Flowing with Van Gogh

I went to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Albertina Museum. The tour was non-English, and only in deutsche, which was harvestunusual  for a European city. My Egyptian friend was outraged by this, and vowed to write the museum director. I did think she was overreacting a little although admitted I too thought it would diminish the experience. Instead it surprisingly enriched it. Lacking anything to read or manipulate my attention, this mad hatter mind and it’s addiction to constant word input shut down. And a new form of intelligence surfaced as – observation. Very Piscean. What surprised me most was how better I understood Van Gogh than I had ever before. On a gut level, I just knew the guy. I understood his struggle to truly find himself. [Read more…]

Pisces & Secrets

After a month of ongoing tension between Mars-Pluto opposition, Mercury sextile Jupiter, conjunct Uranus on Thursday secrets(3/27), then Venus conjunct Uranus sextile Jupiter Friday (3/28), reminds me of a benevolent, lovely and light but surprising cocktail – gone shockingly Molotov. Am I exaggerating here? The sheer amount of underlying tension in the emotional and sexual lives of folks read: what’s going on behind closed doors – is epic.

Yikes. The secret is out. I’m wondering about secrets and Pisces – mainly, because I’ve been told to keep like three, under strict confidance, all in the past two days. I’m relating these to the 12th house and Pisces, of secret sorrows and self-undoing, as these are the kind of secrets that by hitting the right ears would un-do a girl, or impel this one into direct conversations with her Maker.  And yes, if secrets are circulating that means they’re no longer secrets, right? (I’m saying nothing) [Read more…]

Pisces New Moon: Crazy Wisdom

Yikes, the dark of the Pisces Moon. And if you’ve never known what doesn't make sensethat’s about – the couple of days before a New Moon, now you do. Despite the steady San Francisco sunlight streaming into my study – it feels dark. Ominous. Mysterious. What’s around the corner? Hard to know. We can feel like we’re groping in the dark around New Moons, because there’s no moonlight, and our capacity to see what’s in front of us – that’s gone, too. It’s certainly a lesson in trusting your intuition, with that pesky Mars-Pluto opposition hanging around, stirring up trouble like two birds of a feather – at odds. Both want the same thing, but we’re too engaged in wrestling with the not so subtle differences in “I want-You want” to notice. I say potato, you say potah-to…yada, yada let’s call the whole thing off. Pisces, sigh, surrenders.

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Ellen Page is a Pisces

ellen page

Ellen Page (2/21/87), everyone’s darling, is a Pisces.

And like many other young Piscean celebrities, she refuses to act her age – because she has wisdom way beyond her biological years. It’s a gift of the Fishes. Who can forget Ellen as waif turned disturbingly wrath in Hard Candy? Her tween-y character turned the tables on a man who used the internet to lure teenage girls into his nightmarish domain – boy, did he pick the wrong chick to mess with. And in Juno, her young elfin beauty once again paradoxically highlighted this sagacity.

It’s said that if you look deeply into the eyes of a newborn baby, you can tell if they are an “old soul” or “new soul”. Pisces people just aren’t smart – they’re old soul smart. It’s a subtle knowing, a thought transmission “yes, I’ve seen it all before.” Look into the eyes of a Pisces, young or old, and you can sense their agelessness.

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