Understanding Retrogrades in a Masculine Culture (& Solid Fashion Advice)

Hi Moonkissd!

I have a problem. I’ve been reading article after article saying that you shouldn’t initiate new things during a retrograde. I know that Mars and Saturn are about to go retrograde. My question is when should I go in to follow up on a job application I filled out? I sent the application in on October 1. I currently have a part time job teaching at a community college. The semester ends a week before Christmas. The new, better paying job I’m seeking basically requires that you be slim and beautiful. But when is the best time to go in and show them myself? I need to let my current boss know whether I’m available for the spring semester soon.

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Neptune Plays Career Advisor

I am a lifetime believer in astrology and the inherent power of the Universe. My father was the first to instill this interest in me, teaching me the basics of psychic development, astral planing, and astrological influence while still in elementary school.

I was born January 22, 1982 at 1.27 pm in Hayward, CA (Alameda County). I believe that my intuition is sharpening and I long to harness that sensitivity and make it grow into the future. If possible, please tell me what is in store as my interests expand… I am applying to graduate school this fall for my MFA in Fiction Writing and feel compelled to go back east, perhaps to Brown or Columbia. Is my urge to go back to school on par with what I should be doing with my life? Travel, dance, theatre, literature, and a sense of security are all important to me now. I just want to be sure I’m headed in the right direction, and see how the mystical arts can make these possibilities grow.

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Leo Moon says: He Cares More About His Friends Than Me!

I am deeply in love with this man but sometimes he confuses me. I know that he cares about me but at times I feel as if my feelings are deeper. He says it’s not true but since we’ve been together (2years) I always feel like his friends matter the most to him while I’m just put into a time slot. He has a female best friend who acts jealous of our relationship at times and it irks me that sometimes he bends over backwards to appease her. It just seems as if even though he’s sweet to me (when he has the time from work and friends) he is closer to everyone else instead of me. I think he has trust issues and leans on his friends. We talk about this and he says he understands and hears me. He’s really good to me and I don’t know if I’m over reacting at times. I don’t know what to do because I want to be with this man but I am not willing to accept things as is for love. We were both born in Chicago, Illinois, me on April 1, 1974 at 12:01pm and he: Feb 5, 1969 (time unknown). Is this worth my time?

Dear Unsure,

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Virgo Says: Need Specific Help, Perspective, Recommendations. Stat.

Dear Jessica – Do you have any specific recommendations for a Virgo while Saturn is in Virgo? It must not be a coincidence that a few weeks ago I felt compelled to pick up “Soul Without Shame” again (working on/with our inner critic) in preparation of something, what I cannot say. I can sense in a crystal clear way that this is my work for the next few years but my heart is heavy at the seemingly insurmountable work ahead despite my best efforts to gain a different perspective. If Saturn tends to highlight the flaws of the sign it’s in, won’t this be a challenging time for Virgos to find perspective on the whole since we tend to have overactive inner critics. How do we find the perspective when things appear double stacked?

Dear Concerned,

Before advising, I really want to give you specific recommendations, Virgo, I really do. Yet I’ve sat down several times to write, and stalled out. In my frustration, I had the strange impulse to make you a guidebook, to hire a research assistant [Read more…]

Will the Virgo/Pisces Eclipse End My Relationship With Mr. Pisces?

Dear Moonkissd,

I am a 25 year Capricorn female and I was dating a 23 year old Pisces male for over 3 1/2 years. Both of us have struggled to get our careers off the ground and money has been tight. However, I have recently gotten a great job where I can use my B.A. in Literature. He is a struggling musician with no current income but plenty of talent.

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So Friendly and So Friendless. So What’s The Deal?

Hi Jessica!

First off, let me just say I am addicted to your website!! I have a question regarding friendships in my life. My birthday is Oct 6 1986 1:13a.m.in Summit New Jersey. I don’t know if it’s so many planets in Scorpio or what, but I feel like all areas of my life are in extremes. As far as love relationships I could not be happier with my boyfriend, and I feel truly blessed with that area of my life. Finances, happy to say are great right now. But friendships seem to be on the other extreme. I feel it’s so hard for me to find a friend I truly connect with and enjoy being around. [Read more…]