The Spring Equinox: Sun enters Aries, Happy Astrological New Year!

Aries always reminds me of my kid self. I know, I know, you could say Leo rosewomanis the eternal child, and having a Leo husband I see your point there, too. But maybe Aries is the perennial child, the part of us that emerges from winter into springtime, eager for today. Why does hope so readily spring eternal for Aries, the first sign of the zodiac? It’s another chance to live in the moment, because that’s when we’re really doing our Aries. There is only the now. If there were ever an Aries watch, it’s the stopwatch: Now. Now. Now.

When I was a kid, I experienced all kinds of Aries joys: I’d climb tall trees with the boys in a part of the ‘hood that bore a sign “no trespassing.”

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The Mars-Pluto Opposition, Cancer with Superpowers

Mars enters Cancer tomorrow 3/4/08, making an immediate opposition to superpowersPluto in Capricorn. Pluto fills out the leg of a cardinal t-square involving Sun, Mars and Pluto. With a Scorpio ruled 2nd house cusp, I figured I’d be hit up with a huge bill. And new resolve to become more viable – financially, and as a person. So when an unexpected pain shot from my tooth-nerve to my brain last week, I did my Aries Moon thing:

“Moon, get Dr. Austria on the phone, cancel all appointments, this is really going to set the schedule back (what does a root canal feel like?) We’re going in…”

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Virgo Eclipse Redux, Complain Away

I confess. With Mars retrograding then stationing around my Saturn for that hellish-ly long period, then the Virgo-fabulous eclipse, I’ve tried to stay as low under the radar as possible in the blogosphere.

And that was the exact prescription I gave my sister when she called last week, saying her company (not to name names but they have the word Star in it) was laying off folks. She was only one of several people I know experiencing big time shakedown in the lay-off department. Fittingly, Saturn (the sickle) in the sign of Virgo, the sign of harvest and golden, abundant wheat, cutting losses has become a theme in the lives of those around me – and this no holds barred theme on big time cutbacks (for prurient Virgoan purpose of efficiency and productivity) affects both the one laid off, and the morale of those left behind (and it didn’t help that said “Star” company announced new promotions on the same day they announced lay-offs).

Worth mentioning that while the Eclipse was a week ago, eclipse energy reverberates.

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Venus in Aquarius, Where’s The “We” In Us?

I’m so in love with my husband. We must say “I love you” like fifty times a 03 cups firemaiden day – genuinely. I know, cheesy, cute, romantic or “uh, huh still in your honeymoon period are you?” says you. No, I believe we’re different. The cup is not empty or even half-empty – but full all the time. And this NYTimes article When There is No We in Marriage made me realize just how different we are in what we come to expect (or ask) of love. And since Venus has just entered Aquarius (February 17- March 11), freedom v. closeness is the topic du jour.

To me, it’s a sad portrait. More than sad, it’s disturbing, because it lives under the guise of hip, cool, bohemian – and socially acceptable – the norm. It’s a story about two cool Manhattan people doing their thing (it’s a paradigm, agreed?) – who once decided work is equally or more important than their marriage; that it’s okay to communicate Blackberry to Blackberry; and who must know their kids will follow their workaholics examples, and be as clueless about how to nurture their marriage, too. So if you’re wondering like me, where does the “I and thou” overlap? Where does the “we” go? Sometimes it goes on a honeymoon. In this case, alone.

After their wedding, the two often and happily went their separate ways. In fact, they even started married life separately. She began their honeymoon alone (he couldn’t find his passport), checking into their suite in Venice and thoroughly enjoying herself without him.

“I learned, ‘O.K., you like Italy more than you like me – good to know.”

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Mercury in Aquarius, Gratitude Loosens Thought Paradigms

We were walking the dog, my sister and I -and sat down on a two sisters bench in the upper crust part of SF, Noe Valley. Settling into our patch of sun, a fashionably self-conscious twenty-something walked by. Followed by another…and another.

Overheard: “So I had to cancel my Pilates appointment this morning, and move my manicure…I was just too hung over…”

My sister says, “Ugh. Sometimes they make me sick.” They being the young urban modicums of hip and cool.

“This place looks like Melrose,” I snort.

“The thing is,” she says, “I live here. But I’m so much happier not living my life from that place.”

“You mean the place where one card falls and the whole house comes tumbling down?”


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V-Day, Be A Baby In the Business of Love

What’s in store for Valentine’s Day? elixir of love

Is it really even a holiday, or a holiday invented by Zales, Tiffany, Hallmark and Godiva?

It matters not. Venus is in Capricorn, and she appreciates the stuff – the bling and rings and things. The girl wants things. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. None of this cubic zirconia crap. She wants something that will last, and anything that will improve her image will do, too.

Maybe a business card, a webpage. Or an unlimited yoga pass, a business contract or a lifetime supply of coffee. But whatever you do, don’t cheap out. Make your gift a combination of practical and useful. Or useful and practical.

Of course some of us will say, Oh, I don’t want anything. And we mean it, too (Venus can be incredibly self-denying). It’s just hard to know which one of us you’re talking to. So best get a gift anyhow.

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