Book Review: Moon Power

Simone Butler’s sumptuous new book Moon Power quietly arrived on my doorstep as if brought by fairies (our road is closed, and we rarely have the luxury of door to door delivery anymore, so this was exceptional). [Read more…]

MoonGlow Jewelry Review

Jessica Moonglow 5

Those who know me rarely see me without a Moon necklace. Obviously, I am drawn to the Moon, and being a Libra Rising (Venus in Cancer) I love my (Moon) jewels. So when I came across MoonGlow Jewelry my curiosity piqued. [Read more…]

Saturn and Neptune Have a Conversation

The connection between heaven and Earth.

There’s a planetary conversation taking place between Saturn in Sagittarius, Capricorn’s ruling planet, and Neptune in Pisces (square thru September 2016). The promise of this combination is integrating the divine into the ego. The risk of this combination is exaggerated fears and feelings of separation. Molehills can become mountains when we take our fears too seriously, leading us to a macabre picture of believing in a very scary “reality”. To lighten up, let’s listen in on an edifying conversation between the two planets. [Read more…]

Venus Retrograde 007: Operation Fantasy Fulfillment

mad men airplane

How’s Venus retrograde going for you? Could you use a little inspiration? Here’s a story for you. [Read more…]

Now Skype Brings the Fairfax Moon Gab Girls to You

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to now offer you the opportunity to learn all about how the stars will affect your life, every month, from the comfort of your own home. We designed this format especially with our national and international readers and clients in mind, because we want to share the useful information we have been giving to our friends here in Fairfax, CA – with all of you. The great thing about using Skype is, no matter where you live, the call is free. So whether you’re in Poland, Spain, Wyoming (or Egypt, like me, pictured here!) now you can brew a cup of tea, curl up, and nurture your mind and spirit with the astrology of the coming month.

What: The next New Moon Gab with Jessica Shepherd and Fern Feto Spring will be held on Monday, August 25 7-9 PM
(dates for the following Gabs are: 9/29, 10/27, 11/24 – December OFF) [Read more…]

Obama, McCain & The Times Ahead: Bay Area Astrologers Speak Out

Are the Sixties about to repeat? Who will win the presidency? Does Barack’s hopeful message match the challenging times ahead? A panel of six Bay Area astrologers converged last Saturday evening to discuss, dissect, and divulge the next four years of cosmic activity affecting our nation. The meeting was arranged by the San Francisco group, the Bay Area Young Astrologers, where young-ish professional astrologers convene to share their knowledge and hear their voice.

People Actually Use This Stuff?

The panel answered some general questions about astrology. It turns out that horoscope readers actually make life decisions from those ‘scopes.

“The general public will base life decisions on their horoscope,” said KT Fox, local celebrity and headliner for the event, who got on her soapbox about the importance of getting credentialed through accredited astrology institutions. “I always feel responsible for the information I’m putting out there. It’s amazing how many people in the world will use astrology of their daily horoscope to help them make decisions in their lives so that’s why I think it’s important we put out credible, accurate information.” [Read more…]