Virgo Full Moon: Answers From Within

dreamstime_escapeProblems. I don’t know a person who doesn’t have them. In astrology, problem-solving is associated with the sign of Virgo, and some problems are simpler to tackle than others. For instance, when I tell my friend, Marian, who has Venus in Virgo in her First House, that our new King sized bed is like trying to fit a King mackerel in a sardine box, in seconds she’s strategised a new floor plan. Then there are problems that resemble an unsolvable Rubik’s cube — where that same walk we take down Logic Lane takes a turn for the worse at the bend of Spiritual Impasse, to arrive at the Point Of No Return.  We can’t find a solution. We ask why and move ten steps back. We’ve stumbled upon the Virgo Zen koan of problem solving: Asking why something is happening, or constantly looking for answers, only keeps us in our mind. [Read more…]

Virgo New Moon: Pull It Together

Virgo_Goddess_by_RoseThorn33Relocating to Stockholm for four months has been a monumental move. Clothing for three seasons was made doable by my handsome and handy (Mercury in Virgo) husband’s packing cube system – genius! Packing up our five person household and making it tidy for our temporary tenant was both satisfying and wearying and I was never so happy to sink into the seat of a fifteen-hour flight than I was that day. To hop on a plane is easy, but to journey without losing your mind and passport is not. Luckily, the productive Virgo Sun and Mercury were holding space for us, providing clever solutions when we needed them, economizing efforts with smart systems, and honing us in on the details when we truly couldn’t afford error. [Read more…]

Virgo Full Moon: The Being & The Doing

My client called me the other day, confused by the way the very ground of a decision she had just confidently made had quickly emotionally bottomed out. “Yesterday I was so sure of my decisions but today I’m feeling anxious, uncertain about everything.” I looked at her chart: the Sun, currently in Pisces was transiting her Twelfth House, the house of Pisces. During the 30-day or solar transit we each experience annually, our fears loom larger, life feels topsy-turvy, chaotic. Any load we’ve been carrying around, preventing us from moving forward, demands deep surrender, release –without knowing what’s next. During this time we undergo a mini-lesson in being comfortable with uncertainty.  If it weren’t so confusing it’d be downright spiritual. [Read more…]

Virgo New Moon: The Critic & The Crepe

This morning I tried my hand at a new skill: Making buckwheat crepes. Everything was going along smoothly. The sunshine is out, the birds are singing, and I’m making…crepes! I fantasize about buckwheat crepes becoming the specialty I am known for. Friends invite me over for the weekend for my crepes. Working along with the recipe, I don’t accurately gage the batter pour when I learn lesson number one: Crepes are best consumed as extremely paper-thin, delicate wrappers and are meant to highlight the delicious insides. Otherwise, they’re just pancakes. Undeterred by imperfection, I shred some goat cheese and before the crepe-now-pancake cools I quickly sautee some spinach (where was my sous chef?). Sitting down to a floppy looking grey green thing with cold cheese I optimistically tuck in only to discover the reason why it is always a good idea to wash even pre-washed spinach: There is a worm in my crepe.

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Virgo Full Moon: …And Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamins

Virgo is undoubtedly one of the hardest working signs in the zodiac, and Virgo’s virtues –meticulousness, fastidiousness, and mental focus– she applies to keeping the inner workings of our lives, keeping body, home & business running smoothly, seamlessly. Because I’ve known so many Virgo folks (and those with mega-Virgo planets) who make it their job to assist others be their best, I often think of Virgo as the invisible helper– someone who tirelessly works on behalf of others, sometimes going unrecognized, often doing the grunt work that few others have the aptitude or desire to do – save Virgo.

fair maiden with wheat shaft~ thee clearly are not gluten-free!

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Virgo New Moon: An Unfinished Life

jilliansaphotographerIn an attempt to organize and streamline my unfinished office, I bought a unfinished desk. I had spent months looking for a great desk and I finally made a practical choice, a plain but sturdy one, which, with elbow grease, has potential. Fretting that I had just purchased something more to add to my to do list, I asked my husband, who thought the desk was just okay, how he would refinish it. He snarkishly replied that he’d send it back to where it came from, aptly reflecting my mounting dispiritedness. When we take on a spiritually monumental growth task: to publish a book, start a business, refinish a room, renovate a house, or learn a new skill, at some point we will be daunted by the work, overwhelmed, and all of our our personal inadequacies will be triggered. We may procrastinate. We may even give up.  Yet the humble work of perfecting what is unfinished has sacred potential. At the space between who we  are and the perfection we desire, there sits The Virgin, purifying & perfecting us.

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