Venus Meets The Uranus-Pluto Square: Peeling The Onion

loyalty_commitmentWe really don’t know what we’re getting into when we fall in love with another, do we? We fall under the spell of love, we fall for someone trustworthy, kind and true, and trust that no matter what comes our way, the tender feelings we have for one another will insulate and protect us from what inevitably comes next. Given the right person, barring a criminal history or other red flags, it would be silly to think it’s not worth the risk. Love is the ultimate reality, and many know that God is Love, too. [Read more...]

Gemini Full Moon: Messenger Moon

heavymetalartwork“He doesn’t listen to me,” said a client with a Gemini Moon. “He acts like he’s listening, but I can tell he’s not.” I could relate. I have a Gemini Moon partner. Constantly multi-tasking between science fiction videos, shopping and work, catching his attention is like trying to catch a butterfly in motion. As a result, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep him engaged. For instance, a bold statement will always get his attention; so will anything whimsical or intellectually interesting. I’ve also learned that distraction is not always the culprit. When someone’s tuning another person out, there’s a strong chance that one or both of us are bored. Symptoms? Hearing, but not really listening; anticipating what the other person will say, or finishing their sentences before they have a chance to actually speak them. Attention-getting strategies aside, Gemini Moon also teaches me the power of fun, variety and newness- as for Gemini, boredom equals death. [Read more...]

Sagittarius New Moon: A Lighter Spirit

viking feast by harvey dunn

In the Pacific Northwest, it’s raining as I write this.  The gentle pattering of rain is drenching the Earth with wetness, making up for all those days of having to go without. And so it goes with astrology. Those of us who study it know that astrology flows with the cyclical seasons of life. Just as spring follows winter, yang follows yin, each zodiac season relieves the former. The good and the bad news is: Everything changes. Nothing can last forever. And so on the heels of the shadowy, intense, autumnal, inward looking sign of Scorpio -the season of increasing darkness, of falling leaves and fallen loved ones, of grief and intense emotions and psychological introspection – arrives Sagittarius in a fiery bluster, all bravado and festive boisterousness. [Read more...]

The Final Degrees of Saturn in Scorpio: The Last Gasp


Last Monday (at the Mars-Pluto conjunction), my cousin’s wife’s young sister was murdered by her boyfriend- who then suicided. Mid-week, we heard sad news of Thich Nhat Hanh’s precarious health. Saturday, my maternal grandmother died.  Though I didn’t know my cousin-in-law’s sister, and since their move to the West Coast, from Ohio, we’re still just getting to know her, my heart trembled with horror. Overnight, jokes about violence have become distasteful. A picture of Annie Oakley on my Facebook feed with the supposed quote, “I ain’t afraid to love a man. I ain’t afraid to shoot him, either.” I would’ve found this funny, previously. Death changes things. [Read more...]

Neptune Station: Awaken From The Dream

horse in mistWe all need to dip into Neptune’s waters of just being from time to time, as a measure to the time we spend doing. Losing all sense of time and space, for a bit, is a welcome and necessary reprieve for an overly busy world. Meditating, a day at the beach, a day of watching movies…even staring at the ceiling for hours can be therapeutic. We all need to dip into the timeless dimension, if only to remind our Self that we are an Eternal Soul.

Yet as with all archetypes, Neptune can be as much friend as foe. Neptune can instruct us in observing the hushed beauty of a flower, the silent reverie of mind, our connection to all things great and small. Unconscious Neptune can strand us in the middle of an ocean of emotion, rudderless, lost at sea, feeling victimised/martyred. We are not fated to experience only the difficult side of Neptune. Neptune’s invitation is for more conscious awareness, and to find a middle way. [Read more...]

Taurus Full Moon: Come To Your Senses

blue tree of life

Mars is currently transiting my Third House (of neighbors, communications, transportation, mind), and as Mars transits goes, it’s textbook aggravating. Proclaiming my need for relief, I tell my husband I’m going shopping but my stress-relieving trip soon proves more stressful. The mall is crowded with people wearing sour looks. I feel shamed, by the body language and tsk-tsk of both customers and salespeople, for bringing my friendly puppy to supposedly “pet-friendly” stores; while driving back home, a driver lays on her horn because I allow a family, huddled together on a small median, to cross the street on a green light; I receive an accusatory glare as I drive through a kid-populated area of my neighborhood, a glare that tells me she thinks I’m driving too fast, though I’m well under the speed limit. Meanwhile, I’m still thinking about an earlier correspondence I had with a spiritual teacher whose communications were truthful, but hurtful. Only moments later, bristling with accumulated irritation, I notice I am behind a car with the bumper sticker “Metta” (lovingkindness) when I viciously think: Ha! This person is probably the worst offender of all, holy on the meditation cushion, they’ll be the first to leer at you when you accidentally bump into them and spill their seven-dollar designer gluten-free coffee! That’s how the cycle perpetuates: Blood-thirst begets blood-thirst.

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Halloween Costumes by Astrological Sign

What’s so fun about Halloween? You get to dress up, and wear an aspect of your personality people may know – or not! The cool thing about the zodiac is that each sign contains universal archetypes, or ways of expressing (like Aries, the Warrior) making it really easy to tap your innate character for character inspiration. Instead of just your Sun sign, choose your Moon sign Ascendant/Rising sign. Your Rising Sign is your mask – a visible “costume” you wear every single day. Your Moon is the more hidden part of your personality, so wearing a costume for this sign feels natural to you and a little exciting, too, like inviting your alter ego out to play.

