Is Venus in Capricorn Cheap?

(conversations between astrologers, Part II)tyra-banks

“Venus in Capricorn is so CHEAP!”

“What did you say?”

“Totally CHEAP! I’m watching the financial markets and every time an aspect involves Venus in Capricorn the markets tank! People become fearful, they hoard. They don’t want to spend their money with Venus in Capricorn and people with Venus in Capricorn are the same.”

“Oooh, this is good. Can I quote you?”

“Go ahead. I stand by it.”

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Carla Bruni: Rock Star of a First Lady

wsarkoI’m not shocked. Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy were married on February 1, 2008 after only 3 months of dating. Mick’s loved her, Eric has too. What’s not to love in Carla Bruni? But President Sarkozy beat everyone out and from looking at their charts, it’s no wonder. They have remarkably solid, enduring – even soul mate – chemistry.

What of the remarkable speed of this connection, earning the prez the nickname Speedy Sarkozy?

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Weird Aquarius Paris

parisParis Hilton: 17 February 1981

What on earth could this Hilton heiress socialite have in common with the Aquarians of the world? Well, she’s from planet Uranus, an unpredictable planet best known by Astrologers as the planet of “shock!”

What’s shocking? She’s managed to start a cult of celebrity, folks who are only famous for being well, famous.

Far from a stereotypical revolutionary Aquarian (mind you, no Aquarian is stereotypical) she has caught the public attention in a particularly Aquarian way – technology. [Read more…]

Sienna Miller, Style & Substance

180px-Sienna Miller28 December 1981

Sienna Miller has become quite the socialite, tromping around Hollywood in her boho-chic signature style. Did she know she’d start a Capricorn fashion revolution, along with Mary-Kate & Ashley? Like another Cap sister Sun sign, Kate Moss, these Goats leave indelible impressions on the people they meet.

Sienna’s mug had been a source of tabloid fodder since her split from cheating husband Jude Law, which to her dismay has focused on her role as Jude’s estranged on and off-again ex, not her abilities as an actress. Many of the films she’s starred in haven’t reached critical acclaim, but because she’s a Capricorn, it’s probably only a matter of time. [Read more…]

Kate Bosworth’s Good Jeans… & Genes

kate bosworthKate Bosworth: 2 January 1983

Kate’s been criticized by the media for her thinness, but this is also a distinguishing quality of Saturn people who tend to be angular, bony or lanky. But also like Kate, many Capricorn people actually do eat less -resembling the pared or slimming down quality of their sign. They conserve everything, food, energy, resources. If you want to lose weight, just look for a Saturn transit or hang out with a Capricorn!

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Carla Bruni, Homewreckers & Uranus?

I am always fascinated by powerful women who go after what and who carla & prezthey want, so watched Carla Bruni and France President Nicolas Sarkozy’s relationship with curiosity as it developed in the headlines while I was over in Europe. Primarily because she’s lovely, secondly it made headline news in every newspaper. Now I see it’s made the front page of the NYTimes Style section which finally prompted me to pull up her chart.

MAN trap, serial heart-wrecker, rocker arm candy, photogenic cipher, arrogant heiress, polling gimmick – the woman who appears likely to become the first lady of France has been called a lot of things lately.

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