The 40 Day Project, Neptune, The Care & Holding Of Magical Space

How do you hold the space to work out your intentions and life problems?  I have tried various methods. I’ve prayed, affirmed, spell-casted and altar-ed my way through some of my life’s biggest dilemmas and quandries. Pulling on the power of a spiritual force bigger than I has worked wonders. I’ve discovered that spiritual work that actually *works* takes discipline, focus, imagination, creativity…and a strong container. A good practice is well-designed. It’s design, by nature, cares for and holds the space for transformation.

There are many big huge changes and shifts I’ve wanted to effect in my life, and these are things I’m really excited about so I have the motivation and drive. However, lately when I go to do something, they often sort of flop (technical glitches, or life takes a different course), or I myself flop (I had motivation 5 minutes ago – where did it go?). Even though the personal work I’ve been doing yields huuuuge breakthroughs – I have ’em – then I float onto something else and it’s hard to grasp that big breakthrough I had a mere few days ago. Huh? In short, it feels like Neptune’s doing. [Read more…]

Saturn-Venus Transits: When Love Is Not Enough

2004-05. It was a Saturn-Venus transit, Saturn conjunct my natal Cancer Venus and Vesta conjunction, when I began practicing my most potent and life-changing law of attraction work. I knew I wanted to attract the love of my life, and that I was R-E-A-D-Y. But I also knew that wishful thinking, separated from personal accountability and working on the core issues that were keeping me in spin out cycles of attracting, and falling for, the wrong guy, added up to exactly that: wishful thinking. After one final spin-out, I decided I needed to show the Gods that I wasn’t a wimp, and that I was up to the task of learning about my blind spots and blocks and so knowing Saturn rewards hard work and perseverance, I took action, putting intention into concrete acts like: rituals, spell casting, prayerful walks, reciting mantras, writing letters to cupid, making peace with my loneliness, working out my father issues. That period was marked by the practical application of Saturn’s tools, steady self-discipline, diligence, alone-time, accountability, taking responsibility for my entire experience. [Read more…]

Help, Agent Aphrodite! Calling In Your Venus

Illustration by Maggie Terlecki, visit her website

In my solar return Venus is Ascendant. Thus, in addition to receiving awesome gifts; a kick a** purse and gorgeous shoes for my birthday, my love mailbag has been brimming with questions. A friend wrote me last Thursday, right before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: I’ve got Cancer on the cusp of 2nd house. I need security, relationship and relating, intimacy and nurturing. Actual physical presence (nourishment) of humans (i.e. partner!). These are the days of progressed Venus exactly conjunct my Sun, too. Aphrodite is aching to be seen and met! When Venus joins our natal Sun by progression we are ready to meet new friends, rowdy conspirators and soul mates… and progressed Venus wants to broadcast her sonar signal to all of our soul mates, near and far. Anything we can do during this time, enchantments, body image work, self-esteem work and self-love, can and will amplify our attractive powers (No, you don’t need a Venus progression to do these things- just intention & readiness). [Read more…]

Increase My Harvest Full Moon Spell

Increase My Harvest, A Full Moon Spell

Full moons are good times to get in touch with your spiritual center, to ask for awakening, for guidance, make spiritual requests and wishes. The Harvest Full Moon, (the first full moon after the sun has entered Libra -a harvest full moon is always in Aries) celebrating the final harvest of the summer before we head into autumn, is an exceptional full moon. Always, when doing a spell, follow the spiritual law of abundance – Ask, Believe, Receive. Whenever we ask for anything, it’s always good to give thanks, first. That’s not just good manners (Sun in Libra approves!), but gratitude is a powerful prayer. In fact, there may not be a more powerful one. Why? Imagine Spirit is puddle jumping to meet you. If you’re already on the abundant side, it’s much smaller leap for Spirit to make (this is also a law of attraction. When you’re grateful, you’re aligned with abundance). [Read more…]

Love Alchemy: Using Astrology for True Love in 2010

Looking for some awesome magical love mojo in 2010?

Once upon a time, the ancient art of astrology was tethered to magic. Today, for mysterious reasons, what was once one has become two. This perfect pair need no longer remain divided. By using astro-magical enchantments in the service of true love, we can take our enchanting powers up a notch, and marry magic to astrology again. Jessica Shepherd, author of A Love Alchemist’s Notebook, provides the year’s most favorable times for casting love spells. Click here to find out your perfect date for a magical love ritual!

You’re Charmed & Dangerous

Scorpio Sun helps clear out negativity and resentments by transforming sexy vintage witchthe personal shadow, which pops up during these shadow-y times. And this Taurus Full Moon is a powerful, magical time for bewitchery. Here’s a Halloween Spell to help you face your shadow and reclaim your beauty. This spell works best if done alone.

Light a white candle (for cleansing & spirituality).

Burn some incense.

Put on some really hateful song, preferably one that you play when you’ve been dumped, or reminds you of a really negative time in your life.

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