If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook For Finding Love on the Spiritual Path by Charlotte Kasl

If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook For Finding Love on the Spiritual Path by Charlotte Kasl
If the Buddha Married: Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path by Charlotte Kasl

You too can move from love & relationship elementary school to L&R college graduation day through Charlotte Kasl’s deceptively compact gem-like books.  As the title suggests, Ms. Kasl has an obvious penchant for Buddhism but she’s all-faith inclusive, citing many different religious backgrounds. I love these books, they’re love and marriage 101 for people who have a spiritual life, an emotional life, a crazy 9-5 life and hit all the speedbumps along the way. The speedbumps can blow a tire at 55 mph but the pace of contemplation and reflection (more like an easy 15- 25 mph) is gentler on the spirit of the relationship.
Hey Fire signs, check out the “Fair Fight Rules” in If the Buddha Married. There’s nothing like a passionate argument to stoke the fires of love. But please, when you fight, fight fair.

Skymates: The Astrology of Love, Sex and Intimacy by Steven and Jodie Forrest

Skymates: The Astrology of Love, Sex and Intimacy by Steven and Jodie Forrest
Beginner to Advanced

Love. Sex. Intimacy. Astrology. This book is so lyrically compelling that I’ll just quote page 1, chapter 1, paragraph 1: “Nothing strips us so naked. Nothing is quicker to reveal the angel we hide behind our eyes, and nothing is so quick or unmask our priveate madnesses. Who has not been lifted high by love? Who has not felt the world change in a moment of secret tenderness? And who has not been ripped open by love and left bleeding and alone, wide-eyed at four in the morning?” Yeah, you know it.
What this book IS NOT: a sign-by-sign sextrology guide to pick-up lines, love matches and compatibility formulas (although these are great, see my FUN ASTROLOGY section)

What this book IS: one of 3 books I would take to a desert island with me. This is intimacy as in INTO-ME-I-SEE and INTO-YOU-I-SEE. It covers everything, from Venus (“Venus in Fire people attract by showing us how much fun they are, how colorful, plucky, adventurous and noblespirited…”) and Mars signs, to practical advice: “Sagittarius must choose his or her potential lovers extemely carefully. Our culture attempts to stabilize marriage by engendering an essentially false interdependency between partners…With the Archer’s love of independence, it cannot allow itself to be caught in these snares.” And what happens when your partner’s Venus touches a planet of yours? You’re VENUSIFIED! Genius! I am Venusified by my husband (his Venus is on my Ascendant). When we learned what it meant to be Venusified, we went to town with this word.

The real boon of this book is its enteraining, storytelling style and its breadth. He wrote this with his wife too, who undoubtedly contributed to it’s excellence.

Hickey IM. Astrology : A Cosmic Science. Sebastopol, Calif.: CRCS Publications; 1992.

This book is a classic and I use it often. It’s for those of you who are ready to dig in and really get to know the entire birth chart, but it’s concise enough so it doesn’t overwhelm. Isabel Hickey was a pioneer in modern astrology. Her take is spiritual, and she was one of the first to head into metaphysical territory using words like karma, reincarnation, ego, will, higher self BUT she doesn’t water anything down for using them. In fact, it’s her fluid blend of new agey terms with exceptionally accurate astrology that makes her work extraordinary.

Making the Gods Work For You by Carolyn Casey

Making the Gods Work For You by Carolyn Casey

Beginner to Intermediate Level

This is the one book that lifted my astrology off of the page and into the realm of magic. It does just what the title promises. Let’s get one thing straight about magic: it is not witchcraft, it’s cooperation. Cooperation. Not coercion, manipulation or black magic. What you resist, persists, plain and simple. What you don’t know you’re resisting also persists. You begin cooperating with the Gods, God, Goddess, Angels, Your Destiny when you understand what’s being asked of you. For example, when you want a relationship, what do you want? Sweetness, beauty, a sense of worth, being loved. So why not perpetuate those same qualities in your self and your environment? You put on makeup, you treat everyone as though they’re worthy and wonderful. That’s magic. You do it everyday.

This book is a wonderful primer for the planets. Suggested magic comes in the form of rituals from different cultures and traditions that Carolyn personally occasioned. Fabulous!!!

You say Neptune is hanging around your Venus, what do you do about THAT? Well, you read this book.