Capricorn Full Moon: Grandfather Moon

desert moon

“If you can’t get rid of the family skeleton you might as well make it dance.” -George Bernard Shaw

“Your ancestors send you good wishes.” -Anon

“You do know that we are descendants of George Washington,” said my cousin, who proceeds to send me a text image of the index card my grandmother wrote up in her wobbly handwriting, with equally wobbly evidence of this linkage, before she died. The first time I heard this story I was sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen, age 8 or 9. Every family has their mythology and this one, while glamorous and fun to think about, was about as relevant to my life as some distant person never met, which is to say, not that much. My family life bore such scant resemblance to that of a noble leader and statesman it was laughable. [Read more…]

Capricorn New Moon: The Tower and the Touchstone


Every year as Capricorn season arrives with bells on, so does our awareness of the passage of time, along with just how tightly we’ve scheduled our self, how pressured we feel by our numerous commitments, and how many hungry mouths and empty bank accounts we’ve got to satisfy. This sobering influence, on the holiday known for its generosity and good cheer, creates that unique schizophrenia characterizing “the holidays”. I don’t know about you but many of my childhood Christmas memories involve experiences of extreme stress and wondrous magic, abundance and lack, side by side. Holidays are crazy-magic like that. [Read more…]

Capricorn Full Moon: The Shape Of My Heart

Heart Shadow by KissMeApocalypse

Before the Uranus-Pluto square began making matters of life direction (and pretty much everything) tougher to unravel, it was much easier for me to offer Joseph Campbell’s career advice to those clients who were miserable in their professions. “Follow your bliss” I’d say, and point to the major career indicators in the chart: Sun (creative ego), the MidHeaven sign and Tenth House Planets (mission, purpose; what you are here to contribute to the world), Venus (joy). But in recent years it’s struck me that some people cannot or do not know how to connect their own happiness. Happiness belongs to the Moon. [Read more…]

Capricorn Full Moon: Desert Moon

desert moon

During Cancer season I always feel a strong need to break away from routines, to go somewhere, experience something different. I need to turn over a new leaf or rock –preferably one found far away, on foreign land. Cancer falls in my Ninth House of Expansion, but the urge to get away is motivated by the archetype of Cancer.  This is where I take care of myself, how I heal. I’ve been dreaming of a trip to the desert, I always long for the bone-dry desert at Capricorn Full Moon, with its Spartan moonscape terrain. I’m turning forty next week and this yearning feels monumental. A song calls to me, …”in the desert, you can remember your name…” I fantasized about writing you this full moon essay from a little no name motel in the Mojave, located next to a no name bar, with a bartender named Rocky or Bud or Stoney. Alas, I am writing you from my sturdy little office, which I love, in a home I also love.

For multiple reasons outside my control, the desert fantasy is not going to happen. Even though I need to wrangle an adventure, I need to stick closer to home, more. There’s too much healing to do. [Read more…]

Capricorn New Moon: Spiritual Instincts, Earthly Rules -or- Why Earthless Girls Work Harder

Dolly Parton, a Capricorn, once said: “The magic is inside of you. There ain’t no crystal ball.” Well, to tempt Fate, the Capricorn Gods, and Dolly, I had a psychic reading yesterday. The psychic told me she’d never seen an aura like mine, it was larger than normal (apparently the average aura is 7 inches and mine is 12) & its activity made her dizzy. She told me I wasn’t of this Earth, but from another planet — a planet of superior intelligence (which sounded like the planet Uranus to me). Now, if like I was you are thinking the psychic is attempting to flatter me, know this is nothing to brag about because apparently, for a person from the Planet of Superior Intelligence, life on Earth is extra difficult. It is like being handed a wrench and told to fix cars when you are so clearly not cut out to be a car mechanic.

Yes, it’s true. I have no earth in my birth chart. Except for my North Node (in Capricorn) –which my mentor Steven Forrest brilliantly describes as “a really good idea” because we have no experience here –and which, after using her methods to search for my purpose for being here on this planet, the psychic validated by freely offering that my soul’s decision to incarnate on Earth may’ve actually been nothing more than a good idea. Oh, irony of ironies. [Read more…]

Capricorn Full Moon: Unpack Your Baggage

The arrival of summer brings family vacations. We took ours this past weekend when we attended my husband’s family reunion in the Texas town of Weatherford. All Southern accents and hospitality, cowboy boots and freeways, barbecue & TexMex, the 105 degree humid heat stretched across a flat expanse of land that seems to disappear into the horizon line. The family stayed in a ten-bedroom home converted into a B&B, originally built in the 1800’s by a family relative (pictured). Our official agenda was “food and fun” so a decadent brioche pancake breakfast topped with blueberries and powdered sugar and side of bacon was en pointe. I ate raw crackers, almond butter and tea. I wasn’t surprised to eventually learn that almost everyone at the breakfast table was diabetic or pre-diabetic. Sadly, the typical American diet has the majority careening in that general direction. As I ate my monkish breakfast with these nice new to me people, I wrestled with complex feelings about alienation…& self-care. [Read more…]