Angelina’s Makeover, compliments of Cancer New Moon

When I went to see my crush, Angelina Jolie, (by now you know I’m heterosexual, married and I have more crushes on beautiful Angelina and bebewomen than men) in her new movie A Mighty Heart, it got me thinking about how this Cancer New Moon falls pretty close to the Ascendant of Angelina’s chart, and that right about now she’ll be experiencing a sort of absolution for her wild child self-image – fans may finally soften up and allow her to be the maternal, soft Cancer rising her soul needs to express. And thinking about the grace and grit she showed as pregnant Marianne Pearl, wife of kidnapped and beheaded Daniel Pearl, I contemplated life in the midst of tragedy, and just how many things can change during the term of nine months. It takes a mighty heart to keep your poise and your baby as you’re put through the grueling, public ordeal of losing a spouse. I noticed that Angelina/Marianne moved with elegance and grace, opening her home hospitably to all who came through to help, caring for the relationships that were in her here and now, taking care to dress and present herself well. Remarkably, (and from real-life accounts of the real Marianne Pearl) she was strong enough to not fall apart but tender enough to speak from the heart. As we enter this Cancer New Moon time of conception, I’m reminded of the soft privacy of pregnancy; it’s the conception point on the wheel, where soul quietly, secretly embodies. Nine Months. It’s the human gestation life cycle, and conception is particularly fertile during Cancer New Moon. And I’d imagine if you’ve got a little seed to plant right now, you might just walk over to your calendar and circle April 19, 2007 as your due date.

Cancer of Compassion

Dalai Lama: 6 July 1935

Cancer’s identity centers on home and family, so it must be terribly painful for His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso to be exiled from his home country, Tibet since 1950. Nobel Peace Prize winner and Spiritual leader, His Holiness was recognized as a reincarnation of the XII Dalai Lama at age two (this story is beautifully told in the movie Kundun). In Buddhism, Dalai Lamas are enlightened beings choosing reincarnation to compassionately serve others. While the Dalai Lama directly serves the people of Tibet, whose cultural, spiritual legacy continues to be dismantled by the Chinese government, indirectly, he serves anyone who aspires to end suffering. Cancerians have a strong tie to the past – in it they see rich treasures, like wisdom teachings of ancestors. For the Dalai Lama, precious centuries of ancient spiritual texts risk extinction. Although territorial and protective, Cancer is a lover, not a fighter. His Holiness practices non-violent resistance – resisting Chinese occupation through his peaceful world presence. A truly awakened voice for compassion, tolerance and world peace, his bright light shines for all.

Lindsay’s nurture needs

Lindsay Lohan: 2 July 1986

The public is nothing but changeable, and the Moon’s changeable reputation is well deserved; she changes signs every 2 ½ days. So will teen queen Lindsay Lohan’s success be transitory? Disney’s Parent Trap, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Freaky Friday (for which she also recorded the soundtrack hit) all elevated Lohan to tweenie pop icon status. Graduating from Disney productions, to no. 4 on Maxim’s sexiest Top 100 women, 2005, will this rosebud Cancer have what it takes to weather the media machine? Media gossip centers around her family (her father is incarcerated), and a potential eating disorder, both Moon subjects. If good family relationships can heal a Cancer, bad ones can cause a lifetime of heartaches – for the Crab has a hard time letting go of hurtful memories. Cancer needs nurturing, and when she’s deprived of tender loving care her powerfully strong nurturing instinct can be turned inward, self-destructively. Food is a Cancer commodity, a symbol of nourishment and love. For bulimics, self-care has gone very wrong. Let’s hope Lindsay finds her way by the helpful, healing light of the Moon!

Mama’s Boy Cruise

Tom Cruise: 3 July 1962

Born July 3rd, Tom Cruise won his first Golden Globe and Oscar Nomination for his sensitive portrayal of a Vietnam vet in Born on the 4th of July. Patriotism, loyalty, family and honor are Cancer themes, but so also, compassion, a guiding light in that story – eloquently expressed by Cancer Cruise. True compassion is often born of hardship; young Tom’s parents constantly moved, (he attended 15 different schools by age 14) eventually divorced, and ensuing financial hardship forced him to start working at age 12. While coddled Cancerians can remain Mama’s boys well into adulthood, Tom was forced to carry his home on his back, giving him tenacity and strength of character, qualities that helped him persist through dyslexia, and now, an ambitious acting career. Not to say that Tom wasn’t coddled as a child- his sister brought her girlfriends home to use 7-year-old Tom for kissing practice. A ladies man is born! Oprah and Rosie would both agree – this romantic Cancer captures ladies hearts everywhere.

Just Chillin’ with Jessica

Jessica Simpson: 10 July 1980

If Jessica Simpson were a flavor of ice cream she’d be- strawberry shortcake. And mainstream America is just eating her up. This perky blonde singer/actress with girl-next-door likeability proves that she can magnetize by simply doing what comes naturally. Cancers are the kind of folk who put you at ease, someone you’re at home with just hanging out on the sofa – which is where most people first saw Jessica, on her reality T.V. show, Newlyweds. Marital spats and infamous “is Chicken of the Sea chicken or tuna?” line, this Crab took some heat when she bared all. Sensitive, big-hearted Cancer wears her heart on her sleeve, exposing herself like a Crab without a shell, ouch! Despite her sexy image, Jessica maintains a wholesome all American appeal, publicly discussing her no-sex-before-marriage vow and patriotically performing for U.S. troops overseas, albeit in hot pants. In Astrology, ruling planet Moon measures the mood of the general public, which ebbs and flows like the tides. From Pizza Hut commercials to pop music, it seems Jessica’s got her finger on the pulse of what America wants – pretty simple, isn’t it?

Cancer: I will survive!

Matthew Fox: 14 July 1966

A plane crashes in the middle of the sea, on an island far away from civilization, far away from anywhere. Some people survive, others don’t. Among the remaining survivors, chaos reigns supreme; the only hope for the clan’s survival is a leader. The reluctant leader is elected- Dr. Jack Shephard, Matthew Fox’s character on Lost. Cancer is the unwitting leader of the Zodiac; a nurturing, maternal sign who understands survival needs differently than any other. Feeling Cancer knows that the emotional dynamics of a situation can be the greatest strength or threat to the integrity of the whole. Their sensitivity to discord is so strong that Cancer may sacrifice selfhood for the family or clan, causing personal misery. But if Cancer can learn how to keep effective boundaries, a strong shell forms around their vulnerable belly. Jack’s role as peacekeeper, counselor, physician and parent are all a part of Cancer’s life-promoting strategy, to ensure survival of the clan and of the species. Reluctant leader? Yes, for Cancer is a receptive yin sign, her energy moves inward, toward understanding and stabilizing her very complex inner life. Who better to lead others from primitive emotional reaction into self-awareness, understanding that benefits the whole? A Cancer, of course!