Leo Full Moon: Fallen Stars

fallen_stars_in_the_blue_by_kaikaku-d6qdqc4I, like many, was surprised to hear about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death last week. As an actor and human he seemed to be in a genre completely of his own, and because he had touched me in that place few actors do, I was saddened. I didn’t know he had a history with addiction, and that he relapsed last year; now we all know. In the media, compassionate articles like Russell Brand’s “my life without drugs” re-circulated (he wrote this after Amy Winehouse died of an overdose last year), and there have been more discussions since. A NYTimes article talked about the impact his death has had on fellow members of the AA community who shared their collective fear: If it can happen to a man 23 years sober, can it happen to me? [Read more…]

Scorpio New Moon Eclipse: The Animal Inside

all saints in swedenIn tune with Scorpio season, darkness is descending on Stockholm. As the Sun begins to set around 3 PM, and dark by 4PM, the sky will consecutively darken and by February the Sun will only make a 2-hour appearance. It is the perfect environment for skulking through the gorgeous graveyards inhabited by glamorous dead people like Greta Garbo, and for writing crime and mystery novels. Today is All Saint’s Day (November 1) where candles are lit for ancestor’s graveyards. Endless night, combined with the fact that expressing extreme emotion (including celebrating or drawing attention to oneself) is socially discouraged, I understand why Scandinavian mystery, murder and mayhem novelists find it so easy to take darkness to a whole new level. [Read more…]

Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Light To The Darkness

“We must bring our own light to the darkness.” -unknown

Scorpio season is often one of my more creatively prolific times. I look forward to Scorpio all year. But this year is different. Saturn is in Scorpio. All around, emotions are more intensely felt, as is what’s bugging us. Whether we consciously realize it or not, many are fed up with something – politics, untruths, our depression, our illness, our Self. That’s Saturn in Scorpio.

I don’t generally feel this way about the Sun’s yearly visit to Scorpio. But the chronic pain I’ve been diligently working on is not going away, preventing creative surges. Adding insult to injury, I lost a precious ring given to me by my husband for our sixth-year anniversary. It must’ve slipped off at the gym, after being freshly scrubbed and sauna’d. I posted a horary chart on Facebook, asking: Where’s my ring? I received tons of interesting replies from astrologers, psychics and intuitives – it could be in my closet, under a multi-coloured carpet, next to a luxury car or a swamp-like place. Despite not having found the ring (yet), horary is always a fun exercise, and it helped keep my spirits up during this Saturn in Scorpio time, when, apparently, life can seem a bitter pill, and spirits can despair. [Read more…]

Saturn In Scorpio: The Irresistible Pull of Transformation

“..light’s blinding no way dividing what’s yours or mine when everything’s shining/Your darkness is shining, my darkness is shining, have faith in our selves…” Truth by Alexander

Want to do that life-changing thing you’ve been putting off for so long? Are you ready for transformation– and deathly afraid of it? Want a deeper relationship to your self, your body, the people you love -to life itself? They say to truly live, we’ve got to be willing to die; to claim our power we must look at what we reject, fear, call “bad” or “wrong” in our self. To befriend our wholeness in totality, we need to bring the darkness in our Self, to light. Welcome Saturn’s entry into Scorpio (10/5/12 -9/17/15, with 12/23/14-6/16/15 in Sagittarius).

The Irresistible Pull Of Transformation

Change and transformation – how to do it, what’s keeping us from achieving the transformation we soul desire, holds a special magnetism while Saturn transits Scorpio. Like reaching the promised final layer of an onion, many of us will want to address that thing holding us back from full-on transformation. Once we sing that battle cry for change, we will also likely instantly run into our own defenses and resistance to letting go into change.  As one women said to me recently, “I want to change – but on my own terms!” Of course Life will not oblige that request. We cannot give Life a list of our conditions and terms for our change and transformation any more than we can ask for a money back guarantee on a potentially rewarding/risky investment. During Saturn’s transit through Scorpio we may feel afraid to change, of death, loss, yet the pull of transformation is irresistible and related to our maturity. We need to clearly see death, change, loss, psychological awareness as apart of a leading a whole life. No more deceiving our self, or others -God of Karma, Saturn, won’t let us get away with it.  If Saturn in Libra left us with a legacy, it’s this: the full truth is far more satisfying than half-truths. [Read more…]

The Nodes: Get Ready For Scorpio North Node To Rock Your World

Awh Gemini, baby. I love me some Gemini, but these past 18 months with Gemini South Node have been… confusing, to say the least. Gemini revels in opinion, information, and the shadow side (which the South Node represents) dissipates itself with too much talking and thinking, not enough consideration before action, and too many ideas lacking big picture perspective. [Read more…]

Scorpio Full Moon: Lay Your Burden Down

The-Vampire-MunchThere is no greater joy in life than love. We love love- as it should be. To have someone … to have and to hold in sickness and health, for richer and for poorer…makes the coldness somehow warmer.  In stormy waters, nothing but love, no one but our lifelong companion(s) could ever make “sickness” and “poor” remotely bearable, survivable even. [Read more…]