressed. Mercury is moving backwards and has for the 2nd time joined with Pluto, the planet of ‘all that you can’t leave behind’. You may find yourself circling in loops of emotional memory; jealousy, resentment, bitterness, fear, desire…name your injury, the restless and fixed energy of the mind knows the difference between where you want to be and where you are. The mind is thinking with your gut, and your gut has a list of injuries longer than Santa’s. A repeating aspect, you may’ve reached your edge more than once through the past month; this is the phone call you avoid, the phone ringing off the hook. This is the caller asking for a past due invoice. What is it you need to finally stop thinking or believing? You hunger for change and expansion like the roaming mystic/gypsy/poet traveler you are. The urge to expand is countered by an initial contraction. A priori to the new, we must be willing to get deep into the nitty- gritty of our own beliefs, the root cellar of mind.

Imagine a deep forest, dark and still. The landscape pulses waves of dense black-green. You find your story beyond the stillness, where redwood trees begin to look human. Did they just speak & move? Senses so alive, you can taste the rich and thick smells, primordial, earthy. Smell something rotten and fresh alive. This is the mind, fertile and powerful. The mind knows the stories of humanity since the beginning of time. A million voices: tell, untell, remember, forget, relive, release. Your story holds a very powerful connection to the timeless and your very personal beliefs.

Leaning into our personal story may take the rest of our lives. But here we are in the sign of the visionary, at the edge of deep inner space. With Pluto, Venus and Mars in Scorpio, all that we can’t leave behind is our hidden richness, our wealth of energy. It’s all bound up down there like a magical kundalini charging our creativity and desires with raw funky stuff.

Let it bubble up. Investigate the story. Chances are, much has changed since the song first began. Have you noticed? Life has given you so much, even through the darkness of injury and pain. Pay in kind by relinquishing a little piece of the woundedness. With a gentle touch in the right spot, universes shift, realities folding like pudding batter. Find a small way to give up the old story, let obsession be replaced by a new expansionary expression.

To bridge the inner world to the outer- this isn’t a New Moon you’ll want to do alone, or spend doing the same old thing. Sagittarius lives for the open road—take a day trip! Visit someplace special to you, a teacher or church you haven’t been in awhile. Experiment with new perspectives, dialogue. Take in points of view on the outside as food for growth.


Venus in Scorpio has just left a sextile to Chiron (12/10) and applies a trine to Saturn on Monday. This is soft energy for intense times. Kindness in relationship proves healing. The urge to prematurely act out is countered by awareness of the others emotional, physical limits. Much has been learned through Venus’ tour with Mars the past few weeks; the inner and outer tantrums were just as passionate as the sex. After all the hiss and spit, this is the place where we take what we’ve learned and apply with care.

12/12 Mercury sextile Jupiter, Moon in Capricorn. Take your trip this day, talk to friends, your mind is opened and receptive to information. Mercury is sitting between Jupiter and Neptune for some creative inspiration. The imagination may be rich right now and the perceptual field dense with possibility. Use fantasy, travel, movies, art to give you a lift. Not too head in the clouds, down to earth moon leans toward practical concerns, money, time, effort spent & how our plans fit in the overall scheme of things.

12/14 Moon into Aquarius, Mercury sextile Neptune. The mood is a little experimental and imaginative. Shake it up by doing something out of the ordinary. Eat some squid ink pasta while composing esoteric poetry from your bathtub.

12/16 Venus moves into Sagittarius, shifting social preferences, interactions and tastes from close encounters of the dominatrix kind to a little bit of everything. This is Venus, International Style, with a catch-me-if-you-can attitude that leaves us all very non-committal, but always wanting more. I’ll take one of …everything, please. The marketers for last minute Christmas Shopping love this Venus. Moon in Pisces shape shifts seamlessly.

