The Mechanics of Trauma & Healing Through Uranus-Pluto


Have you ever experienced trauma? If you’ve ever felt: 1) powerless, 2) alone 3) threatened and 4) surprised by the unexpected, you have. Physiologically, when trauma occurs, our body goes into a state of emergency and the “freeze response” gets activated (if we can fight or flight, generally we have a sense of power).  This freeze response must then be either discharged or repressed. [Read more…]

Meatzza! And Why A Cheesy, Fatty Meat Pizza Is Good For You

PizzaWhen I gave up grains, I thought I was also giving up pizza forever. Yes, I cheat a couple of times a year with a gluten free pizza, but really it’s no good for me: my body doesn’t tolerate tomato sauce, cow cheese, yeast or grains well. That’s four points against eating pizza. [Read more…]

Illness As Spiritual Path

spiritual being

“It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society.”-J. Krishnamurti

Most people take up the spiritual path out of human need to find a context for our human experience. We are searching for a way to make peace with our self, our life. We may be looking for forgiveness or meaning or healing. Everyone on the path wants to end the sense of separateness, suffering, fragmentation and alienation we feel. [Read more…]

Electrolyte-Rich Mojito Green Drink

It’s been a hot summer in Fairfax, CA, which has meant I’ve been sweating ALOT. When we sweat alot we excrete the electrolytes our body creates from minerals: sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate. These chemical messengers are responsible for maintaining the sodium-potassium balance in our bloodstream that keeps our body hydrated, as well as informing basic bodily processes like blood pressure, thinking clearly and smooth muscle function. [Read more…]

Crying Is Good For Your Health

child crying_Arbus

This summer, June-July is an especially watery season as so many planets are in water signs.  Water is the realm of wetness, emotions, feelings, and feeling is healing for all of us. Lately, everyone who enters my office walks away having had a good cry. One of my kind-hearted mentors, Steven Forrest, has said that he knows he’s done his job if he can make a person cry. This isn’t cruel! Most of us walk around with stored up hurts, grieves and slights we’d love to release, and a conversation with a gentle and accepting soul can help us do that. Great healers will give you the space to feel, and to cry. [Read more…]

How To Travel & Stay Healthy

Moonkissd in Spain

Travel as a sensitive person isn’t easy. Plus, I am an adventurer. If I am on a trip, I want an EXPERIENCE. My husband loves to re-tell the story about the time we were touring the underground labyrinth at Buda Castle in Budapest which featured a fountain of Dionysian spickets flowing with red wine.  Of course, as though it were a water fountain, I didn’t hesitate and leaned in for a drink. Later, reflecting on the vinegary taste, I realized it may have been someone else’s spit bucket wine.

When in Rome, right? [Read more…]