Saints of Summer Solstice

This is a repost from 2007, in celebration of today’s Summer Solstice.

Todos Santos, All Saints, in Baja Mexico is on the Tropic of Cancer, and it’s where I find myself this summer solstice 2007. How on earth am I at the right place, at the right time?! These 3-4 days around June 21, the Sun reaches his northernmost point at the tropic of Cancer, that latitudinal line in space where the Sun is directly overhead at noon. We are experiencing the longest days of the year, and the shortest nights right now. From now thru December, sunlight will slowly diminish. [Read more…]

August T-Squares To Focal Pluto: There’s No Place Like Om

dorothy and the tornadoDear Jessica,

I just spent a day running errands and it seems like everyone is darting around making risky turns, traffic is piling up and one car even died in the middle of a busy intersection! I am a 2 degree libra rising and one of my best friends has a 4 degree Aries rising. I have no idea how these planets will change this week for us or even society. What are your thoughts?


T-square alert: Pluto is at the apex of a Mars-Jupiter opposition. But that’s not all; Saturn in Libra hovers near Mars while Uranus is nearby Jupiter in Aries, positing the question astrologers love to dread, ‘…but….what does THAT mean?’ Speaking as someone astrologically qualified to answer but also knee deep in the thick of it (all planets, within 3 degrees, exactly aspect my Sun-Pluto-Mars t-square), I couldn’t have written this blog a week ago. I was too shaky. I myself feel like Dorothy watching the tornado come down the road to sweep away Auntie Em and anything Dorothy thought was as safe as houses… even while I understand that sometimes sweeping changes are exactly what’s needed. That doesn’t make things any easier now, does it? [Read more…]

Welcome to Eclipse Season…Watch for Shifting Baggage

overstuffed luggageEclipses travel in sets of two or three, occur during full and new moon lunations, and always in pairs. Because the effects of eclipses can begin up to three weeks prior to the actual eclipse, eclipse ‘season’ can last as long as two months. To what purpose does this unsettling, exciting time serve? Eclipses move us along our evolutionary path, often with huge signposts, other times with a whisper – and always with an element of surprise. Imagine you’ve been focused on redecorating several rooms in your house and you’ve been stuffing the attic with all the things you’ve moved in the process. “Suddenly” the roof begins to bow. But this is not really a surprise because out of the corner of your eye you’ve noticed the bulging attic yet because you’ve been so focused on other things the attic just wasn’t a priority. Now the attic demands your urgent attention. [Read more…]

Earthbound No More: Why People Are Dying

Death leaves us with so many questions. With the smattering of public figure deaths happening on the world stage, the latest one isn’t about the mysterious circumstances of Michael’s but, why are so many people dying?  An astrological look may help. First, New Moons represent birth and death symbolically. The last New Moon in Cancer (a sign associated with public: figures, mood and sentiment) was opposed by, or in cahoots with, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld & Death (also the planetoid formerly known as planet). Pluto in Capricorn is a harbinger for breakdown in the system, and the types of structural changes and reality checks that can only be experienced from the bottom up. I can relate this New Moon with Pluto to a dream I had about a pregnant mother – who was my own. I was unclear whether she was pregnant or just carrying a bowling ball of dead weight around her belly. Pluto asks: is it dead or alive?  [Read more…]

About A Lemmy – My Favorite Astrology Blogs was recently nominated for a Lemmy or Lemonade award by Fern of Wisestars Astrology, for being ‘wise and wonderful.’ I’ve been writing astrology online since 2004 and it feels good to receive something. Even without the proper ceremony, red carpet sashay and fake-out kiss from a celebrity – I’ll take it! Even though I’ve yet to find an official site on this award, I understand that once you’re nominated, you nominate 10 other blogs (if you want) that show ‘great attitude and gratitude’ (according the ladies), let them know, & post the lemmy badge on your site. So passing on the good will, here are my ten astrology blog winners in no order of preference. You can also find them on my blog roll.  [Read more…]

Pisces & Secrets

After a month of ongoing tension between Mars-Pluto opposition, Mercury sextile Jupiter, conjunct Uranus on Thursday secrets(3/27), then Venus conjunct Uranus sextile Jupiter Friday (3/28), reminds me of a benevolent, lovely and light but surprising cocktail – gone shockingly Molotov. Am I exaggerating here? The sheer amount of underlying tension in the emotional and sexual lives of folks read: what’s going on behind closed doors – is epic.

Yikes. The secret is out. I’m wondering about secrets and Pisces – mainly, because I’ve been told to keep like three, under strict confidance, all in the past two days. I’m relating these to the 12th house and Pisces, of secret sorrows and self-undoing, as these are the kind of secrets that by hitting the right ears would un-do a girl, or impel this one into direct conversations with her Maker.  And yes, if secrets are circulating that means they’re no longer secrets, right? (I’m saying nothing) [Read more…]