12/18 First Quarter Moon in Pisces swims around what she wants to do. Impressionable and vacillating, we dive right in to a Moon in Aries that afternoon. Regardless of what’s unclear, we move forward with determination. Moon trines Venus in fire signs, take this Saturday night to the streets and enjoy natural spontaneity and enthusiasm. All fired up for 12/19 when Venus does an about face to Uranus. Someone’s cranky and looking for attention; we find it difficult to reconcile issues of freedom in relationship. Too much or too little, we’re looking at how to get the best of both worlds. Jupiter in Libra andVenus in Sagittarius behold one another in mutual reception. This is like the Goddess of Love receiving the benefits of Fortuna. Whew, a planetary agreement saves the day! For now, and the next month or so it is possible to blend both freedom and relationship. This is also a great aspect for getting those last minute Christmas gifts—your tastes may be unusual or you may find a surprise. Chances are you’ll like what you find.

Mercury goes direct today, meaning green lights, go, the gate has been lifted. Now you can put into action those decisions and purchases, contracts you’ve been holding at bay. Isn’t it nice to have a little more positive feedback from the world? No more round robin on all the endless details, persnickety people and mechanical breakdowns. Mars trine Saturn is a steady hand guiding our energy in the right direction.

12/21 Sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn, Moon in Taurus. This is the winter solstice, when the night is the longest. The good news: from now on we get more daylight, not less. Capricorn energy is practical, efficient and focused on sustaining material and social resources; Moon in Taurus emphasizes this.

Tune into Capricorn by thinking of your prairie ancestors at this time of year in the cold, dead of winter. They had canned, dried food, chopped wood from the summer and fall so there would be food on the table, warmth in the house. This is a time of year when resources have always been harder to find- we can easily find ourselves in black or white thinking, focused on the bottom line. Look at your sadness or melancholy through the world lens of this phenomenon and it becomes bearable by connecting you to life.

12/24 Sun sextiles Uranus, Moon in Gemini. Throw a Christmas Eve mixer. This is a social day perfect for sleigh-bells ringing, are you listening… All good spirits are optimistic, and facing forward. The inner revolutionary nudges the Scrooge naysayer away.

New Moon Sagittarius poetry/wisdom offering to the Teacher within:

If we can dream it up, we can dream it down. -Rev Ike
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Scorpio New Moon, Friday, November 12, 2004, 6:27 AM PST

Scorpio New Moon, Friday, November 12, 2004, 6:27 AM PST

In Ancient Greece, Medusa was the most beautiful woman in the world. Her beauty had the power to captivate any man. Original cast member of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, Medusa incurred the wrath of Artemis when she took the coveted Poseidon as a lover—in a temple of Artemis, no less. As punishment, Artemis turned Medusa and her sisters into hags, making Medusa hideously ugly, with snakes for hair.

Imagine Medusa’s power and influence for beauty, and thus truth, banished to a dark cave, underground. Medusa is forced to live in a cave, accursed with a wretched form of beauty. Here she remains, unseen, her blood boiling on a high simmer. She grows night vision– penetrating and allergic to the light of day. She becomes a keeper of secrets: the secret of Artemis’ dark shadow of jealousy and betrayal. She learns that her gaze turns mortal and immortals unable to face the hideous truth of their own shadow, to stone. She realizes that truth and beauty are prizes coveted by the most influential and powerful—and that price of ownership is high.

Scorpio is the keeper of secrets, and no one knows more than she that so-called secrets are nothing more than the obvious truth. Funny thing about secrets—they’re not really secret at all, just the white elephant in the room, the dysfunction everyone can see but the owner. Scorpio magnetizes the falsity below the veneer, drawing into her energy the deeper darkness, which refuses to be consciously named. Scorpio’s reputation for impatience with superficiality ultimately bears out in explosive acts of transformative power, call it ‘death by truth’. Yet as a feminine sign banished to the bowels of the earth, this is a truth we may be forced to hold for a very long time. Truth doesn’t have to be a weapon for destruction, but a surgeon’s scalpel; the secrets must remain below the belly in order to essentialize and transform into a palatable & incisive expression.

