Scorpio New Moon : Hecate’s Moon & Graveyards

Today’s Scorpio New Moon is known by those in Pagan circles as Hecate’s Moon. Hecate is the Pagan Goddess of the Underworld and she ferries, from one life phase to another, those who are undergoing cycles of transition. A three-headed Goddess of the Maiden, Mother and Crone, her energy is present during those liminal spaces of time during which we feel “in the dark”; in the dark about the future, lost, or uncertain about which way to go, or somewhere between death and new life. At times when the future appears hazy and unclear and thick as coastal fog, out of the grey mist Hecate’s bony fingers reach for us – through our unconscious, dreamworlds, invisible dimensions, and “occult” tools – penetrating the thick confusion by offering guidance from other realms. Scorpio, or Hecate’s New Moon empowers us to psychologically & spiritually look inward to harness the supernatural power we all have at our fingertips, and if we’re stuck, to actively seek out ways to remove any blockages to our vitality.

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The Moon’s Full in Scorpio – Even in Switzerland!

Happy Scorpio Full Moon and greetings, from the Land of Cheese (Switzerland). As a Mercury retrograde (May 6-30) preventative, I’ve personally decided to not reinvent the wheel, a little difficult for an author when she’s under multiple writing deadlines. So in keeping my promise to myself, I’m ‘re-‘publishing a previous post.

A ringside seat into the sex lives of insects – you’ve got to see it – it’s an irresistible watch. It’s like national geographic meets, david lynch, meets playboy, or in this case the Mr./Mrs. Earthworm Taurus does the 69 with Mr./Mrs. Earthworm Scorpio (watch & learn: you’ll get my drift). There we sat, curiosity rapt, relishing the rare look into the secret sex lives of bugs. Read more at Full Moon in Scorpio & Green Porn.

As an aside, over the past few days I’ve witnessed the following Scorpio tales: 

Death & Compost: a) Chef of a restaurant we were due to eat at, offed himself a few days prior. Dinner was, obviously, and interminably, cancelled. b) Parked car on street remains unmoved (the owner of said car, yes a different person from (a), hanged him self. The police have yet to remove the car). c) No murders to report, though the neighborhood cats have been fertilizing local lettuce beds with their ‘love offerings.’

Sex: Secret liaisons and all accompanying emotional complexity & drama that entails. See: Love & Betrayal, Unravelling Love Triangles, and Love & Betrayal, Unravelling Love Triangles Part 2 on Venus & Beyond. I was just kidding before, but now I must *really* be having a Pluto transit.

Magic: And in the occult department… (as the resident astrologer, that’s me) today I’m writing about the 7th crown chakra.

So yes, astrology really IS EVERYWHERE. We’re all under the same Moon!

New Moon in Scorpio: You Didn’t Hear it From Me


Scorpio Body ArtI never considered my self a brooder, but it’s the Scorpio Sun in the air and I’m having some feelings lately. About things I’d thought I’d buried and put to rest, but really aren’t. I think of the phrase “burying the hatchet” and realize that the hatchet is still a hatchet, and it’s a hatchet. Certain things still have teeth, and are subject to revival and renewal during the Scorpio Sun season. For example, I’ve become recently convinced that because a friend who hasn’t returned my phone calls, it probably means she doesn’t love me any more. I know, maybe she’s just…busy. Nah. I’m certain she’s got an opinion about something I did or said (which of course, I don’t know about and she won’t tell me) and she’s probably removed me from list of birthday cards along with having cut me out of her will. As thoughts are added like dry timber added to this small ember of hurt, a small fire starts to grow and then roar. Well -she was always so NICE, but you know what they say, the brighter the light the darker the shadow. The reality of what’s happening hits me in rapid fire. I think several things all at once a) I sure want her to love me b) gosh, is this what my Scorpio friends grow through? and c)woah, that’s how resentments begin. With a small pinprick to the heart. A smart a** comment here or there. So casually. So, oops!

The evolution of a grudge: born of misunderstanding, nursed by an idle imagination, and an inability to take emotional action. Held in place by a relationship impasse or pure refusal. And fueled by resentment. Definitely. [Read more…]

Melt-y Matthew

Matthew McConaughey 04 November 1969matt

This good ‘ol boy from Texas chose not to join his family in the oil business, instead earning a degree in film, made a few movies, started a production company and in 2005 was voted as the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. Ladies love his Southern charm, his easygoing smile but those deep blue eyes… are the eyes of a Scorpio. If Scorpio’s eyes have the hypnotic power of a snake charmer, Matthew’s living proof! His split with the beautiful Penelope Cruz has us thinking about Scorpio’s reputation for bachelorhood. Worth re-stating, the Scorpion is deeply, deeply private. A feminine sign, he feels life on the emotional level, speaking the language of desire with his body and soul. The Scorpion’s urge to merge with another warm body is a gateway to soul connection – no other sign so closely associates sex with an experience of surrender, oneness and bliss. Physical, sexual involvements easily turn into emotional entanglements, and sorting out the complex passions and strong attachments in Scorpio’s love life takes perspective and humor. Humor us, Matthew!


Daring Demi

Demi Moore 11 November 1962demimoore

Who can forget pregnant Demi posing on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine? Moore was a breathtakingly sexy picture of pregnancy, and this instantly challenged the cultural assumption that pregnant women look un-sexy. Scorpio’s imperative is to uncover social taboos, expose the hidden conflicts we’re uncomfortable naming but guide our behavior nonetheless. Like: why we think only size 2 models are beautiful. Or why an older man can be with a young woman but an older woman with a younger is cause for speculation. Case in point: the sixteen year age difference between Demi and husband, Ashton Kutcher. The more dangerously repressive the accepted norm, the more necessary it is for Scorpio to transform things. Demi on society’s double standard toward woman: “There’s this idea that if you take your clothes off, somehow you must have loose morals. There’s still a negative attitude in our society towards women who use a strength that’s inherent – their femininity – in any way that might be considered seductive.” This sexy Scorpio is working on changing female stereotypes.


The Devilish Side of Anne

anne-hathawayAnne Hathaway 12 November 1982

This young starlet made her debut as a Princess in The Princess Diaries I and II, a rags-to-riches story that took her character from a reluctant unknown to royally glamorous and she landed the same type of role in The Devil Wore Prada as a struggling journalist unwittingly gaining entry into the world of high fashion. A recurring theme in the actresses onstage roles are coincidentally a lot like Scorpio’s -innocent ingénues become powerfully creative through truth-to-self moments about corruption, morality and integrity. Prada epiphany: Money changes people. Power can be used for good or evil. It’s easy to sell your soul to the devil for all the wrong reasons. These powerful questions are part of Scorpio’s probing psychological search for the truth about things we crave, why we want them and how they change us. Eventually Scorpio recognizes the wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, giving her penetrating insight into people’s character and motives. Has Anne wrestled with her angels and demons in real life? Anne confesses to wanting to be a Nun before she hit stardom!