Beyonce’s Lemonade & Innana’s Journey

Last night I was working on creating and destroying energy in my feminine meditation class. Beyonce’s Lemonade kept entering my mind. Specifically this image: [Read more…]

Venus-Pluto-Uranus Transit: Peeling the Onion

We really don’t know what we’re getting into when we fall in love with another, do we? We fall under the spell of love, we fall for someone trustworthy, kind and true, and trust that no matter what comes our way, the tender feelings we have for one another will insulate and protect us from what inevitably comes next. Given the right person, barring a criminal history or other red flags, it would be silly to think it’s not worth the risk. Love is the ultimate reality, and many know that God is Love, too.

We take a vow, make a commitment to our Love, to love, honor, respect in sickness, in health…and a host of other potentials. What comes next…is hard. It can happen five months down the road, or five years. The inevitability of love is that eventually something will challenge it in the deepest way. When something devastating or unexpected blindsides us, we are forced to trace backwards how it “got this bad”. Maybe we can start to see how poor communication, piled up resentments, a mutual unwillingness to have an honest conversation contributed to this. Maybe we never thought that letting that same argument go (over and over) could erode the attraction and affection we have for each other, let alone the very center of our union. A failure to adequately resolve what is happening in the present creates the atmosphere of living under a volcano. And these oppressed emotions and unspoken words are like time bombs. [Read more…]

2013: Just The Essentials

Around New Year’s I like to plan some yearly goals. This is less about resolve, more like focusing and clarifying my mind on what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. This year, I’m going extra gentle on my “worldly ambitions” and instead going for the feelings I’d like to possess (vitality, serenity, peace, fulfillment) and mapping out how to get those. Like Janus, the Roman Saturn who stands at the threshold of new beginnings and new years (January), to have an effective plan, it helps to clearly evaluate where one’s been. The new year is as much a time of beginnings as reflection. [Read more…]

Ten Tips For Surviving A Pluto Transit

Since 2009, Pluto has transited my Pluto, Mars, Sun and is currently joining my North Node. I am Pluto girl. & I still have questions. The main one being, What just happened? Trying to meaningfully interpret one’s own Pluto transit is like reading hieroglyphics -before the Rosetta Stone. With Pluto we are often in the dark.

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Mercury in Aries, Retrograde: Retro-fitting the Self

The weather, wet and cold right now in northern California, is great for staying indoors, reading novels, deep introspection and calling in sick – which is what I did today. As the piled high mountain of used Kleenex mounted, and after reading a few chapters of a fantastic novel, I decided that what I most wanted to do with my sick day was to put some attention on my latest life mission: figuring out a way to do what I love, without killing myself (the alternate title for this post).

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The Karmic Wave Breaks On Amanda Knox

Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries are acting as catalysts for so many world events — revolution, financial & political revolt, toxins rising to the surface of political regimes and financial markets. Collectively and personally this is exciting longstanding karmas to erupt and such is the case for Amanda Knox who, after 3 years internment in an Italian prison, was found not guilty just yesterday. Given the botched DNA evidence (and  that an unrelated man, Rudy Guede, has already been convicted for Meredith Kercher’s murder and is now serving a 16 year sentence for Kercher’s death), I am hoping that Justice would prevail, because with Pluto lurking around every corner, it’s hard to know if corruption will prevail instead.

I had just done a slew of charts for clients for whom “the karmic wave is breaking…” (when outer planet transits trigger the nodal configuration, ie, our past life karma, the “karmic wave breaks”). I looked at her chart not curious so much about her guilt or innocence, but about her past-life karma. After all, a murder trial is not something a typical 18 year old consciousness faces in a lifetime. I also wondered something I often ask myself about the usefulness of astrology consultations: Had she been my client years ago, before that fated trip to Italy, could I have said anything to her that would have been helpful?

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