Cancer Full Moon: Growth

People come to astrologers for many reasons, but a big one is to unlock a mystery, put perspective around an area of life that has become a tremendous source of pain or confusion. Often they (we) are conditioned to think our life should be otherwise. Pick any subject. Love relationship; now that’s supposed to be all hearts and roses, right (feel free to insert your own rant/ expletive here)?! Many have a hell of a time getting into a relationship, and if we’re ‘lucky’ enough to be one of those few who had it all figured out at an early age, we probably walked into a relationship from hell and earned every ounce of courage and wisdom we have now, there. Looking for meaning in any personal difficulty, most especially when it’s tragic, can be unfathomable from the mind’s perspective. But from the heart (and soul) view it’s a different story. [Read more…]

Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon: Hands to Heart

hand milagroThis week we cooked dinner for thirty people. I made the curry zucchinni soup and salad. John made the homemade spelt bread with goat milk and honey. The goal was to cook enough food for 30 people with a budget of 30 dollars, which sounds a bit insane in this economy. It is. But besides getting together once a week to share a meal cooked by one or a pair of the group members, they also have a gift circle – you ask for what you need and volunteer to give some resource you have. It sounded simple enough, but we soon realized that cooking a meal for 30 was easier. Rummaging through my mind for something to give wasn’t too difficult. Fresh chicken eggs. Love spells. Fresh roasted coffee. A dip in the hot tub. The asking proved vexing. What, I reasoned, do I need that I don’t already have at my fingertips, between Google, Yelp and my husband? I need more clients and money, but that was a given for everyone in the circle. A new phone, my car fixed…Clearly I have needs, but voicing them to a group of people put me in an disarmingly uncomfortable position. Invite people and their need-filled complications in my life?  I may need some things, but maybe it was easier to be alone. [Read more…]

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer: The Great Inner Work

oyster and pearlThe last week before Christmas, I flew out to South Carolina to assist my very sick and very dear grandmother. When I arrived, it was clear she was close to, if not actively, dying. I did what I could. If you’ve ever been a caregiver for a sick person who is fairly conscious, it is painful for both of you. You do physical things you’ve only ever done for your self; and if you think it’s humiliating for you, your heart breaks because they are doing what they can to hold onto a last shred of human dignity. When the beautiful machine called the body starts to fall apart, it is a glorious mess. what once worked so effortlessly and invisibly becomes effort-full and unpredictable. In one moment of biological truth, my Great Aunt looked me with tears in her eyes and said, “Jessicagetting old is terrible.” I wanted to disagree. I mumbled something like, Well, if we can all be there to help each other, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…True, but… she lives alone. My grandmother’s husband left her when my father was three, and she never really trusted anyone after that. Her family has since dispersed to different corners of the universe, physically and philosophically. The reality is, she had never thought about getting sick or dying. She didn’t plan on this. Most of us don’t. [Read more…]

Solar Eclipse New Moon In Cancer: Returning to Essence

At first glance, upon stumbling on Simone Butler’s essay on this Cancer New Moon Eclipse, I thought I’d been punk’d. How could we who do not know each other have written something so similar? All I saw were the words in bold, ‘Daughters of the American Revolution’. I felt flattered, then a little piqued at being mimicked, not unusual I suppose. When I got over myself and read further I discovered that she was using Sabian Symbols as Oracle, which, according to my new facebook acquaintance Lynda Hill and author of book by the same name, describes the oracular message of this eclipse degree. Although my turn of phrase was different, I had spoken about the crisis of the crumbling patriarchy without a feminine infrastructure to support a more balanced world. I had spoken as a ‘Daughter of the Sexual Revolution’.

You may be thinking this is no big deal, we’re all under the same stars, right? Yes, we astrologers are all in the same club and although we’re a diverse bunch, occasionally a few of us are bound to hit the same nail on the same head in almost exactly the same way. But this was different. I had unknowingly spoken about a Sabian Symbol interpretation from a book I’d never read. [Read more…]

You Can Choose Your Clan: New Moon in Cancer

the nurturing feminine

The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman”- Mexican Proverb

We were sitting around a table at my sister’s house, four women, different ages all, but natives of a place called Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had made pancakes at my sister’s birthday request, and in between pancakes and pedicure appointments, the conversation returned to the subject of home. Mention the ‘land of enchantment’ and most folks grow imaginatively enchanted, with thoughts of charming sand-baked adobe huts, picturesque turquoise doorways with sleepy cats, sun bleached bone against endless blue sky, mountains named after watermelons (the Sandias), hippy & artist enclaves. It’s basically a cultural, spiritual mecca welcoming seekers who seek to root in a charming hacienda and pay a small fortune for the privelege. For many, life in New Mexico typifies the mythos of a Georgia O’Keefe painting – empty and feminine, dramatically spiritual, romantic, lush. This makes sense; Santa Fe is a Cancer Sun Sign city and for those longing to be embraced by the Great Mother, it beckons, ‘come and ye will be healed’.

Ask me where I’m from and I’ll say this was my home, though my internal experience of this home sharply contrasts with the image. Astro*carto*graphy says that when I moved from East to West my natal Twelfth House Pluto moved with me – to the Ascendant. Through sheer force of childhood will, I tried to make this home a safe haven, but the Universe had other things in mind. [Read more…]

The Mars-Pluto Opposition, Cancer with Superpowers

Mars enters Cancer tomorrow 3/4/08, making an immediate opposition to superpowersPluto in Capricorn. Pluto fills out the leg of a cardinal t-square involving Sun, Mars and Pluto. With a Scorpio ruled 2nd house cusp, I figured I’d be hit up with a huge bill. And new resolve to become more viable – financially, and as a person. So when an unexpected pain shot from my tooth-nerve to my brain last week, I did my Aries Moon thing:

“Moon, get Dr. Austria on the phone, cancel all appointments, this is really going to set the schedule back (what does a root canal feel like?) We’re going in…”

[Read more…]