Humor Me, Adam

adam sandlerAdam Sandler: 9 September 1966

When we can’t figure out up from down, are confounded with the ways of life, humor is one of the best remedies going. Does Adam know he’s providing humanity with the valuable service of comic relief? With a mile long list of comedies under his belt, he must. Hilarity seems to come easy for Mercurial Adam; making a joke is one of the ways changeable Mercury spins straw into gold. But this sensitive funny man plays sensitive on-screen (remember 50 First Dates falling in love with brain damaged Drew Barrymore) and off, for his critics – to whom he’s denied interviews for periods of time. The Virgin is extremely sensitive to criticism, and like the fairytale Princess and the Pea, one critical comment can be the existential pea that keeps Virgo up at night. By far, Virgo is her own worst critic and so we wonder if humor helps Adam lighten up on him self? After all he says he needs to be reminded to take the time to enjoy life, appreciate its goodness – a revealing insight into this funny man’s character. Every hardworking perfection-driven Virgo needs the occasional reminder to stop and smell the roses!


Beyonce’s Destiny

beyonceBeyonce Giselle Knowles: 4 September 1981

Beyond her stunning beauty, this Virgo earns the highest marks for instinctively knowing how to market her self. Yes, the Virgin is quite a sex symbol – after all, when you want someone you know you can’t have don’t you want her all the more? But Virgo’s ruling planet is brainy Mercury, is a masterful shape-shifter gifted with turning God given creative talents into useful, profitable forms. She began doing so at an early age when her father quit his job to become young Beyonce’s manager, sacrificing family financial security. Sacrifice is incredibly motivating to a Virgo, and Beyonce speaks of childhood sacrifice and growing up too soon. But we know astrology so we know that this was her Virgo destiny, indeed she was chosen as Destiny’s Child! The Virgin always needs something to work toward, to perfect, and work is a popular form of sacrifice. Appropriately, this singer and exceptionally talented songwriter isn’t satisfied with being just Beyonce; she’s got the perpetual Virgo thirst for perfection. Acting, a clothing line, cosmetics spokesperson – good enough will never be enough for the Virgin.

Keanu’s Matrix

keanuKeanu Reeves: 2 September 1964

What’s most perplexing about Keanu is not his mass appeal: he’s the handsome, strong silent type which advantageously positions him for both action and romantic lead roles. He’s also remarkably down to earth (Virgo is an Earth sign) whether driving a bus in Speed or romancing Sandra Bullock in the Lake House we like Keanu – this is an easygoing, agreeable guy. It’s what we don’t know about Keanu that intrigues, like why in every performance we still see a little bit of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in Keanu? Is he really married? And for heaven sake why does he keep giving away money to the little guys, like when he bought motorcycles for twelve crew members of the Matrix? To the first question, Virgos simply can’t represent themselves to be someone they are not – having already earned the authenticity of Leo, Keanu can only be himself. Second, Virgo is the unattainable Virgin, whole unto herself who even if married will never be completely possessed by another. Finally, although he’s as rich as the lot of them, the Virgin knows when she’s been blessed – giving money away to “the little guys” is a path to service.