Taurus Full Moon: Slow & Easy

One of the more profound commitments to myself that I’ve made this year is to slow down. Why? I realised I was no longer enjoying myself. It wasn’t for lack of opportunity for fun, but that the pace I thought was natural for me, busy, striving, accomplishing, wasn’t, and it wasn’t conducive to pleasure, either.

Give me a day to myself and I’d pack so much into it that I’d forget to enjoy myself. The problem with this way of being is, the better part of pleasure and happiness is relaxation, and relaxation has an easy pace. This inability to slow down not only caused my serotonin to dip…it even trickled down into the most intimate parts of my life – my sex life. Dear reader, my ability to enjoy sexual intimacy stopped. Even with all the right elements in place (atmosphere, mood, well rested-ness) orgasm can be an exceedingly delicate, mysterious feat for any woman, but without truly and deeply slowing down, making the space and time to calm down and be present to the body and senses, that ultimate surrender is elusive. [Read more…]

The Nodes: Get Ready For Scorpio North Node To Rock Your World

Awh Gemini, baby. I love me some Gemini, but these past 18 months with Gemini South Node have been… confusing, to say the least. Gemini revels in opinion, information, and the shadow side (which the South Node represents) dissipates itself with too much talking and thinking, not enough consideration before action, and too many ideas lacking big picture perspective. [Read more…]

Taurus Full Moon: Slow Down To Feel Strong

Cardinal energy, courtesy of transiting Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in Libra, Aries and Capricorn respectively, has been speedy. Remember the movie ‘Speed’? Speed’s plot was a moving bus, a bomb, and the only way to keep it from detonating was to keep that bus moving. That’s the logic of cardinal energy, quick to respond, act and react (the bomb could go off at any time but if we keep moving, it won’t).  When the pervasive feeling of ‘initiate, act, react’ combines with an urgent need or desire to do something different, life can feel like an emergency and yet the word emergency suggests emergence – we are emerging in a whole new way.  Just in time, Taurus Full Moon deliberately turns down the volume, moderating our speed.

This Taurus Full Moon supports being with your own natural pace, which can prove difficult for those of us who “can’t sit still” and “need to get things done.” Those of this ilk usually fail to see the value in our own natural pace, which probably also means we can more easily burn out, generally, or, if we are in a period of emergence and we act or make decisions to change our lives too soon, we may actually delay our growth and have to circuitously repeat the steps we could have done the first time. Despite all the poker hot emergencies/emergences during these difficult times, it’s vital to remember the demanding outer planets move very slowly and what we now need (& over the next few years) is sustained strength. Taking a cue from Taurus, at this full moon, slow down, and sink your body, mind and spirit into the pleasure and pace of terra firma. For instructive help, read on.

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Venus in Taurus, Bodacious Babe

“In Europe, 40 is really the right age for a woman. That’s when we hit our peak and become this ripe fruit.”

“My ambition is to have beautiful encounters, not to make money.” -Juliette Binoche, Venus in Taurus

“Life excites me- just little normal everyday things, getting out of bed, getting dressed, making food. I find it all exciting.” -Liv Tyler, Venus in Taurus

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull… [Read more…]

Taurus New Moon: The Good Life

Leisure & Fashion by Slim Aarons

Leisure and Fashion by Slim Aarons

I tend to look forward to the Taurus New Moon much in the same way I look forward to a good meal. I know if I take the time to enjoy it, it will be satisfying and rewarding beyond measure. Yet, if I gulp it down unthinkingly and in a hurry, all the pleasurable satisfaction it could give me, is lost somewhere between figuring out what to eat for dinner, rushing to the gym, rushing to the market to buy dinner, and getting the dishes done so I can go to bed on time. There’s a logic to the Taurus season and it’s deceptively simple because just like trying to understand a Taurus friend, if you over think it, you not only risk missing the point but you will lose out on the simple logic of what your senses are telling you. Slow down. Take it easy. Stay awhile. Relax. We must slow down to appreciate life.

