Pisces Full Moon: Zen Moon

koi_by_weewill-d613rdiAs a writer, I experience periodic blocks. I don’t think creative blocks are exclusive to artists. People experience life blocks all the time, periods in your life where despite your best efforts and intentions (or maybe because of them) the things you try to do just don’t seem to get traction or go anywhere. It’s as if, as I described the downside of a Neptune transit to a client recently: God presses the pause button. Then patiently waits for you to figure out that you can’t repeat the same thing you’re doing and get different results. Since you don’t have an answer, or know who or what to be yet, you might as well draw a picture, noodle around on your ukulele, chant mantras and play at being Zen. Till one day you wake up to discover you’re in a place of self-acceptance, you no longer have the same problems you once did… and you’re actually enjoying your self. [Read more…]

Pisces New Moon: Dare To Believe

let_the_butterflies_in_by_wdnestEvery year around this Pisces New Moon, I take an intentional walk with Spirit. Using the front door as a magical threshold, and the tree-lined trail in back of our house an enchanted forest stage, I step out with the intention to receive what Spirit wants to tell me.  With my bottle of water I also carry a magical mindset; open, receptive, surrendering and present, I view everything I encounter as a message specifically for me, the receiver. It also helps to be in a non-linear space, fuzzy and wide-open, as I do on this day. [Read more…]

Pisces Full Moon: Swept Away

starfishVirgo is a busy time of new commitments and new agendas.  If Virgo season had a scent it would be the smell of pencil shavings and fresh paper. If Virgo had a signature look, it would be perfectly put together: our first day of school outfit. If Virgo had a library it would be full of self-help books, how-to and educational texts. The Virgoan urge for productivity, squaring things up, planning and scheduling, listing and problem solving is reflected in everything we say, wear and do this season.

Ah, if only everything were so neat and tidy. If only we could throw our life’s problems into the Virgo processor and have them reformulated and regurgitated back out, with easy to follow instructions. But that is not life on Earth, and Pisces Moon knows it. There’s so much in the world we cannot ever “figure out”, questions we may never find answers for. Do UFO’s exist? Reincarnation? And how do we justify natural disasters, like last week’s flood in Lyons, Colorado that swept a high school friend’s home away. Just the night before, I had happened to dream about him, for the first time in years. The next morning, my heart dropped as I read his simple Facebook status update “my house is being taken by the river.”  An incredulous someone asked if this was metaphorical. Pictures soon followed. [Read more…]

Pisces New Moon: The Knower

I used to co-teach a monthly new moon astrology class, one where we’d give a handout months’ worth of transits coming down the pike. Always, students bemoaned the transits. Mercury is retrograde, again? What good is that? Yet hope springs eternal — even in the heart of the most jaded starwatcher. When Jupiter met Venus, or the New Moon was particularly positive, the air glimmered with potential.

So it goes with life. We parse it out into good and bad experiences. We anticipate our future in the language of either/or. It’s easy for any of us to slip into duality, believing one experience is good and the other bad. We prefer bodily pleasure over suffering, ease over effort, wealth over poverty…and yet when you pause to think about it, so do children. We are here to spiritually grow and mature. There are no shortcuts for that. Apparently. [Read more…]

Pisces Full Moon: Broken Open

This morning I sat down with my Virgo Sun journal, and made a list. I wanted to measure the difference between where I am now, and where I was six months ago. Six months ago I was in a radically different space. I was feeling disempowered, defeated, sick, chronically tired. Everything I’d try to do or change didn’t take. I was utterly alone, scared and in the dark. I’d work on one health issue and another would come up; my relationship, once a source of joy, no longer was. Home & family –that place of respite for a Cancer born– was a source of conflict, too.  This continued for far too long… until it didn’t. [Read more…]

Venus in Pisces: A Subtle Enchantress

“Love is the hardest habit to break, and the most difficult to satisfy.” -Drew Barrymore, Venus in Pisces

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

“Love is like a virus, it can happen to anyone at any time.” – Maya Angelou, Venus in Pisces

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin, Venus in Pisces

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Pisces, the Fishes..

On planet Earth, we place far too much attention on what’s in front of our eyes rather than the infinite possibility contained between them – in our minds eye! To function optimally, any planet in the sign of Pisces must have it’s imagination tickled, and extra senses (beyond all five) opened and stimulated. How will this happen if we’re too busy making plans for the weekend, too busy with the madness of human doing to gaze into the abyss of eternity of human be-ing? The imagination, world of fantasy, and the supernatural is the key to Venus in Pisces’ happiness and joy. Karmically, in this lifetime Venus in Pisces born need to believe in something beyond the laundry lists of the real world, with its attendant list of responsibilities and identities, because chances are there hasn’t been enough time spent in a delicious, rapturous, enchanting relationship with the Great Mystery. Now is your chance to gaze with wonder at life. [Read more…]