Leo New Moon: Health of The Self

How are you doing with your Self expression lately? For some folks, the Self expresses easily. These people are self-directed, clear, focused and on purpose, are confident enough to take up space, and make choices while recognizing that every choice doesn’t need to work out, that mistakes come with the territory. They have an ego, which in healthy doses, is good. Of course we all have a Self, but some of us.. we question our Self. We might waver a little more than a person who somewhere along the way (via nurture or nature) got the message “You have a right to exist” and “You deserve to ask for what you want”. [Read more…]

Leo Full Moon: Shine On

Who in the hell d’you think you are? A super star? Well, right you are. – John Lennon

This weekend, I took a walk down the block to visit a new friend. She served me tea, peppered me with questions about myself and soon enough out tumbled my reindition of “How I Met My Husband”, which quickly led to other topics like: manifestation, healing from past relationships, spirituality and more. A half hour into the conversation, she sat back and looked at me for a moment,  genuflecting,  ‘I don’t meet many people like you –you’re different. You know who you are. Your self-trust and self-knowing guides all your decisions and choices. I don’t have that sense of myself, and many other people I know don’t, either. We all want it – this makes you unique.’  The unexpected praise went straight to my heart  and along with shyness & a few other emotions, I mostly felt  truth.  Sometimes friends can see us better than we can see our self…  Basking in the afterglow, I thought of Leo & the Star.

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Venus in Leo, The Lion Goddess

Tori+Amos+Cystalline+Irises“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
– Coco Chanel (Venus in Leo)

“When you stop putting yourself on the line and you don’t touch your own heart, how do you expect to touch other people?” – Tori Amos (Venus in Leo)

“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”

“Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred years as a sheep.” – Madonna (Venus in Leo)

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Leo, the Lion…

Old astrology texts like to call Leo a Drama Queen or King. They like to paint planets in the sign of Leo as folks with superiority complexes. This happens occasionally, but mostly it doesn’t. Leo is the sign of Royalty, and royalty, the kind that stays in power, doesn’t lord over others. True royalty is generous, humane and often quietly dignified. Born with the expressive dignity of a Queen or King, you have creative dominion over an artistic field… and the hearts of others. [Read more…]

Leo Full Moon : Girl Finds Romance, Loses Mind

My friend Erin changed her Facebook profile picture to a celebrity. You’ve probably been invited to do the same. Her status update said something like: ‘it’s doppleganger week. Change your profile picture to the celebrity people think you most look like.’ She really did resemble Angie Harmon. I asked myself who that was and came up blank, so I asked my husband who said, ‘Winona Ryder’, who is not my favorite celebrity association. She does nothing for me. I went through a list of names who people have said I resembled and nope, I don’t resemble any of those people at all. I have my moments, my husband pointed out, when I resemble Angelina Jolie in spirit. Since I like Jolie, that was okay. Still. I look like me. [Read more…]

Leo New Moon, Something Worth Celebrating

I’m usually a pretty reliable weather vane for the lunations but this one’s a stinker. The season of Leo, in it’s purest expression, is a time to enjoy the vitalizing power of the Sun, right now at the height of it’s fiery glory. I like to think Leo has a certain enlightened selfishness. Our creative drive contains our life force, which when honored, that life force allows us to make a creative contribution to the world. Where Leo is found in the birth chart is where we can find this and more – the more being, the joy of what makes us feel most alive, loved, full of laughter and joie de vivre. Celebration? Joie de Vivre? I’m all for it, but where is the love? Because I’m not feeling it. Maybe I’ve feeling wary of seeing so many who have used their solar power at the expense of the collective, who now stand like street urchins in rags picking up the scraps of their dinner parties. It is the age of Aquarius after all; so not the age of Leo. We are just so tired of getting burned by people who have used their self-interest wrongly, who have used their ability to persuade and entertain, people who have used their power of charisma (and let’s face it, self-involvement) like a snake charmer to do some very, very bad things. It really throws a massive stink bomb into the whole Leo ‘I am the center of my own Universe’ party that comes along every August. And I was really looking forward to it.

Alas, some days it’s hard to feel joy, some days you can simply find no reason for celebrating. You especially do not feel like celebrating the ‘personal status law‘ victory Afghani men recently won, that is, the right of a man to legally punish his wife for refusing sex on demand by starving her [Read more…]

Madonna, Agent Provocateur

Another Leo Star from an article I wrote for Astrocenter.com!


Madonna: 16 August 1958

madonna sm

We so clearly see this Lioness’ bright energy because she’s impossible to ignore! An exhibitionist at heart, Madonna’s personal quest is to expose everything – from her nude body to her beliefs on the Kabbalah. As provocateur, Madonna has made it her business to bring sexual eroticism into the mainstream. Although she’s played the femme fatale in countless movies and written an erotic bestseller, Sex, her lesser credited roles are the ones she’s remembered in – as Queen Mother of the music video. Almost single-handedly, Madonna elevated the music video to art form. But is she a pop star or an artist? [Read more…]