Gemini Full Moon: Messenger Moon

heavymetalartwork“He doesn’t listen to me,” said a client with a Gemini Moon. “He acts like he’s listening, but I can tell he’s not.” I could relate. I have a Gemini Moon partner. Constantly multi-tasking between science fiction videos, shopping and work, catching his attention is like trying to catch a butterfly in motion. As a result, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep him engaged. For instance, a bold statement will always get his attention; so will anything whimsical or intellectually interesting. I’ve also learned that distraction is not always the culprit. When someone’s tuning another person out, there’s a strong chance that one or both of us are bored. Symptoms? Hearing, but not really listening; anticipating what the other person will say, or finishing their sentences before they have a chance to actually speak them. Attention-getting strategies aside, Gemini Moon also teaches me the power of fun, variety and newness- as for Gemini, boredom equals death. [Read more…]

Gemini New Moon: Refreshing Power

WhereHeavensMeetEvery day is a new chance to be healthy. I remember reading this phrase, cut out from a magazine, on a friend’s vision board twenty odd years ago. The “Every day is a new chance to…” felt so enticing to me. What I didn’t know even then was that I was about to make a big decision that changed the course of my life – to uproot and move halfway across the country – and that spontaneous decision would happen to spin on the edge of a dime at that same dear friend’s urging to claim my happiness, to follow my heart. It was a radical and bold suggestion. And years later, when I feel stuck in a rut, bored, sick, uninspired, I remind myself that every day holds this promise and wonder: I can be made fresh, brand new.

We all get stuck in routines of habit, boredom and apathy. We think this is how it always has been, and so will be. Along comes Gemini. If you’ve ever had the experience of reading a book, listening to a teacher or being in conversation with someone who says something in that fresh and just-for-you way that shifts your entire perception of your self and your life, you’ve been touched by the Gemini angels. [Read more…]

Gemini Full Moon: The Magic and Wonder

northern lights svalbardAbout a year ago, my husband hypothetically asked me whether I’d like to spend 4 months in Zimbabwe or Stockholm. That was a no-brainer. I answered: Stockholm, already knowing from my tourist experiences that travel’s difficulty and discomfort increases exponentially by number of miles travelled and cultures crossed.

Now we are here. Yet immigrating to a new country for a period of time is different from tourist travel. When you travel as a tourist, the immediate convenience of a hotel, the allies you find in your hotel staff, create a bubble of protection and safety. Not so here. Residing means finding an apartment, negotiating rents, money and banking without knowing the social protocol, custom or language. For instance, in Sweden, you cannot pay your rent by sending a check. You must send a deposit slip, an old fashioned book of payment forms, issued by your bank. However, we learned that if you send the invoice with the check, the check is rejected altogether because you sent the invoice and not the invoice stub. That first month we lived off of credit cards, even with money in the account, because the banking system is horribly bureaucratic. [Read more…]

Gemini Lunar Eclipse: Thinking, Believing, Knowing

“The world is not a problem; the problem is your unawareness”-Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

“The moment you say ‘I know everything’ is the end of your growth.”- Sharon Lee

“If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.” -Tom Peters

“There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart.”- Elizabeth J. Canham

“If we put everything into the hands of experts and if we say that as intelligent outsiders we are not qualified to look over the should of anybody, then we’re in some kind of really weird world.” –Micheal Chrichton

Thanksgiving day had many diverse people at our house, and where there’s diversity, there are always differing opinions. The beauty of life is its diversity. Yet how hard it is when another person has an opinion that strike at polar opposite to your own direct experience, and even harder, to hear opinions spoken thick with judgment. Just words. Yet the human animal recoils like a snake. Love holds her breath– hoping we all err on the side of temperance, compassion, kindess, tolerance. [Read more…]

Gemini New Moon: Short Journeys & Second Chances

As a child, summer vacations were bar none the highlight of my year– and summer vacations always involved road trips. Scenery moving quickly enough to keep my interest but slow enough for ample reflection time, there’s probably no recipe more freeing to the Cancer imagination than being safely tucked away in a car and watching the world pass by. I’d look forward to Stuckey’s gas stations with their turquoise roof resembling a flying nun habit, and the promise of flat slabs of colorful saltwater taffy.  I loved the freedom the open road promised, which wasn’t the same as a (then) glamorous airplane trip, but more grounded in the earthly experience of bathroom breaks, the pungent smell of cow pastures, the novelty of trucker and roadside diner culture, sticky uncomfortable summer heat. [Read more…]

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse: Hard Won Success

Gemini is an effervescent season — of connection, cross-pollination, information exchange, sharing, storytelling. If we are sitting on the back porch and watching spring turn to summer, we are also looking around and taking note of what’s happening right now. It is the season of listening. How else will we know what’s trending now, what’s in the air, unless we look around, unless we listen to the voices within & around us? Today, the hot commodity in Fairfax, CA is Coconut Bliss, a non-dairy agave sweetened coconut ice milk. A few years from now, it won’t be. That’s the nature of Gemini, and also the nature of eclipses. What’s novel and new right now? If there were a time for sharing our ideas, it’s now. Right now, the present, has prophecy in it.

[Read more…]