Aries: a competitor at heart, winning the Halloween costume contest is as satisfying as a sexy conquest. Go all out. Play with their ricky bobbyheads. Let yourself fully inhabit the character by quoting movie lines and bringing plenty of props: blood, guns, knives etc.

Ricky Bobby, Nascar Drive from Talledega Nights “Remember son, if you’re not first you’re last.” Spartacus, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City “knows good Sex”, Jason from Friday the 13th, Steve McQueen, Cleopatra, Casanova, Police Officer, Wonder Woman, Surgeon, James Dean, Famous Athlete, Cowboy, Warrior Princess

Taurus: as soft-natured and gentle as gruff and bull headed, no one wants to be around an angry Taurus – presenting a host of possibilities for you. No more Mr. Nice Guy? Or maybe it takes too much effort to bother with a costume (make it easy) or you’ll sit this one out watching T.V.

Venus de Milo, Earth Mama, Milk Maid, Donald Trump, Money Bags, Shrek, A Flower, Gardener, Caveman, Don Juan, Beauty Pageant Winner (Carrie!), Prom Queen or King, a Pussycat Doll (so brave!), your totem animal

Gemini: pin you down to just one personality? Ha! You’re wild about Halloween. Pick a pop culture figure because you’re an excellent copycat. Become your alter ego, it’s so easy. Quick & intelligent, in a jiffy you whip up the smartest costume on the block.

Star Reporter, Mercury the Messenger, the Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen Twins, the Thompson Twins, Fed Ex Delivery Guy, UPS Man, the Postman, Student, Court Page, Court Jester, TV Personalities (great mimics), Comedian, Magician

gandalfCancer: sweetly protective, mystical and otherworldly, you wouldn’t hurt a fly with your costume (not to offend). Secret clubs, magical rites and enchantments tug at your nostalgic heart, for the golden days, the way things were… Choose mythical, historical figures.

Mermaid, Genie, Little Girl, Princess Diana, Pregnant Mama, Moon Goddesses: Isis, Diana-Artemis, The Moon, Chef – Julia Child, Healer, Romantic -Emily Dickinson, Patriot, Costume Ball goer (your disguise is your shell), a Matriarch, Wizard (Harry Potter and cast)

Leo: you’re regal and beloved by many. Of course you’re a King or Queen, but what about your childhood dream to be a rock star? Think of your childhood dreams – they profoundly shape your life, connecting you to your inner child’s joie de vivre. Hello play day!

Leonitus, King of Spartans; Queen Elizabeth, Any Performer or Celebrity icon: Madonna, Mick Jagger, Rock Star, the Lion (from Wizard of OZ), Garfield the Cat, Showgirl, a Hero, Fireman (or Firewoman), Fallen Star, Performance Artist, a tragic Narcissist, Playa’ (as in lover of many), Don Juan de Marco – any Romantic

Virgo: you’re an intelligentsia, a lover of literature and spiritual purity. sexy nunAnyone smart and competent appeals to you, the expert of the zodiac. You’re demure and sensual so call out your inner harlot by walking on the bright side of dark – a sexy nun, anyone?

Nurse, Doctor, Consort, Vesta or any Sacred Prostitute Goddess (a way to play it safely sexy!), Nun, Mother Superior, Dr. Phil, Virginia Woolf or other famous writer, Movie Critic, Intellectual, Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It, Crazed Life Coach

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Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse: Instant Transformation

Dali_Landscape_with_ButterfliesI’ve often believed in the power of instant karma, the idea that what goes around can (relatively) instantly come around, makes sense to me. I trust that life ultimately fair, while knowing I may not fully understand what that means yet. But instant transformation is a harder sell.  Excepting a temporary, superficial makeover, the work of true, deep change is a slow process.  I guess it’s the psychologist in me: I am suspicious of shortcuts. I want the real.

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Full Moon Aries Lunar Eclipse: Warrior Moon


Confession time: I’ve always had a fear of not being liked. Caving in to social pressure, via the desire to please another person rather than bare the uncomfortable pain of disappointing them, is probably my biggest and most persistently troubling life lesson to date. For me, this is no small problem, no minor flaw that I can brush under the carpet. I’ve sustained psychological and physical damage to my body from “people-pleasing.”

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Eclipses: Moving Beyond the Four Walls of the Known

total-solar-eclipse_0808I am not going to give you a destination. I can only give you a direction – awake, throbbing with life, unknown, always surprising, unpredictable. -Bagwan Shree Rajneesh

Eclipses make waves. Some are big waves like the sea at high tide; others are more like small ripples. In breaking waves, eclipse season can deliver difficult news, like the announcement of death or illness, or wondrous, a birth or true love.  Others are quieter, but carrying no less impact, for if our life resembles a placid lake, emotional ripples can jar something loose within, deeply inside. We may become unmoored by what we discover there. Whether we’re receiving messages from our unconscious, experiencing a symbolic or literal birth or death in our life, all eclipses beckon toward a distant and unknowable future. The degree to which we feel an eclipse varies person by person, but during eclipse season about this we can be certain: we’re tossed about on a sea of change and the messages and events of this time will change our consciousness. [Read more...]