Venus in Aries, Mistress of Moxie

“I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.”

“I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it.”- Audrey Hepburn, Venus in Aries

“If you can’t take me at my worst, you most certainly don’t deserve me at my best.” – Marilyn Monroe, Venus in Aries

“If you always do what interests you at least one person is pleased.” – Katherine Hepburn, Venus in Aries

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Aries, the Ram… [Read more…]

Aries Full Moon: A Hiss is Just a Hiss

A mystic passed through town and villagers asked his advice about a snake. This snake had been terrorizing town folk with venomous bites, and they wondered whether the mystic would talk with him and see whether something could be done. He met with the snake, explaining that the biting thing was dreadful, and if he would stop, everyone would leave him alone and everyone would be better for it. The snake agreed to the plan. Months passed. The next time the mystic came through town, he stopped by to pay his old friend a visit. To his surprise, the snake was half-dead, covered with scabs and wounds. The defeated snake said he’d stopped biting, but once the townspeople figured out that he was no longer a threat, people began taunting him, throwing rocks and kicking him. The snake wondered why this happened, when, ‘I did what you said.’ The mystic replied, ‘Yes, I did tell you to not bite, but I never told you not to hiss.’
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Aries New Moon : The Alchemy in Adversity


The New Moon in Aries heralds the beginning of a brand new cycle. It’s the time of year when the Universe goads us to be more forthright, bold and honest about what we need as individuals. It’s the time when, we face another fear, we take a new step forward, the Universe appreciates those efforts by rewarding us with new levels of personal empowerment, growth and strength. Sounds glamorous and exciting, right? But what most astrology books don’t tell you is that Aries bold warrior-ship, the kind that sounds so good on paper, and is so admirable in others, is a direct result of experiencing profound levels of frustration, lack, hardship and dis-couragement, first. Aries courage is nursed on the mother’s milk of adversity. What else besides adversity (and adversaries) would cause the fire within our very being to rise and take action? [Read more…]

RIP Elizabeth Taylor, Venus in Aries Icon

Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered. Not just because I play-act, to my husband’s chagrin, my favorite all time movie scene. It’s the scene in the eery movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? where a liquored up Martha, mimicking a Bette Davis movie, walks into her messy house, hands on hips, ciggie dangling from her downturned mouth sourly says, What a duhhmp. They just don’t make movies like this anymore, heck, they don’t make actresses like this anymore. When she made this movie a weathered Elizabeth Taylor is nearing forty, and she looks it, goddess bless her. Before botox, there was Elizabeth Taylor. But she was a pioneer in more ways than one, and indeed ‘pioneer’, ‘heroine’ fits like hand in glove. She was passionate about AIDS awareness and spoke out at the beginning, saying, “the silence is deafening”. Inspiring, passionate, pioneering, these are words that belong to a Venus icon – Venus in Aries.

Then there were the husbands. Seven of them. Blessed with sexual enthusiasm and magnetism, Aries-Venus choices can be impulsive. But with the irrepressible enthusiasm of springtime, in love she remains undefeated. Even if knocked down, Aries-Venus can and will pick her self up again and goes right back into the ‘ring’. When asked why she got married so often Taylor replied, “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me.” With her penchant for adventure, excitement, for this Venus sign the deeper work of relationship is sustaining it past first bloom. But eventually those raw emotions in relationship- anger, impatience, passion, rage – will surface, and learning how to effectively allow too-hot-to-handle emotions to coexist within the context of committed partnership is lifelong work for Venus in Aries. Of course, if her partner can’t match her gusto for love and life, even this is a moot point. They must be able to meet love and life with the same bravado, hunger, enthusiasm and love for adventuring that she does. Venus in Aries’ personal ad reads: “I’m a thrill a minute. Puh-lease don’t bore me.”

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Is this Venus too hot to handle? Of Taylor, Richard Burton said, “She was unquestionably gorgeous. I can think of no other word to describe a combination of plentitude, frugality, abundance, tightness. She was lavish. She was a dark unyielding largesse. She was, in short, too bloody much.” (Or, too f***** bloody much. Aries compels, no She deserves, a good curse word for dramatic emphasis). Too f***** bloody much. Taylor was a helluva Venus in Aries woman.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

Full Moon Aries, It Isn’t Pretty

Facebook peeps have been asking, ‘where’ve you been?…haven’t seen you around lately.’ A picture’s worth a thousand words, isn’t it? A Pluto transit will do that. When Pluto comes around one’s birth chart, the uglies; wounding, repressed desire, rejected, shamed, grief, those infantile and enraged parts of self fixate on our being (and hold the key to our energy and full power) till it’s done. Try having a staring contest with an unflinching hardball Hades- a visit to the underworld is no public Facebook affair. To add a wicked poison to the love potion, I am Libra rising, I wear the mask of civility, courtesy & grace. Pluto is one uncivilized beast. [Read more…]

Jupiter Uranus Aries Conjunction: Be Dazzled

Satori can happen everywhere by Alice PopkornIf you’re not jumping out of your skin yet, you must not be an Aries (or have planets at the early cardinal degrees). Jupiter and Uranus have together alighted on the celestial scene and it’s a creative emancipation for those of us who have felt our individuality held back, and a true opportunity to go on and get on with your most radical self of selves.

This conjunction opposes my Pluto and falls smack on my Sixth House Mars. I don’t need any caffeine to greet my day; I am alert! Physical activity isn’t just helpful – it’s required. More deeply, Pluto’s transit to my Sun has been sluggish, tedious, wearisome, and I feared gravity would have its way with me. Ah, happy awakenings alight! I need this; we need this. To the deadening grind of Saturn and Pluto, add the enlivening, invigorating juices of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. Bold expansion! Promethean consciousness! A more authentic version of your self! [Read more…]