The Spring Equinox: Sun enters Aries, Happy Astrological New Year!

Aries always reminds me of my kid self. I know, I know, you could say Leo rosewomanis the eternal child, and having a Leo husband I see your point there, too. But maybe Aries is the perennial child, the part of us that emerges from winter into springtime, eager for today. Why does hope so readily spring eternal for Aries, the first sign of the zodiac? It’s another chance to live in the moment, because that’s when we’re really doing our Aries. There is only the now. If there were ever an Aries watch, it’s the stopwatch: Now. Now. Now.

When I was a kid, I experienced all kinds of Aries joys: I’d climb tall trees with the boys in a part of the ‘hood that bore a sign “no trespassing.”

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The Mars Follies

Yesterday, I made a not so near fatal tactical error. Hiking in the Marin couragehills, there we were like two dogs lapping up liquid sunshine. It was real quality time, the kind that’s not easy to come by as a non-DINK couple (double income, no kids). So in the spirit of adventure, with an unexplored trail with a lake at it’s head (a lake!) and Mars in Cancer transiting, no foolhardily prodding my Sun, I declared “onward, ho!”

My husband gave me fair warning, tracing the trail with his finger on the plastic park map. It looked long. And we didn’t have a map to carry. How long could it be? We checked our watches, I figured I had three hours before my astrology reading at 6 – and home was only 5 minutes by car -plenty of time. As we reached the lake after an hour (or so) and I exclaimed, we’re almost home! my husband laughed. Not even.

LSS, we got lost.

So. Have you ever seen a death march scene in one of those war movies? Perhaps had a past life memory of being in one?

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TomKat’s Red Rose

Suri Cruise: 18 April 2006

What can we say about the little baby daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes that hasn’t been said before? She’s dark haired, blue eyed and has beautiful parents. But just from knowing her Sun sign, we offer Katie and Tom some helpful advice about little Suri. She may look small and helpless now, but deep down she’s a tough independent spirit who won’t be afraid to let you know if she disagrees with you. Early on this may come out in red-faced crying fits, but when she reaches her terrible twos she’ll be cutting her teeth on all the freedom she can’t wait to taste. Certainly she’ll be bubbly and joyful (we rarely meet an Aries who doesn’t have a cheery disposition) likely surprising you both when she pulls a few devilish tricks out of her bonnet. But perhaps you already knew this about sweet Suri, whose name means “princess” in Hebrew, and in Persian, “red rose” – the flower of Aries.

Little Miss Type A

Reese Witherspoon: 22 March 1976 

Charming belle Reese Witherspoon claims her blonde hair and Southern background has never helped her image. She says, “Immediately, when people meet you, they think of you as not being smart.” Perhaps that’s what fueled her standout performance in Legally Blonde, the story of a debutante who wants to prove her intellectual worth. To happily satisfy their self-starting Cardinal energy, Aries needs a grand goal to fuel their considerable inner fire. But whereas male Rams thrive on physical competition, equally competitive female Rams oft channel their considerable ambitions into professional pursuits. Daughter of a surgeon and college professor, Reese is motivated by the desire to achieve, an Aries pursuit in itself, but she’s not going to be held back by her sex, either. In Interview Magazine, December 2005, Reese said: “I grew up in an environment where women accomplished a lot. And if they weren’t able to it was because they were limited by society. I grew up with a grandma who was incredibly intelligent but was limited by the bounds of society and propriety.” The memory of her grandmother’s unfulfilled potential continues to motivate “little Miss Type A” (her childhood nickname) to greater heights.

Wild Man, check

  Russell Crowe: 07 April 1964

Let’s say you were stranded on a burning bridge, or being chased by thugs. Who would you want at your side? A pleasant Taurus, a caring Cancer, a quick-footed Gemini? Or how about someone you can rely on in an emergency, someone whose adrenals spit out cortisol like it’s going out of style? Sounds like Aries Australian Russell Crowe. Brave and courageous, Russell’s brawls are as publicized as his movies. Ladies, note: you can excite a male Aries with a good old fashioned appeal to his masculine ego, especially if it involves someone he feels particularly territorial about (in one brawl he was protecting his pregnant wife from photographers). Appropriately, the characters he plays are ultra-machismo, a heavyweight in Cinderella Man, a warrior in the Gladiator. But since he’s an out there Aries it will be difficult to keep Russell’s “wild man” confined to the screen, despite knowing better. Says he, “All that stuff, this public persona of me – let’s call him ‘the wild man’ – that is not helpful. It doesn’t make me more of a box office draw.” (IMBD Movie Database) In Australia, he says, confrontation isn’t such a big deal. We’ll remember that next time we need a strong man to save us from a burning building.

Red Hot Hawn

Kate Hudson: 19 April 1979

If being Goldie Hawn’s daughter didn’t make her Almost Famous, her talent, gorgeous looks and trademark effervescent personality would. The Golden Globe also helped. Kate Hudson is one of the more popular stars within the industry; co-stars and friends adore her bright, sunny enthusiasm (on the set of You, Me and Dupree she laughed so uncontrollably that several scenes needed to be re-shot). But don’t underestimate Aries’ easy, direct style. There’s an indomitable willpower beneath the golden glow, as noted by mom, Goldie, in Vogue Magazine, July 2006: “Katie is a strong-willed girl…She was always ahead of her years. In that way she is an old soul and has this great inner wisdom and the ability to listen. She seems so easy, but easy and wonderful are two different things. And if you confused her absolute decency and kindness with simplicity, you would be making a big mistake.” A doting mother, yes, but here’s also a cleverly crafted warning: don’t mess with Kate. Never, ever confuse a Ram’s kindness with simplicity – there’s a fearless warrior lurking within.