Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipses: Fresh Perceptions, Leaps & Bounds

It was December 2010 and my Gemini client exclaimed, ““Oh nooooo. The eclipses are coming – in my sign!” After barely surviving the Cancer/Capricorn cycle myself, I understood her foreboding. Eclipses are associated with uncertainty and the unexpected; they often mark turning points & crisis, evolutionary leaps and bounds made without the known safety net of the familiar.

Geminis and Sag’s: the Universe has wanted you to move forward. If you are either Sun Sign, this two-year period has initiated (or begun to initiate) monumental life changes. One Gemini girlfriend is about to have her first baby; my Gemini stepdaughter, Sarah, just got her learner’s permit yesterday, hurrah! A Sagittarius friend is quitting her previous job as a professor so she can move into expansive new career directions, and a friend with a Gemini Venus is celebrating a romantic victory. Eclipses bring breakthrough energy into our lives, and kinder eclipses like these proves not all growth has to be painful. I’m so happy for those of you who are on the brink of change! [Read more…]

Venus in Gemini, Mercurial Minx

Frida-Kahlo-Portrait“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.” – Frida Kahlo, Venus in Gemini

“I always wanted to be a character in a book…like the adventures I devoured as a kid.” Maria Bello, Venus in Gemini

“I found my inner bitch and ran with her.” – Courtney Love, Venus in Gemini

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Gemini, the Twins…

Darling, you are a natural flirt. You know how to start a conversation with just about anyone. Whereas some folks avoid casual conversation you strike one up just to see where it leads. Each new person you meet brings something new to the mix, and when you’re moving from person to person and subject to subject you’re turned on and tuned in– having the attractive effect of lighting up that elfin twinkle in your eye and making you sparkle like the 4th of July. Which we find so charming. [Read more…]

Blonde Ambition: Women, Madness, Astrology

I love cinematic hollywood starlets of long ago, movie stars who epitomized glamour and initiated our love affair with the movies. Women like Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, Audrey Hepburn…the list goes on. These women excite a rare glamour nostalgia for me, nostalgia not for a time, but for the women themselves – a rare combination of sophisticated, feminine, tough and real. These strong women put up with a lot, like, sexism before feminism, and being ‘sold into’ unfair studio contracts. Now, just as then, Hollywood has always first and foremost been about money yet it’s important to remember that Hollywood (or any corporate machine) does not create drive, ambition and greed – people do. [Read more…]

Gemini New Moon: Baby Mamas, Nixed Degrees & Double Lives

I went to a baby shower today. Observing the cooing & cawing among women, I felt strangely detached, a person who doesn’t speak the ritual customs of the baby mama club. I mentioned to my girlfriend that I wanted a baby about as bad as I wanted my wisdom teeth pulled. Seeing my husband with his wisdom teeth pulled just this week, and being on nurse duty since, a baby just seems like another mouth to look after. I ponder this duality between mom & not mom, I make mental notes as I introduce myself to others- I’m a stepmother, yes, I do still enjoy Sex & the City,  I’m an astrologer and writer, and getting ready to go on another overseas trip. As I introduce my self to the Baby Mamas, I’m shocked to discover I’m not only an obliquely Geminian character, a person whose whole is made up of very distinct parts, but that some of them don’t even overlap. My stepkids will never see me dancing burlesque; my single friends have never integrated into my married life; the people I meet at my book talks, or in Italy, Vienna, Egypt, Syria and Spain will know a part of me. Will one ever know the other? Will the circle complete? [Read more…]

Gemini Full Moon : Bored

Tales of the UnexpectedWe all get stuck in ruts: working the same job for years, looking at the same old four walls, it’s hard not to get into a groove, and not always the groovy good kind either. Brains are groovy though, as new neural pathways, or grooves, are forged every time we learn something new. But the brain is tricky. Once we master a new skill, the mind gets lazy. Right after the initial push of new learning, our brains efficiently go on automatic pilot so we don’t have to recreate the wheel driving to work in the morning, balance bitter and sweet while cooking dinner or remember our profession. So helpful, habit, but rituals of habit can be deadening, easily developing into the dreaded rut. Even good habits can accustom us to a sort of mental laziness, boredom, apathy or uninterested and uninteresting malaise. Which is totally anathema to that breath of fresh air we call Gemini, lively, ever fresh ‘of the moment’ Gemini.

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Full Moon in Gemini: The Challenges of New Adaptation

I’ve never heard so much fuss about a lunation. For months, us astrologers have had this Full Moon in Gemini earmarked on our calendars as one of the most anticipated events coming to light in awhile. Why? The Full Moon (the Sun opposing the Moon) squares the Saturn-Uranus opposition in a mutable grand cross formation. Since it helps to break things down (a) Mars joins the Sun while squaring Uranus and Saturn (b) and the Sun is squared of course by Saturn and Uranus (c). There’s infinite more, but that’s the gist of it. But what does that mean? The potential for stress is immense, culminating this fall’s Saturn-Uranus shake-up in one lunar swoop. Added, mutable energy in a grand cross is like trying to get a group of chatterboxes who are doing their own thing to converge on one topic. They may all be talking about change, flexibility and adaptation but each go about it differently. If you don’t feel like the Universe is asking you to be a stretchy bendable Gumby already, you’re one of the fortunate few. The rest of us are twisted up in awkward yogic postures. [Read more…]