Love Smart: Maria Bello, Venus in Gemini

What makes Maria Bello so love smart? She has Venus in Gemini, of mbellocourse – sitting pretty with a sextile from Saturn in Aries and Moon in Leo. This literate lady is a single mother, independent and unequivocally gorgeous. She’s not your typical Cinderella. She entertains herself by reading, writing, parenting and spiritual explorations. And is perfectly content never marrying. Did you hear that girls? There’s more than one role model for happiness. Here are some excerpted quotes (real) in a (fictional) interview with Moonkissd.

MK: Venus in Gemini is notoriously literary, book smart & also has a penchant for mimicking and becoming different people. Do you identify?
MB: “I’ve always wanted to be a character in a book…like in the adventures I devoured as a kid.”

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Curious Kanye

Kanye West: 8 June 1977

No one predicted Gemini Kanye West would pick up 10 Grammy nominations and win best rap album in 2006 – a rap artist singing about God? But Kanye’s word is more than this. He uses his everyday experience, a Gemini preoccupation, to fuel universal truisms. Gemini synthesizes by absorbing bits and pieces of information around him – the goal is to communicate what he sees, hears and knows. Kanye’s rhyme weaves stories he’s lived – mortality, spirituality, drug use and street life into a musical genre often lyrically less than compelling. What motivates Gemini? Curiosity. By meticulously observing patterns, then re-arranging them, he expresses something new and conceptually relevant. “I’ll use old school patterns, I come up with new patterns in my head every day. Once I found out exactly how to rap about drugs and exactly how to rap about say no to drugs, I knew that I could fill the exact medium between that. My persona is that I’m the regular person. Just think about whatever you’ve been through in the past week, and I have a song about that on my album.” Straight from the mouth of Gemini!

Wildcard Depp

Johnny Depp: 9 June 1963

In the same way a picture on a puzzle box top doesn’t tell us how to put the pieces together, if part of Gemini’s life is spent getting into character, the other part is figuring out those peculiarities that make them fit. Johnny Depp has been teen heartthrob on 21 Jump Street, voted the sexiest man alive by People magazine but in true Gemini fashion, all the man ever wanted was to play roles that give that ingenious Depp wildcard style imaginative form. As Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean, he insisted (with producers’ resistance) on hanging trinkets from braided goatie, gold-capped teeth, and an idiosyncratic walk. He imagined what life was like for a pirate who had spent too much time alone at sea, with a sun-cooked brain and a shifting center of gravity. Mindful observation allows Gemini to tell a story- something they’re very skilled at doing. From enchanting Neverland, Chocolat to more offbeat roles like Fear and Loathing and recently Libertine, Depp’s intellectual curiosity and offbeat charm make him one of the more interesting Gemini puzzles.

Naomi’s defense: My Evil Twin made me do it!

Naomi Campbell: 22 May 1970

On the subject of contradictions, this 80’s supermodel was the first African American to be photographed for the cover of an international fashion magazine, Vogue. Famous for her sultry, booty-licious catwalks and diva attitude, she’s also been described as delicate and exquisite. So why is this pretty lady being charged with assault, not once, but several times over? She supposedly hit an assistant last year with a blackberry, this year, a housekeeper with a cell phone. Take note: on- the-go Gemini’s rarely travel without cell phone or other communication device. Watch out for flying objects! When the good twin gets all the attention, the bad twin can get unruly. Part of Gemini’s task is to express all parts of herself, even the not so pretty stuff she relegates to the basement. When she understands that she is all this: good, bad, pretty and ugly, she has more self-expressive control. Angel or diva, Gemini’s will always ask us to question our assumptions.

Angelina’s Twin Identity

Angelina Jolie: 4 June 1975 

Provocative Angelina has monopoly real estate on the front pages of tabloid magazines. Scandalously portrayed as black widow for breaking up the Pitt-Aniston marriage – she lives her life unapologetically and true to character. Gemini’s motivating drive is experience: to experience the world as directly as possible, learning absolutely everything there is to know about a subject, interest or passion – then she moves on. It’s not that she’s unfeeling; Gemini’s an air sign, notoriously intellectually detached. This allows Gem to fearlessly tread into territory that would cause water or earth signs distress. Sexually provocative in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, unabashedly expressive in Girl Interrupted, yes, but Angelina’s also a U.N. ambassador and in recent years shows her soft, maternal face with children, and perhaps more discrete, protective (think Billy Bob years) of love with Brad. Is all this contradictory? If you’ve ever thought, “She could be any sign,” ask if she’s a Gemini! Mercurial Mercury shape-shifted into different disguises to pass between human/god realms unnoticed; Gem can change form like no other sign. What happens when Gemini’s voracious appetite for experience consumes the subject herself? A picture speaks a thousand words, Angelina’s tattoo: “Quod me nutrit me destruit” – What nourishes me also destroys me.

Too-Cute Twins

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: 13 June 1986


These young ladies began their career as childhood actresses, growing up right in front of our eyes on the television series Full House. But who was who? The twins shared the youngest cast member, Michelle, making the search for a single identity, elusive. Thus begins the changeable life of Gemini, “if I’m not one, then I’m the other” a handy tool Gemini uses to define herself. Gemini is associated with childhood and while it’s a stretch to say every Gem has fond childhood memories, Gem’s childhood plays a pivotal role in shaping who they become. Affectionately termed “tweenies”, the duo gathered a cult-like fan base of young preteen girls who follow their every move on blogs, fan sites and teen magazines. In Roman myth, ruling planet Mercury delivered messages between humans and divine, so we’ll often find Gemini at the hub of communication, in a role of dispensing information or at the very least being the subject of conversation, talked about. We hope that Mary Kate uses her publicized eating disorder to educate and inform young girls about the danger of this disease.