Mars Wants Your Attention!

I was out in the ocean with my precocious Gemini niece. She loves the water, but today she was being clingy and climbing all over me. I asked her to stop; being a climbing gym for a five year old just doesn’t feel good! But she didn’t listen. I got frustrated, angry. She became surly. We stopped playing. Later, feeling guilt and shame for disappointing our chance to play in the ocean (which I’d been building up for months), I went back into the ocean with her. We did the same exact dance all over again, but this time it left me with an injured back and a night of missed sleep. [Read more…]

Working With Mars & Anger

This week, warrior planet, Mars in Aries, squares Pluto in Capricorn (2/22), then conjoins Uranus (2/26). As the red planet heats up our world, it’s time to become more conscious about our personal Mars. [Read more…]

Mars Retrograde, and Pre-Retrograde Peep Show

police officers meditating

When a planet stations, i.e. is about to change direction, it gets very strong. A stationary planet can show us our weak areas or blind spots related to that planet — areas that we could stand to work on during retrograde. Right now, you’re getting a sneak preview: How are you relating to Mars in your life? [Read more…]

Women, Martial Anger & Stayin’ Alive

bottled up anger

Mars, the Warrior, transits Cancer- the sign tied to emotions, nurturing, safety, family, memory and women- from August 3-September 17.

The other night I told my husband that I hope he can handle me in the long term because I’m only going to get awnrier, harder to handle, and even more loud-mouthed over time (he replied that he didn’t doubt it). My Moon is in Aries (so is my Mars). I need to let off steam. As an aside, one way you will always know I am comfortable with you is that I will start cursing like a sailor around you (no, not at you). I realize this may be off-putting, especially if you are a new client and you’re wondering what to expect from me, The Astrologer. Know that, if I feel comfortable enough to use the f** word within the first fifteen minutes of talking,  you are someone I could love. That’s Moon in Aries. [Read more…]

The Eighth House, Part 2: Talking With the Dead

Could our family ‘secrets’, our ancestral unfinished business, be somehow invisibly related to the issues that haunt and trouble us? Continued from Part 1: The Eighth House and The Ancestral Legacy.

If the Eighth House holds our inheritances legacies & fortunes, material and immaterial, from other people, living or dead…how do we contact an ancient ancestral inheritance? Astrologically, through our Eighth House planet and ruling planet. Erin Sullivan, author of The Astrology of Family Dynamics, says the Eighth House is the house of the Ancestral Legacy and planets here describe our inheritance from our ancestors, which, to collect we need go into the in-between world – the realm of the unconscious- using symbolism, ritual and images. Astrologically, the Eighth House is a water house. Water holds the collective, ancestral and personal unconscious. For that reason, we can reach the water houses and their archetypes directly through our non-rational side, through use of symbols, metaphor, art (and more specifically for ancient issues) we can look to our familial ancestors for help and guidance. [Read more…]

Aries New Moon : The Alchemy in Adversity


The New Moon in Aries heralds the beginning of a brand new cycle. It’s the time of year when the Universe goads us to be more forthright, bold and honest about what we need as individuals. It’s the time when, we face another fear, we take a new step forward, the Universe appreciates those efforts by rewarding us with new levels of personal empowerment, growth and strength. Sounds glamorous and exciting, right? But what most astrology books don’t tell you is that Aries bold warrior-ship, the kind that sounds so good on paper, and is so admirable in others, is a direct result of experiencing profound levels of frustration, lack, hardship and dis-couragement, first. Aries courage is nursed on the mother’s milk of adversity. What else besides adversity (and adversaries) would cause the fire within our very being to rise and take action? [Read more…]