The Eighth House & The Ancestral Legacy, Part 1

In honor of El Dia de los Muertos and the Sun in Scorpio (10/23-11/21) – the season we have greater ease of access into the deep psyche, and can potentially transmute old attachments & griefs – my three-part article on the Eighth House.

In Mexico there’s a holiday ‘day of the dead’ or dia de los muertos, the one day a year set aside to symbolically honor those who have passed, their favorite foods are made, and family comes together to remember, celebrate and pay homage to the people they love. A Mexican acquaintance of mine says, “This is one of the most beautiful holidays in our culture.”

In modern America, when the heart stops beating and the funeral is over. At large, there is no symbolic ritual or gesture of remembrance for honoring the dead. We may visit the cemetery or remember them in our heart, even as most of us believe that ‘life goes on’ (even if we don’t know where it is going on), we move on in our above-ground realities. But in Mexico, they know the dead live among the living. They may even sit down to eat dinner with us at night, if we set a place for them. It makes sense; where does the Spirit of our ancestors live, if not among and even within us? Our legacies are far more layered & complex than character traits we pick up from our parents, shared DNA and an inherited china or good silverware set. To deeply consider our ancestors is to consider all of the inheritances they left us, material & immaterial. [Read more…]

The Eighth House, Part 3: Finding Your Ancestral Legacy

Could our family ‘secrets’, our ancestral unfinished business, be somehow invisibly related to the issues that haunt and trouble us? Continued from Part 2: The Eighth House, Talking With the Dead

Ancestral energies can get trapped in psychological ‘complexes’ we don’t understand, and control our lives from the deeps. As said, the Eighth House is not rational, it is a water house, and the house of ‘other people’s stuff’. Our inheritance may be material or immaterial, from people living or dead – which presents a problem. To free the story from the stone or bone, shamans, regressionists, and therapists act as psychopomps. But there may be ways to help our self, like working with symbols, objects and forms. Think about how emotionally charged relics, possessions and items of those who have died, are to us; we often attribute the objects bequeathed to us with an awesome numinous power.  Could they have psycho-magical power? Touching these objects, art-making, dialoguing with them, as Virginia did with her grandmother’s scarf, could help free the spirits trapped within our bones. [Read more…]

The Eighth House, Part 2: Talking With the Dead

Could our family ‘secrets’, our ancestral unfinished business, be somehow invisibly related to the issues that haunt and trouble us? Continued from Part 1: The Eighth House and The Ancestral Legacy.

If the Eighth House holds our inheritances legacies & fortunes, material and immaterial, from other people, living or dead…how do we contact an ancient ancestral inheritance? Astrologically, through our Eighth House planet and ruling planet. Erin Sullivan, author of The Astrology of Family Dynamics, says the Eighth House is the house of the Ancestral Legacy and planets here describe our inheritance from our ancestors, which, to collect we need go into the in-between world – the realm of the unconscious- using symbolism, ritual and images. Astrologically, the Eighth House is a water house. Water holds the collective, ancestral and personal unconscious. For that reason, we can reach the water houses and their archetypes directly through our non-rational side, through use of symbols, metaphor, art (and more specifically for ancient issues) we can look to our familial ancestors for help and guidance. [Read more…]