Cancer Moon Meditation

“Come home” calls a distant voice from deep inside. [Read more…]

Cancer New Moon: Season of the Moon

It’s Cancer season. If Cancer season had a soundtrack it would be that of waves gently lapping on an ocean beach. If it had a taste, it would be sweet ripe berries. As the Sun warms the soul, when nostalgia beckons from the corner of our memories, this is the season to seek soul-contentedness because when it comes down to it, in a sweet and sorrowful way, summer stimulates our desire for happiness – be it a nostalgia for happiness past, or the happiness we want but don’t have. [Read more…]

Libra New Moon: Good Things Await

photo of two cute hipsters eating icecream

I once knew someone who had some very real obstacles in life. She just couldn’t get a leg up. It did seem like life was hell bent on throwing her curveballs. Nothing she tried, and she tried a lot, was working. This had gone on for years. [Read more…]

The Nudge of The Moon

moonIt’s Cancer Sun season. The Sun is now ruled by the Moon, so it’s a time for quieting down, listening to the Soul. The feminine Moon presides over our heart and soul while the masculine Sun presides over the Ego, the Self, and it’s glorious prizes of achievement and recognition. While both dance across the sky of the cosmos together, how clearly our world favors the Sun over the Moon. We basically ‘go, go, go’ all the time trying to accomplish what? We scrap for replenishing down time, struggle with honoring the expression of our feelings, and all but neglect taking the time to listen to our heart. It’s a solar world we live in, and one revolving around accomplishment and ambitions because that’s the way the Sun rolls.

The result is, our lunar, or heart nature has become severely depleted, or under-nourished and often all but ignored. [Read more…]

Diary of a Twelfth House Progressed Moon… dot dot dot

You may be wondering where I’ve been. My progressed Virgo Moon just entered my Twelfth House. Need I say more? I mean, meticulous, organization loving Virgo in the house of nebulous confusion? You can just imagine how hard it has been for me to put together a proper sentence, let alone rub two sticks together! Okay, I’m poking fun at the Twelfth House, and I’d be far more anxious if I didn’t have astrology to tell me that my sense of losing steam, eventually, will lead somewhere…even if I have no idea where, yet.

Oh, yes, I’ve seen the looks on the faces of people who recount the progression of the 2 1/2 year passage of the Moon through their Twelfth House– traditional house of troubles, toil and loss. One acquaintance, a portrait artist, said that during her 12th House Moon progression, for the first time in her career she didn’t have commissions lined up and therefore no solid financial future. She also had to ‘let go’ of an already failing relationship, ultimately, a necessary loss, though that didn’t make the giving up any less slow or painful. She experienced this progression as one of the most difficult periods of her life. [Read more…]

Elementally Balanced

I’m taking a conversational spin on the blog. This weekend, my husband got his Virgo on and pulled me into it. Elbow deep in soil working on the yard, away from the computer sigh… it felt good to be in the sunshine and the dirt. And I’ve never felt so clean. There’s something about getting dirty with the earth that feels incredibly cleansing. In nature, dirt is dirt – alive and plenty holy. The use of the word “dirty,” with baggage of nastiness and perversion is definitely a human concept. It’s a paradox I know Virgo well understands. The sensual Mae West, Virgo extraordinaire, offered her bodacious bod and sharp wit to the masses, subjecting herself to the judgments and ridicule this Sun sign seems to face, no matter what field they’re in (sorry Rachel Ray!). Dismantling criticism and taking it in stride is part of the perfecting process.

Back to balance. With Mars, Mercury and Venus in Libra it’s a worthy pursuit. In gardening I did what Steven Arroyo speaks of, feeding the elements, supercharging my missing element, which for me is, you guessed it, earth. Okay, I do have the North Node in Capricorn, which isn’t technically a planet, just an invisible point suggesting our True North, or what my teacher calls “a really good idea.” (my husband, a masterful man of the earth and Capricorn rising, chortles when he hears this about his wife). [Read more…]