Stop Using Astrology to Scare Yourself Silly

We’re in the eclipse zone, that concentrated period of time surrounding two eclipses, and a time when some people who know just enough astrology to be dangerous, grow really afraid.  As you read the myriad web resources available about this very special time, or any astrological event, pattern or aspect, let’s remember several things: [Read more…]

Two Leo New Moons (one’s an eclipse!): Say Yes to You

On the way back home from our camping trip in King’s Canyon this June, we visited a Big Cat Reserve. As we toured the facility and were educated, the lions, panthers and leopards, lazily lounged in the hundred degree heat. Despite the wire cages separating us from them, it was clear who was in command: the Cats. Confident, alert, relaxed -they were the main show, watching us watching them. [Read more…]

Eclipses: Moving Beyond the Four Walls of the Known

total-solar-eclipse_0808I am not going to give you a destination. I can only give you a direction – awake, throbbing with life, unknown, always surprising, unpredictable. -Bagwan Shree Rajneesh

Eclipses make waves. Some are big waves like the sea at high tide; others are more like small ripples. In breaking waves, eclipse season can deliver difficult news, like the announcement of death or illness, or wondrous, a birth or true love.  Others are quieter, but carrying no less impact, for if our life resembles a placid lake, emotional ripples can jar something loose within, deeply inside. [Read more…]

Eclipses By House & Sign


Eclipses carry the signature of change. They shake us up, turn us around and ask us to adapt to changing conditions. The house an eclipse falls in show us the areas of life we will be asked to grow beyond what we’ve previously known. That room (or astrological house) has become too small, cramped, tight. You’re ready to experience a rapid infusion of new awareness here.

Eclipses fall in pairs into two rooms, or houses, of our birth chart. The flickering lights of the Sun and Moon act like light bulbs, and as they turn on and off they can bring issues that have quietly existed in the shadows up until now out into the light of day. Via periods of intensity or crisis (during the 4-6 weeks surrounding an eclipse pair) our attention is mobilized in these areas of life. Yet just because eclipse season is over doesn’t mean we stop growing; the Moon’s nodes are transiting through this house over a longer 18-24 month period. You’ll integrate the eclipse information during the six months between eclipse pairs- until the next set begins, adding another layer to your eclipse story.

Where does this eclipse set occur? Identify the house in which an eclipse falls by locating the eclipse degree and placing it within your chart.  For more eclipse pointers click here. [Read more…]

Eclipse Pointers

Hey folks…eclipse season is here. To gracefully move through eclipse season, read on. 

Eclipses happen in pairs, within two weeks of one another, usually twice a year (but not always and sometimes we experience three eclipses in a row). Eclipses occur when new a new or full moon falls near the lunar nodes. A solar eclipse always occurs at the new moon; likewise, a lunar eclipse can only occur when the moon is full.  Eclipse season can be emotionally bumpy, and in that vein here are some pointers I’ve assembled over the years.

-Eclipses bring sudden shocks and surprises in service of your evolution. The Universe can pick you up and move you ten or twenty steps ahead of where you were. Even if this comes in the form of an unpleasant surprise, eclipse events serve your growth.

-Time often feels distorted during the weeks surrounding eclipses. It appears to accelerate.

-Eclipses are the cosmic clean up crew. Is something ripe and green, like an expired container of yogurt in your frig, ready to be tossed out? Is something unexpectedly growing in the corner? And is there something there which you could cultivate for the future? Eclipses are growth-oriented; eclipses loathe stagnancy. It’s time to grow beyond the four walls you’ve known. [Read more…]

Welcome to Eclipse Season…Watch for Shifting Baggage

overstuffed luggageEclipses travel in sets of two or three, occur during full and new moon lunations, and always in pairs. Because the effects of eclipses can begin up to three weeks prior to the actual eclipse, eclipse ‘season’ can last as long as two months. To what purpose does this unsettling, exciting time serve? Eclipses move us along our evolutionary path, often with huge signposts, other times with a whisper – and always with an element of surprise. Imagine you’ve been focused on redecorating several rooms in your house and you’ve been stuffing the attic with all the things you’ve moved in the process. “Suddenly” the roof begins to bow. But this is not really a surprise because out of the corner of your eye you’ve noticed the bulging attic yet because you’ve been so focused on other things the attic just wasn’t a priority. Now the attic demands your urgent attention. [Read more…]