How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways…

Self-love. It’s the foundation of everything good in our lives. We know we need self-love be fulfilled in our self, and in our intimate relationships. But what is self-love, precisely, and how do we generate more of it? [Read more…]

This Is Love

dog magnus

The newest love of my life is named Magnus. Magnus is a dog – a puppy, to be precise.

This morning, far away from the cuddles and licks I’m greeted with every morning in my own bed, I am missing Magnus and our morning ritual. 1. Magnus, patiently waiting for me to rouse from sleep, then joyously, eagerly bouncing around the bed like a fox bouncing through deep fluffy snow 2. Followed by copious licks, cuddles and kisses 3. Then, Let’s eat breakfast, Mom! He ignores the puppy chow and awaits fresh, buttery scrambled eggs -divided by two. So I scroll through Facebook. Even the video of the cat caught in a mechanical spring, freed by a strong fireman who turned out to be more tender than tough didn’t do it. My next plan of attack was to cajole John back into bed. For a few minutes that worked. Magnus is still not here. [Read more…]

Creating Love Magic E-Kit

Love Alchemists

Have you ever wondered how to use the art of Divine Timing to magically draw the love of your life to you? What does your astrological birth chart say about the character and qualities of your soul mates, and your time of life partners? Based on the tried and true method I used for attracting the love of my life, this 3-part lecture also includes a fascinating exploration in identifying your soul mates and karmic mates in the birth chart. 7 page PDF handout included. 90 minute instructional MP3 & notes from lecture given at SFAS, San Francisco, CA 2010. ZIP file format, instantly executable as a download on your computer.

Note: not just for attracting love, this is a magical primer guiding you through the principles of astrological manifestation magic. “I loved that you directly addressed doing magic in a calm way, and gave good suggestions about timing, etc. I have successfully used magic for many years now and can attest to its power. In fact, I saw a couple people after the meeting putting their heads together and figuring out how to do money magic with Venus, adjusting your romantic suggestions.” – Linea Van Horn, President San Francisco Astrological Society

part 1: Think With Your Venus
-rescue the ancient Aphrodite’s powers to attract from the din of desperation & romantic love
-learn how to develop an attractive consciousness to draw love toward you
-how reading signs, symbols and synchronicity serve your highest wish for love

part 2: The *Right Time* For Love
-discover magic in everyday objects, and how to choose your own ritual objects
-learn how the ancients wooed the Gods & Goddesses to do their bidding
-KISS, keep it simple, sweetheart: simple step by step guide anyone can use to choose a spell date

part 3: Are You My Karmic Mate or Soul Mate?
-learn how to identify your life mate versus your time of life mate, using the birth chart
-we examine at the chart of a real life Goddess: her karmic mates and soul mate

Learn how to harness the power of astrology and magic to attract – all for just $15!

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Saturn-Venus Transits: When Love Is Not Enough

2004-05. It was a Saturn-Venus transit, Saturn conjunct my natal Cancer Venus and Vesta conjunction, when I began practicing my most potent and life-changing law of attraction work. I knew I wanted to attract the love of my life, and that I was R-E-A-D-Y. But I also knew that wishful thinking, separated from personal accountability and working on the core issues that were keeping me in spin out cycles of attracting, and falling for, the wrong guy, added up to exactly that: wishful thinking. After one final spin-out, I decided I needed to show the Gods that I wasn’t a wimp, and that I was up to the task of learning about my blind spots and blocks and so knowing Saturn rewards hard work and perseverance, I took action, putting intention into concrete acts like: rituals, spell casting, prayerful walks, reciting mantras, writing letters to cupid, making peace with my loneliness, working out my father issues. That period was marked by the practical application of Saturn’s tools, steady self-discipline, diligence, alone-time, accountability, taking responsibility for my entire experience. [Read more…]

Women, Martial Anger & Stayin’ Alive

bottled up anger

Mars, the Warrior, transits Cancer- the sign tied to emotions, nurturing, safety, family, memory and women- from August 3-September 17.

The other night I told my husband that I hope he can handle me in the long term because I’m only going to get awnrier, harder to handle, and even more loud-mouthed over time (he replied that he didn’t doubt it). My Moon is in Aries (so is my Mars). I need to let off steam. As an aside, one way you will always know I am comfortable with you is that I will start cursing like a sailor around you (no, not at you). I realize this may be off-putting, especially if you are a new client and you’re wondering what to expect from me, The Astrologer. Know that, if I feel comfortable enough to use the f** word within the first fifteen minutes of talking,  you are someone I could love. That’s Moon in Aries. [Read more…]

My Pluto Valentine: Bottomless Love

Some things we will never know the answers to; mystery questions that will change the course of our lives if we chose to follow and answer to them. UFO’s, crop circles, thirteen crystal skulls that have come to earth to bring us peace and healing. Then there’s the whole question of death, reincarnation, the ultimate meaning of our existence. I’m may be more spiritually curious as the next person, but thanks to my three year brush with Pluto, my perspective has changed. I love to search for  answers but I’ve also come to understand some searches are bottomless – hollow, even.

[Read more…]