Aquarius New Moon : Joining the Human Family

water bearerAnnouncement: Valentine’s Day Weekend, Mountain View, CA & Jessica Shepherd

I’m making a live television appearance on the Bay Area television station KRON 4 News, to be aired on Saturday morning, February 13 at 8:45 AM. So do tune in! That same evening I also have a book talk at East West Books in Mountain View, CA at 7:30 PM, to be followed by a Love Alchemy Workshop on Sunday, 2/14, (Valentine’s Day) from 1:00- 3:30 PM at that same location. For the workshop or book talk, call 800-909-6161 to reserve a spot.

Aquarius New Moon : Joining the Human Family

As I prepare for a smashing three event book tour this weekend, I am taking Saturday’s Aquarius New Moon message to heart. The most challenging thing in preparing for this weekend is my own insecurity, which is not just my own. Public opinion polls have told us that the fear of public speaking ranks right up there with death.  My ego gets that. Along with attempting to channel the embodied grace of Kate Winslet, I’m also trying to find that balance of practical preparation (can I explain this in a one-liner? what material should I focus on? should I memorize this?) and simple self-trust. Since it’s smart to seek out wise folk who have done this before, I’ve asked various professionals & friends for advice on how one should prepare oneself for a first-time media appearance.

Here it is:

‘You have a way with words (apparently after having explained Mercury retrograde to him so well)…I am not worried about you at all.’ (my dentist of 10 years) [Read more…]

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Planning Dream Seeds

photo credit: La Bella Rivolta

I was recently informed by a sign in the mall that summer is almost over! I barely noticed it was here. I guess that sign was supposed to create buyer urgency, but it had the opposite effect, sending a wave of tiredness over me so I turned around and went home. In fact, the defining quality of my summer has been fatigue; I feel I cannot get enough sleep and when I am in bed for stretches of time my ears are getting sore from wearing earplugs (someone snores) so I’m waking up, changing ear plugs, harrumphing in irritation, or simply trying to calm down (lots of herbal teas with valerian) from the busy days so the body can drift into sleep. The pace of life, the speeded up quality of time during the three eclipses spanning the entire summer, is taking its toll on me. Even sitting down to write this is at the cost of productivity in other areas, like the ones I get paid to do, and I almost didn’t write. Yet the price of not sniggling time away to create, to write, to clean the house like a merry maid on speed so I can invite friends over for dinner – is much higher. As my energy risks being consumed by the essentials; I fear, correction, I know that I cannot survive on fumes, so I continue to take care of the artist child within. I sneak ‘evening pages’ (a twist on TAW ‘morning pages’ as I am not a morning person) into the last half hour before bed. I remember to take walks at lunch. I relish gym time because it’s MY time.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, yet again, its that nature abhors a vacuum. The minute there’s nothing going on (okay, unless you’re in a Saturn or Neptune transit), She fills it with something else. [Read more…]

Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse – Of Omens & Kings

Eclipses were the ancient astrologer’s predictive tool. The original omen of the future, when eclipses appeared in the sky, foreboding and awe would pass over the collective. This awe was the source of strange superstitions; people might cover their windows and stay indoors during an eclipse. And their awe wasn’t unfounded – because huge shifts, like the overthrow of Kings, deaths of people in power, and big news took place around eclipse time (this made the astrologers of yore either very popular or conversely very unpopular, depending on whether they were allied with the winner).

Ancient fears may not have been unfounded – perhaps just misunderstood. It was our ancestors’ natural fear of the unknown which may’ve alloted the eclipse it’s god-like power. Of course, back then there were no evolutionary astrologers hanging around, an astrologer who might suggest that instead of pulling the covers over our head we might look ahead like visionaries and embrace the next step of the journey. Because whatever happens during an eclipse time – birth/death/and everything in between – one thing’s for certain: we are making a huge forward leap in consciousness. Eclipses loudly proclaim, “It’s time to grow beyond where we’ve previously been!” And in the sign of Aquarius, the evolution of revolution is near. [Read more…]

Oprah and Eckhart, Aquarius Dream Team

I’ve been downloading the podcast of the New Earth for 4 weeks now and am burning to talk about it astrologically. gaia consciousnessPerhaps it’s the Piscean energies circulating this month, and ruling planet Neptune in Aquarius in the air raising astral-consciousness to all-time highs. It seems Neptune’s transit over Oprah’s Mercury in Aquarius has radically opened her consciousness, and the beauty of the Oprah media empire is we’re finally able to ride this new wave of consciousness – together. Goddess bless her for bringing mystic Eckhart Tolle to the masses, via webcast for his timely book, The New Earth. And it’s a fitting title broadcasting Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, which I gleefully told a client the other day after talking about The New Earth, must surely mean: “the death of the ego.” Hurrah!

Hmm, Oprah falls into the unique category reserved for Aquarians, what do we call her? She’s not a teacher, a philanthropist, a wise one – she is a visionary. Eckhart is a visionary Aquarian, too! Here’s the thing about these two: [Read more…]

He Said/She Said: Aquarius Male Wants to Stop Having Affairs

Jeffery of Seduction CentralJessica of Moonkissd.comIntroducing a new bi-monthly astrology love advice column! He Said,She Said features a love advice question answered by professional astrologers Jessica Shepherd of Moonkissd and Jeffrey Kishner of Seduction Central . After they each provide their perspective, they combine their insight to offer advice they both can agree on.


Here’s this week’s Reader Question:

I guess I’ll just dive in. Two broken marriages, my fault. The first lasted 16 years, the second 10. No fighting, no yelling, the first to a passionless Libra, high school sweetheart. The second to a Leo full of physical passion and deep connection–a lot more fiery. But both were very peaceful, even happy marriages until: Flirtations that became affairs…I was friendly, and then didn’t know how to say, “No, I don’t want to do this.”

[Read more…]

Venus in Aquarius, Where’s The “We” In Us?

I’m so in love with my husband. We must say “I love you” like fifty times a 03 cups firemaiden day – genuinely. I know, cheesy, cute, romantic or “uh, huh still in your honeymoon period are you?” says you. No, I believe we’re different. The cup is not empty or even half-empty – but full all the time. And this NYTimes article When There is No We in Marriage made me realize just how different we are in what we come to expect (or ask) of love. And since Venus has just entered Aquarius (February 17- March 11), freedom v. closeness is the topic du jour.

To me, it’s a sad portrait. More than sad, it’s disturbing, because it lives under the guise of hip, cool, bohemian – and socially acceptable – the norm. It’s a story about two cool Manhattan people doing their thing (it’s a paradigm, agreed?) – who once decided work is equally or more important than their marriage; that it’s okay to communicate Blackberry to Blackberry; and who must know their kids will follow their workaholics examples, and be as clueless about how to nurture their marriage, too. So if you’re wondering like me, where does the “I and thou” overlap? Where does the “we” go? Sometimes it goes on a honeymoon. In this case, alone.

After their wedding, the two often and happily went their separate ways. In fact, they even started married life separately. She began their honeymoon alone (he couldn’t find his passport), checking into their suite in Venice and thoroughly enjoying herself without him.

“I learned, ‘O.K., you like Italy more than you like me – good to know.”

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