I digress, back to Medusa. Has she become victim of someone else’s destruction doomed to spend rest of her days living in the bowels? She thinks to herself: Maybe she shouldn’t have used her beauty/power to seduce the God most coveted by Athena, no less in her own temple. But it was her power, to do with as she chose! She sits and sits becoming really mad, very pissed– no, this is rage. She is enraged! She has been brutalized and so becomes brutal. She wants to destroy everyone she sees. A human reaction we understand. We have all experienced this to some degree or another. We sit with the snakes, our hair– our connection to spirit–writhing, venomous, truly unmanageable hair, eh? We develop that acrid taste for revenge. We stew and kill, then stew and kill, recognize our own suffering, stew, kill, recognize our own suffering and on. Enter Perseus, the slayer of suffering, who walks into the cave backwards and using Athena’s shield as mirror slays Medusa via her reflection. The hero never directly looks at Medusa because to kill the truth (Medusa) any way other than by reflection is total death. Knowing that directly facing the stony rage is a death wish he uses the mirror/shield as reflection for his slayer sword. She loses her head (analysis paralysis, negative thinking) and by so doing finally experiences transformation. From her pierced eye, Scorpio’s power to reveal truth, emerges Pegasus, the winged horse of In-sight, wisdom creativity and intuition.

Where Scorpio lives in our birth chart, Medusa sits. New Moon in Scorpio wants us to honor the deep and transformative power of the secret darkness we hide from light, maybe even from ourselves. The secret is a sacred seed and with the moon, our job is protection. Not defense or denial but protection. Protection is merely serving our capacity to reflect, to sit with and hold the truth until the moment is ripe, the moment when truth will not destroy but will transform and heal. It’s the part of our lives where death is imminent and where we are finally ready to embrace the regenerative power of loss.

Medusa/Scorpio sits and stews like a good autumn soup. Eat it too early and it is lifeless, pale, and bland. This is the attack that prematurely attacks itself, the antibiotic without the antidote wiping out without providing the cure. With a strategy however, Scorpio becomes a slayer on the behalf of Truth. Remember the Slayers of the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ days? The slayer always appears at the right moment as though there were a sub-sonic vampire whistle calling the slayers to battle the bloodsuckers. The magnetic energy (intuition) Medusa generates as she stews is a draw for the dark forces that smell her power and want to taste it. She doesn’t ‘do’ anything; she simply attracts. By setting the stove on simmer, we give ourselves the opportunity to experience the nuance, subtlety & depth of our power/powerlessness in life. Rage & loss beget life; life begets rage & loss. It’s all in the pot.

How do we take on the darkness of our own loss/urge for new life without becoming possessed by, stuck in our emotions or obsessed with rage? How do we protect our self so our spirits aren’t broken, horrified by the heavy truth? Perseus was sent to slay the demon in Medusa, on behalf of Athena, the jailer. That which imprisons us also sets us free. This is the truth of Scorpio and the truth of life. Only by ‘serving time’ do we learn the lessons of power, desire, betrayal and loss.

And so we don the protective power of Athena’s mirror/shield as psychic protection against forces that have the power to wipe us out. Wisdom, beauty and truth are in our service. We honor our distrust for superficiality and triviality, allowing our gaze to penetrate veneers. We willingly keep secrets because we honor the sacred power in darkness, knowing it will transform when the time is right. We understand Life as the ultimate teacher of Truth and become Life’s passionate devotees– this passion infuses our actions with integrity even as we stare down the darkness of mystery. Like the starfish who re-grows a lost limb, we realize that we lose is not lost forever, just regenerated in a new way. And ultimately, we recover a knowing: that we have enough faith in life’s love for us to know that we too will grow a new limb, relationship, treasure, dream or skill. This is the power of the New Moon in Scorpio.

