August T-Squares To Focal Pluto: There’s No Place Like Om

dorothy and the tornadoDear Jessica,

I just spent a day running errands and it seems like everyone is darting around making risky turns, traffic is piling up and one car even died in the middle of a busy intersection! I am a 2 degree libra rising and one of my best friends has a 4 degree Aries rising. I have no idea how these planets will change this week for us or even society. What are your thoughts?


T-square alert: Pluto is at the apex of a Mars-Jupiter opposition. But that’s not all; Saturn in Libra hovers near Mars while Uranus is nearby Jupiter in Aries, positing the question astrologers love to dread, ‘…but….what does THAT mean?’ Speaking as someone astrologically qualified to answer but also knee deep in the thick of it (all planets, within 3 degrees, exactly aspect my Sun-Pluto-Mars t-square), I couldn’t have written this blog a week ago. I was too shaky. I myself feel like Dorothy watching the tornado come down the road to sweep away Auntie Em and anything Dorothy thought was as safe as houses… even while I understand that sometimes sweeping changes are exactly what’s needed. That doesn’t make things any easier now, does it? [Read more…]

Help! My Venus Sign Doesn’t Describe Me At All

Hi Jessica,

Is there any way I could have a different Venus placement than what astrology reports say? I’ve tried several different ones, and they all say I have Venus in Gemini. The problem is, I’m the total opposite of what a person with Venus in Gemini is supposed to be like. I’m very quiet and shy, I don’t know how to flirt, and I like having a partner who is possessive of me. I believe that my natal chart is accurate in all other respects, and this one exception is troubling to me. If you could help me, I would really appreciate it. I was born on July 14, 1980 at 10:52 AM in Covington, KY USA. Thank you very much! [Read more…]

Ask Moonkissd: Is Aries In It For the Long Haul?

Hi Jessica,

I was born on the 31st of March, 1970, in Canberra, Australia at 1.27am. My boyfriend was born on the 5th of April, 1970, Brisbane, Australia, time unknown. Over the last couple of weeks, our communication and his affection has been different. Today he tells me that he doesn’t know what he wants in all aspects of his life, and doesn’t know what he wants in regards to me. He says his feelings have changed towards me, he just doesn’t feel the same, and doesn’t at the moment see our relationship as long term. [Read more…]

Ask Moonkissd: Curious about Mercury

I’m curious what you think about Mercury retrograde (Sep 24-Oct 15, 2008) especially regarding the U.S. financial rescue attempt?

Dear Curious,

There are a lot of folks who put alot of worry energy into Mercury retrograde unneccessarily. I’ve gotten tons of finishing up work accomplished during retrograde, given new talks, and even travelled, too. All Mercury activities! However, knowing a retrograde period is in action has influenced my choice of projects, and undertakings – but mostly my attitude towards them- which is remain flexible as “anything could happen”. Retrograde periods are unpredictable, sometimes they really influence us, and other times not so much. For example, buying electronics might be a no-no during retrograde, but the DVD player we replaced during last Mercury in Gemini retrograde has had no problems. Should you? Well, that may depend on how high your stakes are. The player was inexpensive, and had a warranty so this purchase came with parachutes. Parachutes are a good thing during this time. [Read more…]

Career Advice for Scorpio With a Broken Compass

Dear Moonkissd,

I have been struggling in trying to figure out what direction to take in regards to career. After racking up debts taking gen. ed. and other classes in hopes of coming to the “aha” moment, I’m afraid I haven’t come any closer to answering this question. What I have found is that: I find the thought of an uninspiring 9-5 job dreadful, but I crave financial stability. (Well, financial abundance would be preferable, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, eh?) The idea of racking up more debt returning to school does not thrill me as I have spent the last few years paying off debt and still have a way to go. Do you see anything in my chart as far as any talents or areas of luck I may have in finding my niche? I may not be financially ready to attend school yet but if there is anything in my chart giving clues as to what I should be good at doing that would bring prosperity I would be thrilled!

Broken Compass

Time: 1:39 PM (PDT); Date: 10/30/1971; Place: Mountain View, CA. (Chart below)

Dear Broken Compass,

I’m feeling prolific today, and in the mood to dispense bullet point advice. I think it was something about the freedom of writing this way, combined with your stimulating question. Oh, and two shots of espresso. So if I come off a little bossy, my apologies. I am, under the influence. And it’s my website.

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Aries Asks: Do Aquarians ever admit they were wrong?

Dear Moonkissd,

I love your column and was wondering if you are the fiery redhead damsel in the picture? My second question is this: I am an Aries Woman (4/9) who had a tumultuous relationship with an Aquarius Man (2/14) that was seeped in betrayal by my ex best friend Pisces (3/3). I became pregnant and it ended in a miscarriage. It turned out that the Pisces ex best friend was leading my Aquarian on, thus muddying the waters for me. All three relationships ended with a bang, not a whimper. No one has spoken in two months. Just recently, I feel that this Aquarian is trying to reconnect with me through other people. Is he after friendship or trying to re establish a love affair? Do Aquarians ever admit they were wrong and try to reconnect?

He knew I really loved him and this ex friend of mine did not. I don’t think he is a healthy person to have in my life but I am trying to prepare myself for his re entry in my life. I am very intuitive and can read people very well but it sometimes gets lost in translation when I am involved. I just feel something tugging at me letting me know he is trying to reconnect. What do you see? Thanks in advance for your help.

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