Jupiter Uranus Aries Conjunction: Be Dazzled

Satori can happen everywhere by Alice PopkornIf you’re not jumping out of your skin yet, you must not be an Aries (or have planets at the early cardinal degrees). Jupiter and Uranus have together alighted on the celestial scene and it’s a creative emancipation for those of us who have felt our individuality held back, and a true opportunity to go on and get on with your most radical self of selves.

This conjunction opposes my Pluto and falls smack on my Sixth House Mars. I don’t need any caffeine to greet my day; I am alert! Physical activity isn’t just helpful – it’s required. More deeply, Pluto’s transit to my Sun has been sluggish, tedious, wearisome, and I feared gravity would have its way with me. Ah, happy awakenings alight! I need this; we need this. To the deadening grind of Saturn and Pluto, add the enlivening, invigorating juices of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. Bold expansion! Promethean consciousness! A more authentic version of your self! [Read more…]

Anesthesia for Aquarians: The Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction

I’ve just given birth to a creative baby – my first book. This culminating on the meeting of Jupiter (ruler of my Third House), with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius in my Fifth House.  As I experience waning labor pains, like most mothers, I begin to think about what kind of world I’m bringing my baby into.  And I realize, also like most mothers, that if I really think about it too hard, say, look around at the state of things, more precisely, the state of collective consciousness that will be receiving and nurturing and supporting my baby, I imagine saying, ‘hey little one- you might want to stay inside!’

Thank Goddess that Divine sucker’s already outside of me!

It’s a creative baby, but I imagine this isn’t a far off experience from what ‘real’ mothers feel when they ask their self – how do I feel about bringing a child into THIS world?  [Read more…]

And Time Stood Still. Retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

They may say time stops for no one, but right now that’s only partially true. Almost half the planets in your sky are now officially retrograde. Mercury moves retrograde in Gemini, May 26-June 19 and if you don’t know what that means, you just haven’t been paying attention. (For those born yesterday & even if you’re not, Virgo Fern Feto Spring, an expert on such matters offers Survive & Thrive Guide to Mercury Rx ). But that’s not all, folks: Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto are alas, retrograde. Good times. “But,” as one of my clients exasperated over retro affecting a pending decision, “life doesn’t stop. I have to keep moving forward!” To this I reply: retrograde is a very good thing. Retrograde motion characterizes the inward-moving, yin cycle of any planet. We can apply the breathing room, information gathering and reflection time toward the principles any planet represents. This is an especially useful time for building sanity & repose around the larger movements of life. [Read more…]