Aries Asks: Do Aquarians ever admit they were wrong?

Dear Moonkissd,

I love your column and was wondering if you are the fiery redhead damsel in the picture? My second question is this: I am an Aries Woman (4/9) who had a tumultuous relationship with an Aquarius Man (2/14) that was seeped in betrayal by my ex best friend Pisces (3/3). I became pregnant and it ended in a miscarriage. It turned out that the Pisces ex best friend was leading my Aquarian on, thus muddying the waters for me. All three relationships ended with a bang, not a whimper. No one has spoken in two months. Just recently, I feel that this Aquarian is trying to reconnect with me through other people. Is he after friendship or trying to re establish a love affair? Do Aquarians ever admit they were wrong and try to reconnect?

He knew I really loved him and this ex friend of mine did not. I don’t think he is a healthy person to have in my life but I am trying to prepare myself for his re entry in my life. I am very intuitive and can read people very well but it sometimes gets lost in translation when I am involved. I just feel something tugging at me letting me know he is trying to reconnect. What do you see? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Carla Bruni: Rock Star of a First Lady

wsarkoI’m not shocked. Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy were married on February 1, 2008 after only 3 months of dating. Mick’s loved her, Eric has too. What’s not to love in Carla Bruni? But President Sarkozy beat everyone out and from looking at their charts, it’s no wonder. They have remarkably solid, enduring – even soul mate – chemistry.

What of the remarkable speed of this connection, earning the prez the nickname Speedy Sarkozy?

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Weird Aquarius Paris

parisParis Hilton: 17 February 1981

What on earth could this Hilton heiress socialite have in common with the Aquarians of the world? Well, she’s from planet Uranus, an unpredictable planet best known by Astrologers as the planet of “shock!”

What’s shocking? She’s managed to start a cult of celebrity, folks who are only famous for being well, famous.

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Got Vision? The Sun Enters Aquarius

clownMany of us astrologers have a special affinity for Aquarius, and the planet ruling it, Uranus. We live life on the outer limits, like our Aquarian friends. Most of my Aquarian/Uranus-ruled friends are full of surprises, as their edgy energy compels them to do exactly the unexpected thing they were supposed naught to – mainly shake, and wake up, the old order. Funnily, even they surprise themselves with their own aberrant and strange behavior. Appreciably, they have an odd sense of humor, poking fun at their own strange self loosens up the fixed (stubborn) energy that often can quell their cool quirkiness, resulting in stagnant intolerance.

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