New Moon Taurus: The Best Things in Life Are (Almost) Free

I used to date a musician, and as all music lovers, he loved music. Me, I was painting and making art and loved that, and we – well, we both appreciated one another’s creative pleasures, those being the foundation of our otherwise elusive connection.

I remember waxing philosophical (more than once) to him, but this time in the context of creative gifts and money – surely a Taurus theme. In a rush of inspired optimism about our shared passions I exclaimed: ‘The best things in life really are free! Take for example, making art. We can create beauty to our heart’s content and it costs nothing! To this, he replied in his typically (Venus in Scorpio) wry way: ‘Who are you kidding? I need to buy a bass to be able to play it – then there’s the amps, recording equipment and studio time. Being a musician is expensive, and I’m sure painting is, too!’

Point taken. I had been speaking from the perspective of my 2nd house Neptune who, faithful to the symbol, wholeheartedly believes: inspiration is free, creativity is innate, and imagination costs nothing. Artistry is a dialogue with the muses, and the ability to do that in any shape or form, through music, art, writing, interior design, or cooking…is priceless, as the AMEX commercial says. [Read more…]

Full Moon in Taurus Brings Scorpio Love Lessons

This week my Taurus full Moon illumination is running on the Venus & Beyond blog over at As I played with what to write and where, my Saturn in Gemini tried to write two, but this time it came out as one (maddeningly, usually it’s the other way around!). Keep checking both- you will always find me at one, or the other. Thanks Moonkissd readers!

Here’s an excerpt from Full Moon in Taurus Brings Scorpio Love Lessons:

Through our relationship, I’ve learned that Taurus Moon doesn’t care a wit about muddling through the complexity of my feelings — or his. That’s Scorpio. Hug therapy, sexual therapy, cuddle therapy are Taurus. Always, those easy, plodding and simple activities of Taurus restore sanity to ‘crisis mode’ Scorpio. Maybe one of the most nurturing/difficult relationship saving techniques one can do in a Scorpio exchange is to remember that a) you have a body, and you’re in it b) the plants need watering and c) it’s almost dinner time. Click here for more.

Bullish Beckham

David Beckham May 2 1975

Who is David Beckham? This British soccer player is all over the news in the UK and internationally, but the U.S. Beckham wave is yet to be seen. In brief, he inspired the movie Bend It Like Beckham, is married to ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) and will soon call Los Angeles, California, home. We also see the typical bullishness of a Taurus male. He’s actually been kicked off a team for being a little too bullish, but a measure of stubbornness is a boon in the world of sports. But here’s the kicker: (pardon the pun) in the global world of highly paid sports figures he’s one of the richest and most popular – but not in America! Americans like their football played with a brown oblong ball, not a “soccer” one. But Beckham just might change that. If anyone has the persistence, talent, charm and motivation to change a tradition it’s Taurus. This money-savvy Bull has made millions and he wants to give back. The first item on his L.A. agenda is to open a soccer camp for kids.

Sensual Carmen

Carmen Electra April 20 1972

The essence of the Bull’s confident beauty is her comfort and naturalness in her body. Venus, the Love Goddess presides over the signs Taurus and Libra. However, Venus-ruled Taurueans are far more physically sensual than Librans. The partially nude statue Venus de Milo reflects the seductive promise of Taurus. Carmen Electra is a modern day Venus de Milo. Her style is provocative, a little too revealing, careful to show just enough to keep you interested without giving herself away. It’s hard not to dwell on the Bull’s beauty, but many a Bull looks for her true worth in producing a body of work that showcases her creative talent. Carmen’s role on Baywatch catapulted her into the public eye, but she hasn’t received the critics favor in subsequent movie roles. The paradox for Taurus is learning that beauty doesn’t need a reason to exist, beauty is.

Funny Fanny Taurus

Barbara Streisand April 24 1942

On tour in 2006, singer Barbara Streisand didn’t miss a beat when a fan repeatedly heckled her during a political comedy skit on her tour. She responded to the offense with an expletive, rare for a female celebrity. Anger doesn’t discriminate one Sun sign from another, frustration is an equal opportunist. But remember our bullfight: it takes an awful lot of red flag waving from the matador to provoke Bull into rage. But when the Bull finally sees red, get out of the way! Barbara has taken her share of heat over the years, always turning it around by becoming the butt of her own joke. Her signature look, that Streisand nose made famous by Funny Girl, has seen her through thick and thin. From a highly self-conscious young woman to a funny, confident diva, her flaw became her beauty touchstone. Body and self image confidence is one of the hardest lessons for Taurus to master – beauty is more than skin deep. Many Taureans have the most beautiful voices. In the Zodiac, Taurus rules the neck, throat, vocal chords.

Penelope’ll take Peace

penelope cruzPenelope Cruz April 28 1974 

She’s been likened to Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, but it’s more than her almond eyes that cross cultural boundaries. Penelope’s beauty is an outpouring of her soul, a soul who’s crossed paths with Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and works on behalf of AIDS foundations. When she takes up a road to manifest a creative contribution in life, the Bull gracefully stumbles upon her heart’s craving: simplicity, the peaceful silence of eternity. She can find that in the beauty of a flower, in a spring day, a good meal with a friend or trekking to the Himalayas. For each Bull the path is different, but the goal is the same: reverential silence. Penelope’s soulfulness translates beautifully to the screen, but not all is ease and peace for the Bull. If you’ve ever been to a bullfight, you know that when a Bull’s heated up, all bets are off! When asked if she had a temper in Interview Magazine (2000) she replied, “Oh yes, I am a Taurus after all!”