Winter Solstice: You Are the Light

Winter solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, arrives at the holiday season. As an energy sensitive, I am deeply attuned to shadows running amok, and I notice there is often more doubt, sadness and fear in the collective at this time of year, when the interplay between dark and light becomes more apparent not only in our environment, but in our inner lives, too. [Read more…]

End of Year Clearing

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It’s here. The end. And what a year it’s been. There has been more death, and transitions of great magnitude than I can remember. My work as a healer has been taken to all kinds of different levels this year. On all, it’s been a demanding, rigorous year in terms of extreme change and adaptation. [Read more…]

The Significance of Winter Solstice

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Today features a guest post from astrologer Lindsay Conover. Enjoy!

Monday, December 21st at 8:49pm PST the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. In Astrology, the Winter Solstice is considered the time of the re-birth of the Sun (in the Northern hemisphere); a time to rejoice in the renewed length of the days. During this time, for six days, the Sun will rise and set on its longitudinal path at its Southern most place in the sky; creating the shortest days and longest nights. Then it will appear to reverse its longitudinal direction, subsequently creating longer days and shorter nights. This time is traditionally considered Midwinter. [Read more…]

Sexy Summer Solstice Spell


My delectable friend Sofia Facebook’d me this morning…Y’know the pomegranate ritual? It’s too effective. I’ve been celibate for 10 months; is there something or a ritual to do to reverse it? PLEASE say yes! I created The pomegranate ritual because using shimmery sexual chemistry as a qualifying factor for a partner, which while good at attracting a partner of the moment, never attracted a life partner for me.  Instead of compulsively following the sexual buzz, I wanted to take back my sexual power so it no longer overrode my intuition (it worked!). If you want to shift into a more self-possessed relationship to your sexual body, sensual magnetism and attractiveness, try it.

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Equinox: Autumn’s Bittersweet Turning Inward

Walking the streets, the air feels different; people’s expressions are growing starker, more reserved. The Autumn Equinox signals the time when our psyches prepare to go inward.  Whereas the dance of summer is an outward & external play of expression, like Matisse’s celebratory painting Dance, autumn’s portrait is the bittersweet mortality of life.

Steven Forrest links Last Quarter Moon phase people to Autumn Equinox’s Mabon. Mabon is the pagan ritual of thanksgiving; the last quarter is that pivotal point when the moon, once full, is leaving an old cycle but hasn’t yet begun anew.  Last Quarter Moon people have an acute awareness of change, the ephemeral nature of life. They are oriented towards release, endings. The poignancy of harvest in the face of decay certainly matches the primacy of feelings that arise in autumn.

I was born during the Moon’s last quarter. The dramatic changes that have happened in my life have created continual crisis in consciousness (which is what Demetra George calls this Moon phase). These crisis, were never outwardly visible, experienced only in the privacy of my soul. When I was younger, the many events that required an epic leap in consciousness terrified me, cracked me open, then eventually writing, art, archetypes and ritual became ways of facilitating ongoing catharsis. As a result, the stuff of life that bothers many – petty grievances and annoyances, the small stuff – don’t often get to me. As I grow older, I appreciate this small grace.

At this Equinox, let go of the small stuff. Take time to reflect on your harvest. Include the spiritual and soul gifts that endings have given you, endings of relationships, eras, jobs, homes. These gifts are invisible to the naked eye– the fruits of laborious work that you accomplished in your soul. After acknowledging what you have, offer something of your self. Give a few coins to a street person, pay it forward. The reason for a harvest feast was dual: to offer thanks -and- to acknowledge the role of Gods/Goddesses in that harvest.

Fall Equinox is always marked by the Sun’s entry into Libra, the sign of relationship. We can turn over a new leaf in our relationships by letting old feelings go, forgiving someone, or looking at our disappointments from a spiritual perspective. Here’s a few questions you can take with you into the upcoming Full Moon in Aries. At Equinox, we’re at a time of endings. In allowing that ending to fully occur it yields a new beginning.

Think about a relationship you’ve had in your life that still give rise to difficult feelings. Maybe it didn’t last or go the way you wanted it to, you haven’t forgiven them, or judged yourself as a failure. 

  • Did they overtly or serendipitously influence a major life decision you might not have made without them? 
  • Did they influence a big or small choice- to go back to school, start a business, move to another state, pick up a book, take a trip -that influenced another decision that absolutely changed your life? 
  • Did this person serve as a catalyst in your life, offering you their influential, dynamic or disruptive energy so that something else could take place? 
  • If you felt you shouldered an unfair burden in the relationship, what personal strength did you develop as a result of carrying that burden?  

Sexy Solstice = Jeans, T-Shirt & a Candle


This Solstice takes place a day and a half before the New Moon, also joining Vesta, sacred harlot and keeper of the sacred flame. For these Lunar Goddesses, sex was something more than sensual contact – but sacred, healing ritual. The vestals were charged with bringing the fertilizing power of the Goddess into contact with in every man and woman. They did this by having sex. Sacred sex. Anonymous sacred sex. In a cave. 

Out of dedication and commitment to the Divine Feminine, the vestals held and stoked the Kundalini fires. Men, broken from battle, would visit the Vestal Temples to ‘re-fill their well’ so they could once again return to the world of war and men, whole and complete again – as the Vestal Virgin her self was. Those visiting the Vestal Goddess beheld the fertilizing power of the Moon and those who yielded to her sexual ministrations were renewed, made whole again.  [Read more…]