Frankly, Taurus New Moon is a relief for me, but maybe it’s just me. Considering full well that my own birth chart is full of cardinal (initiating) energy, it’s a huge relief to make relaxation, presence and increased pleasure my new moon intention. It is nourishing for me to give myself permission to become one with my lounge chair over a leisurely lunch, [Read more…]

Full Moon In Taurus : It’s Uncomplicated



‘Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?’ -Avril Lavigne, Venus in Scorpio

It’s the Taurus Full Moon and I’m comfortable, safe and secure tucked away in a comfortable pocket of the world, Vienna, Austria. This is our fifth (or sixth?) time visiting and Vienna despite the rash of pickpockets (our Indian friend was robbed of several thousand euros on the subway in a cheap change-dropping trick) it remains a haven of respite from the day to day grind. A change of scenery is like a shock of inspiration to the entire system and trips like these always does a girl, and her marriage, good.

Every year the Sun enters Scorpio & our internal furnaces heat up. Then Taurus Full Moon comes along to alleviate the kind of build-up that could cause boil-overs, volcanic eruptions and the kind of honesty that hurts instead of heals. Unlike complex Scorpio, Taurus is so not complicated. Both signs really do appreciate straightforward and unpremeditated honesty in human relationship, the kind you’d get from a friend or partner who would tell you you had spinach in your teeth, though Scorpio would make the whole thing into an incident because Scorpio just feels things deeply, and whether you’re talking about spinach or a sex scandal, finds it difficult not to get emotionally invested. That’s why Taurus is a balance to the season, and a relief. Instead of working with unknowns and suppositions about what the other person might be feeling and thinking, we seek middle ground by trusting our senses, what we can feel, taste, touch and see. We speak plainly and forthrightly about what’s in front of our nose. This clear-seeing is welcomed and helpful.

The keynote of a Taurus Full Moon is simplicity and indulging in creaturely comforts that restore a sense of well-being to our lives. Some people get hungry at Taurus Full Moon, others indulge in a spot of relaxation and pleasure, or spend a fist full of money on simple luxuries they might not purchase on any other day, and yet others have really good sex. Why not do it all?! It’s a sensual season. Neither my husband or myself have Taurus or Scorpio planets, but in our composite chart Mars and Moon in Taurus oppose a Scorpio ascendant. We experience these signs most acutely through our relationship. Every year when the Sun enters Scorpio, my sweetheart and I discover the stinging Scorpion in each other and have to find a way to be honest about our feelings without being hurtful. And every year, by the fruition of the Taurus Full Moon, we return to the uncomplicated pleasures of be-ing in the body together – snuggling, good food and good sex, appreciating the simple awe and gratitude we have for each other, and for the good life we share. I do believe we’ve turned ‘spooning’ into a fine art form. We both know: it doesn’t get much better than this.

During this Taurus Full Moon you can claim refuge in simplicity and appreciate the abundance that’s yours. You can even appreciate the things you already have into a renewed sense of value. Do this by repairing your favorite shoes, or getting that beautiful suede purse of yours fixed. You can turn dog-walking, cooking a simple meal, a hug, a walk in the autumn leaves into your own personal safe-haven, a way to renew your vital connection to being in a body on this blessed earth. You can facilitate a feeling of well-being by doing anything that gives you a sense of safety, strength and self-provision. You can pleasure your self (sexy innuendo intentional) because your happiness pleases the rest of us. You can honor your own personal Eden, in it’s individual shape or form. Speaking of Eden, as I write this I’m noticing the nagging temptation to complicate things just as the perpetual red apple of knowledge dangled from a simple tree. The urge to dive into complexity is as fascinating and tempting as that sign which compulsively wants to get to the bottom of things (Scorpio). This urge is justified; there’s much going on astrologically – Saturn has just entered Libra, immediately having made a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Tempted as I am to dive headlong into ‘it’s complicated’, that’s not keeping in the spirit of this Taurus Full Moon. And since Taurus Full Moon respite is already short, all we need do is keep it sweet and simple. It’s so not complicated.