Full Moon Sagittarius Eclipse: Life Is The Teacher

When at the tender age of 18, I first picked up Jungian Analyst and astrologer Liz Greene’s books at The Ark bookstore in Santa Fe, a dream was ignited inside of me to someday somehow find a way to be her. I believe in having heroes and heroines, people to look up to on our own journey – as the people, ideas, books we surround our self with tend to rub off in a magically influential way, or in this case a psycho-magical way. So over the course of a long dark sojourn with multiple Pluto transits, that desire, combined with a persistent nighttime dream slash karmic memory slash nightmare of trying to get a higher education and somehow being blocked at every turn, rumbled inside my unconscious, and I started to seriously consider graduate school, to finally get that degree in Depth Psychology.

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Sagittarius Full Moon: You’ll Never Make a Saint of Me

Rock n roll bride by Marianne Taylor

Rock n roll bride by Marianne Taylor

Life (with a 3rd house Pluto transit) has been pretty challenging. My house is being remodeled and it’s brought up a lot of stuff. Stuff that must be relocated and eliminated. And icky annoying Stuff that needs to be dealt with. Oh, it’s had it’s good times – of dreaming on how good life will be, later. And having an extra guy around the house, a crusty ex-rock n’ roller named ‘Rocky’, has it’s charming moments, too. Like the time I came home to my man jamming on guitar with the Rockster. Or when we joke about building him an in-law under the carport, essentially adopting him into the family like the handyman who always hung around Candice Bergen in the old sitcom, Murphy Brown. But mostly it’s been a trying experience, and because it’s felt so acutely annoying this has forced me to confront all the minute and mundane things that get under my skin, really get under it. At times like these I could sure use a bigger perspective… [Read more…]

Sagittarius Full Moon, For Lovers of Reality

I recently traveled through Geneva, Switzerland. The value of travel is obvious – being taken out of the routine everyday and plopped into the unfamiliar it has that way of shifting perspectives. So while painting my bedroom this morning from grungy smoke damaged brown (the result of burning too many candles) to a charming bright mint green, returning to the land of gruyere and honey in mind, I had the deep thought that what travel does for the mind, a fresh coat of paint does for a room – it invigorates tired, dulled senses. While painting, I found myself fantasizing (yet again) about making a retreat area, and how I would probably enjoy retreating to this particularly wonderful green. With each stroke, I began to look at the old room in a new way: I wondered if I’d ever really acknowledged the inherent worth of that room. It is a good room with lots of potential. Yet it’s seemed to small and dark to behold a proper meditation area. Oddly, I’d been sleeping in this room for three years, and looking at it today with this fresh coat of paint, it was as though I’d never really seen it before. 

The mind is like that. We hold a perspective, and we don’t think much about why we perceive the way we do. We just do.  We have our perception and like the dull brown paint, it gets old. Yet that same perception colors everything. [Read more…]

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Mixed Blessings of Getting Real

This month’s New Moon falls on Thanksgiving and, whoa, if you’ve looked at the upcoming astrology you’ll notice a smattering of offerings on the Turkey Day menu! Within hours of the Sagittarius New Moon, Pluto finally leaves a 13 year stint Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn, while Uranus in Pisces resumes direct, or forward, motion. Guess who’s coming to dinner this year? Hint: there could be a few unexpected surprises.

The Sagittarius New Moon seeds a cycle of hope, a regeneration of faith, and spiritual buoyancy sorely needed for these transformative times. To see the epic shift taking place this week, all we have to do is turn on the t.v., radio, or tune into our own lives, to bear witness to the changes happening in sync with collective shrift of proportional magnitude. Pluto’s last hurrah in the final, final degree of Sagittarius, ends over a decade of the infamous “buy now, pay later” mentality for the collective, which in one Plutonian form or another has possessed or obsessed “U.S.”. [Read more…]

Brad Pitt, The Archer

brad pittBrad Pitt 18 December 1963

These days we bet when Brad’s not on a movie set, he’s jet-setting with his leading lady. For the Sun sign who virtually equates sitting still with depression, being in constant motion must be divine. Sagittarius thinks: there’s so much to see do and be in the world, so much to discover about oneself why on Earth would anyone want to limit himself to just one place? It’s the curse and the blessing of the Archer, the eternal restlessness, endless questing, to find a world bigger than his own back yard. For half man, half horse Archer, being fenced in – in the wrong relationship, the wrong identity or job – is a curse far worse than restlessness. This lesson we’d do well to learn from Sag: there’s no price higher than the price of freedom – and it’s worth every penny. When he fell for Angelina Jolie he also began an international love affair. It looks like Brad has discovered the Sagittarian Holy Grail: traveling abroad can give a person new perspective on the world and his place in it.


Venus In Sagittarius: The Girl No Guy Ever Got Over

Venus sends love to Sagittarians today as she enters the sign of the free alyssa milano spirit! Our love lives need room to move, from the bedroom of Scorpio and out into the big wide, world. Well, we could make love all day – heck, it’s worked for the past month – but now we’re romanced by the call of the wild, the call to adventure. If anticipatory excitement rules our hearts (and it does) love brings all the possibility and excitement of Christmas morning. We all need to believe in the presents of love like we need to believe in Santa.

What a relief to be free of the alternating emotional upheaval and intense soul meshing of the Scorpion, thinks Sagittarius. But Venus in Sagittarius has a touch of the Scorpion.

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