Full Moon In Aries, Fumbling Toward Victory

one may be just enoughThere’s a line in the Will Ferrell movie Talledega Nights that my husband has been known to pull out at non-sequitir moments. The main Will Ferrell character, Ricky Bobby, has a rough and tumble drug addict dad and at a key point in the film (the last time he sees dad) dad’s parting words are burned on Ricky’s brain: ‘if you ain’t first, you’re last, Ricky Bobby’. Dad’s last words may be Ricky’s ‘driving’ motivation for Ricky’s career as a NASCAR driver, forever vying to be first place in the eyes of dad. That is, until one day when he’s beaten by a Frenchie (played by Sacha Baron Cohen). This prompts Ricky’s attempts to win back dominance which of course can only end badly – in a car accident. Awakening in a hospital, Ricky believes he is paralyzed, dramatically telling his wife to ‘go ahead and pull the plug’. We laugh but the joke’s on him – he has no apparent injury. You can walk, urge friends and doctors. Ricky refuses to hear it. He has what abnormal psychology might call a somatization disorder. In reality, Ricky has simply lost his nerve.

In Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby I hear Everyperson’s story. You know the story. It’s the one where the main character is on the threshold of a major breakthrough in life – on the precipice of a personal victory, a real victory for selfhood. [Read more…]

Full Moon in Libra: The Cardinal Rules

As the official sign of ME, Aries season insists that each (wo)man is an island, and that’s not altogether wrong. Yet, in many spiritual communities at least, ego has become a dirty word. The fact is, we need our ego. Without an ego, we wouldn’t have a Sun to orbit, all definition-less and wandering. Implicit on this ego’s journey, we need to identify what it is we want, when we feel trespassed, and what activities and interests and passions make us feel totally alive. Then we need to communicate and live this. Because without a healthy sense of person-hood, what service would we be to others? And would we ever really be happy or fulfilled? We simply can’t be our self without a self that knows a bit about him or her self, too.

Libra’s planet, Venus is in Aries, is retrograde and she’s all up in our face. Aries is the sign of self-hood, so the heart lessons happening now involve the core self. Libra makes peace with others, keeping things smooth and sublime. Not so fast, says Venus in Aries, First, how well do you know your heart? ‘Cause in case you haven’t noticed, the planet of peace love and happiness is under duress – not all is perpetually good and groovy in Libra land. [Read more…]

New Moon In Aries: Red Is The Color Of The Heart

As a Cancer Sun sign holding a tight t-square between Mars & Pluto, I have my fair share of battle wounds. I don’t really know why I’m the first to get honked at on the road (Mars in Aries. I am speedy but I also know how to use my instrument). Or why I had more ‘life/death’ experiences under my belt by age twenty-one than anyone else I knew. As Aries rules my seventh house of relationship, for the large part of my single life I also attracted immature, narcissistic, maybe even self-destructive men. Most weren’t aware how their unconscious stuff caused problems (but I sure was). Yes, we each have our own special relationship to the fiery red planet.

My Mars is in the humbling Sixth House and locked in combat with bad-ass Pluto from the Twelfth House. [Read more…]

Ask Moonkissd: Is Aries In It For the Long Haul?

Hi Jessica,

I was born on the 31st of March, 1970, in Canberra, Australia at 1.27am. My boyfriend was born on the 5th of April, 1970, Brisbane, Australia, time unknown. Over the last couple of weeks, our communication and his affection has been different. Today he tells me that he doesn’t know what he wants in all aspects of his life, and doesn’t know what he wants in regards to me. He says his feelings have changed towards me, he just doesn’t feel the same, and doesn’t at the moment see our relationship as long term. [Read more…]

Full Moon in Aries, Harmonia in the Land of Discordia

I was cruising to class the other morning listening to the radio and tuned into a song I really enjoyed. I hadn’t remembered hearing it before, but when I turned the dial, it was as though a piece of the transcendent had dialed me in. Love. It. Sang. It was a overwhelmingly sweeping relief. I had been in an edged out zone, a tenuous tightrope of a mood somewhere in between absolutely calm and no man’s land. I realize that lately my emotional state is influenced by the energy circulating. These are tense times, and part in parcel to this tension is holding room for paradox: I look around me and see a beautiful life filled with people I love, I enjoy the activities I enjoy, while breathing the collective air of uncertainty and fear. There are questions, and right now they have an Aries Moon flavor, invoking our vital warriorship: how will my livelihood be affected? How can I remain relevant? Where do I fit in here? And how can I be a force for good amid war, chaos, uncertainty? Many of us are inhabiting this paradox of living between two worlds and wondering just what to make of it. [Read more…]

Flowing with Van Gogh

I went to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Albertina Museum. The tour was non-English, and only in deutsche, which was harvestunusual  for a European city. My Egyptian friend was outraged by this, and vowed to write the museum director. I did think she was overreacting a little although admitted I too thought it would diminish the experience. Instead it surprisingly enriched it. Lacking anything to read or manipulate my attention, this mad hatter mind and it’s addiction to constant word input shut down. And a new form of intelligence surfaced as – observation. Very Piscean. What surprised me most was how better I understood Van Gogh than I had ever before. On a gut level, I just knew the guy. I understood his struggle to truly find himself. [Read more…]