9 Things To Do While Venus Is In Taurus

The sensual, physical world is your oyster while Venus transits the sign of Taurus (3/30-4/23 in 2018). Taurus is Venus’ home sign, which confers dignity upon all Venusian activities (art, pleasure, creativity, beauty, abundance, sensuality) undertaken during this time. Naturally, there are some sweet overlaps between Taurus and Venus –most of which revolve around relaxing, enjoying being in a physical body and appreciating this abundant, beautiful planet we call home.

To kick-off Venus’ precession into Taurus and help you make the most of it here are 9 ways to lift your pleasure quotient by at least a few hundred points (honestly, if you aren’t in bliss after trying these, I don’t know how to help you.;) [Read more…]

Taurus Full Moon: The Money Fountain

Fountain Flower

This summer’s Venus retrograde delivered much needed slow down time -to enjoy the bounty and beauty of summer, to get firmly reacquainted with pleasure again- which, for me, also coincided with diminished clients, and therefore less money. Like others who run their own business, I’ve learned to ride the cyclical nature of cash flow like a surfer waiting for the next wave. There’s no point in fighting it, falling into abject depression over lack, when the next wave will eventually come. I use down time to realign my energies so the money can find me again. It is called flow, after all. [Read more…]

Taurus New Moon: Return To Your Senses

Two  girls  outdoor

My grandmother’s house had a certain smell. I’ve never identified it as say Chanel no. 5, which she had on her dressing table, yet it was just as much of a signature scent. A combination of Lily of the Valley, cedar and, likely, moth balls, every time I walked into her house this soothing scent was like baker’s vanilla to my soul, putting me at ease. When she died, I thought she would take this signature scent with her, but when I went back to help settle her house, which had been sitting there a year since she died, the painful final memories I had of her fighting her death with every ounce of life force she had left, which was not much by then, were erased by that glorious perfume, the same as I remembered. I loved her, and I loved her lingering smell for the physical, visceral way it brought her right back to me. [Read more…]

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse: Basic Sanity

bull in nature weheartitDuring the weeks surrounding Eclipse season, such as the one we are currently in, emotions and energy can be ragged, uneven, which can leave us feeling frazzled, disembodied, ungrounded.  There’s dynamism in the air but unsettledness, too -including reactivity and disturbances in our relationships (Libra Lunar Eclipse). As my friend, April, succinctly said in her essay two weeks ago, “This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes with a clear message: your relationship style has outlived its usefulness.” Boy, did it. Echoes reverberate as we determine how to proceed with those we love, without blame, judgment and with love & compassion for our self and others. [Read more…]

Taurus Full Moon: Pleasure

11-restful-painting-by-pino-daeniEvery week since I’ve been in Stockholm, I’ve visited a European bathhouse. In the midst of a bustling city street, an old-timey sign appears advertising that you can “restore and relax like it’s 1904”. The facilities are modern enough -several warm pools, heated swimming pool, steam and dry saunas, all situated below ground and in this warm cavern you can’t help but slowly unwind. Afterwards, too rubbery legged and relaxed to begin my journey home, I take tea in the crisply bright artificial sunlight. The funny thing is, every time I go, I think maybe I can skip today… but when I arrive, my aching body sighs and I think: oh how I’ve needed this.  The pleasure of finding deep relaxation, the calm and peace so deeply helpful and restorative to both body and psyche, battered by living with chronic pain.  [Read more…]

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse: Worth

mirror mirrorAs someone with a very un mainstream career, when people ask what I do for a living, what I call myself (at this point either: writer, astrologer or health coach), sadly, is determined by what is most likely to merit the least amount of judgment from others. Being so firmly planted “outside the system” has put me in the position of getting a bird’s eye view about what and who people, and our world, values — and what I’ve learned is painful. While I have followed purposeful calling(s) that allow me to offer my gifts to the world and they reflect my values, over and over I revisit the fact that my values and the mainstream’s values are not the same. I often learn this through that universal form of valuation: money. [Read more…]