11/12 Mars moves into Scorpio on this New Moon day, your perfect tool for crafting a long-term strategy. Obviously this Mars says: first reflect, action draws to you as a result of your power. Know that your urges for self-assertion have both a forcefulness and fixity–unlike the previous few months spent in Libra’s Waffle House.

11/14-11/15 Mars trines Uranus. Uranus exit from backward motion (June-November) has us actively looking for new approaches to tired circumstances, patterns. With Mars, we have the opportunity to re-vision our behavior, our ability to respond to life. The visionary warrior appears.

Venus in Libra sextiles Pluto in Sagittarius and we receive a little gemstone from the salt mines. With minor digging we may uncover a kernel of truth in relationship with our closest partners, something of value, substance. This is music to Capricorn’s ears as today and the next we’re looking for the substance behind the flash and style.

11/18 The moon heads into it’s monthly first quarter square, this time in the sign of Aquarius, enhancing the Saturn retrograde feeling we’ve all recently encountered. How do we move ahead when limitations linger like bedraggled bedfellows? Imagine a hospital corridor: ‘I know I’m healing, but look at all these people walking around real slow like with tubes and bandages.’ The bone has been effectively set (Sun trine Saturn), but the doctor just told you that it will be a few more months than anticipated (Saturn retrograde). Despite the delays, with Uranus as co-ruler of Aquarius, we have enough spunk to be upbeat. Heading into 11/19, Venus in Libra squares retrograde Saturn in Cancer providing enough frustration to send anyone into the underbelly of Scorpio. Relationships are tested and wallets feel the pinch. It may be time to integrate a give and take around emotional and security needs. If you find yourself and partner in a row, cool off. Saturn is a cool, dry planet and is asking for the distance of detachment. A little primer on Saturn retrograde:

Saturn mantras: The good things in life are worth waiting for. Negative emotions mellow with age. Sell no wine before its time. All in good time. Patience is a virtue. I wish I knew then what I know now. Wisdom is golden. Good things come to those who wait.

Feel the necessity for re-working a foundational issue and apply your own mantra to the place where you find your bottom line needs reinforcements.

11/20 Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sag is prone to foot-in-mouth disease, mentally running ahead of itself. As he bumps into something hidden or previously unseen, information provides rich discourse. Sun moves into Sagittarius 11/21, ready to create that festive mood we associate with the holiday hustle and bustle. Where are our motivations? Idealism is high and we find ourselves ‘in the spirit’, connecting with purpose and meaning throughout our own particular style of holiday worship. This year, holidays are appreciated through Jupiter in Libra—generosity with loved ones, many social events and interesting discourse. We use Jupiter best when we strive to honor everyone at the Thanksgiving table by learning from one another’s philosophy, perspective. Sign o’ the times –it’s a good lesson for us all.

11/24-25 Sun squares Uranus providing us with the perfect Jupiter practice. Some disruptions in plans, last minute changes are possible. Like a rowdy distant cousin from back home interrupting the flow of your feng-shui’d holiday table, accommodating the unexpected is on your late night shopping run. Sushi meets cranberry sauce while the take-it-slow–and-easy Taurus moon somehow makes it palatable. Our holiday culminates in full bellies on the eve of the full moon. Expect to be more stuffed than usual!

Red & Green Alert: Mercury the Magnific goes retrograde 11/30-12/24 just in time for holiday shopping season! Do I have to spell it out? No electronics or mechanical gadgets should be purchased 11/30 or after. In fact, those of you who are familiar with Mercury’s antics know that about 2 wks. prior and at least one week following we do not sign contracts, make big purchases (especially related to communications) or expect the details of our day to day life to go forward, hardly. Get your holiday plans down, presents purchased, as soon as possible. Saving grace, Santa’s reindeer are recovered from their winter flu by 12/24. Yes Tiny Tim, Christmas comes to the children after all.