New Moon In Aries: Red Is The Color Of The Heart

As a Cancer Sun sign holding a tight t-square between Mars & Pluto, I have my fair share of battle wounds. I don’t really know why I’m the first to get honked at on the road (Mars in Aries. I am speedy but I also know how to use my instrument). Or why I had more ‘life/death’ experiences under my belt by age twenty-one than anyone else I knew. As Aries rules my seventh house of relationship, for the large part of my single life I also attracted immature, narcissistic, maybe even self-destructive men. Most weren’t aware how their unconscious stuff caused problems (but I sure was). Yes, we each have our own special relationship to the fiery red planet.

My Mars is in the humbling Sixth House and locked in combat with bad-ass Pluto from the Twelfth House. [Read more…]

The Mars Follies

Yesterday, I made a not so near fatal tactical error. Hiking in the Marin couragehills, there we were like two dogs lapping up liquid sunshine. It was real quality time, the kind that’s not easy to come by as a non-DINK couple (double income, no kids). So in the spirit of adventure, with an unexplored trail with a lake at it’s head (a lake!) and Mars in Cancer transiting, no foolhardily prodding my Sun, I declared “onward, ho!”

My husband gave me fair warning, tracing the trail with his finger on the plastic park map. It looked long. And we didn’t have a map to carry. How long could it be? We checked our watches, I figured I had three hours before my astrology reading at 6 – and home was only 5 minutes by car -plenty of time. As we reached the lake after an hour (or so) and I exclaimed, we’re almost home! my husband laughed. Not even.

LSS, we got lost.

So. Have you ever seen a death march scene in one of those war movies? Perhaps had a past life memory of being in one?

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The Mars-Pluto Opposition, Cancer with Superpowers

Mars enters Cancer tomorrow 3/4/08, making an immediate opposition to superpowersPluto in Capricorn. Pluto fills out the leg of a cardinal t-square involving Sun, Mars and Pluto. With a Scorpio ruled 2nd house cusp, I figured I’d be hit up with a huge bill. And new resolve to become more viable – financially, and as a person. So when an unexpected pain shot from my tooth-nerve to my brain last week, I did my Aries Moon thing:

“Moon, get Dr. Austria on the phone, cancel all appointments, this is really going to set the schedule back (what does a root canal feel like?) We’re going in…”

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Mars Momentum, Mercury Retrograde And the Impersonality of Information

Mars in Gemini turns direct today after 2 1/2 months retrograding dirtbike through Cancer. The Cardinal signs breathed a sigh of relief when that pesky retrograde, OOB Mars gave them some peace to give Gemini and the Mutables a brief fling with the red guy (since 12/31/07). Can everyone rest easy, or maybe this time, will we finally be able to harness the positive momentum promised by Mars? It seems to me, riding the red planet like riding a dirt bike – the ride is exciting and circuitous. When Mars is in our sign, we move at a faster speed than our Sun sign friends, make headway in the affairs of our lives that demand courage, energy and ambition – but we do get a good bit of sand kicked in our face. And that’s just the price of the ride.

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Mars: Retrograde, But Not Idle

Mars has been retrograding through Cancer, where peeling back the layers of emotional aggression inherent in certain family dramas has felt like peeling a stinky onion and resembled a soap opera. Mars in Cancer hesitates and dissects the vicissitudes of emotion first, and acts later (when Mars turns direct) which describes any inner conflict stalemate or stand-off. Despite the subtle emotional bubbling, Jupiter has entered Capricorn (Cancer’s compliment) lifting spirits with optimism and newfound appreciation and regard for mature self-restraint.

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Put A Muzzle On Your Mars, Think WIth Your Venus

(this is an excerpt from my upcoming CD/book on attracting your soul mate…if you like it, let me know!)

barbie soldierIn my twenties, I used to work in an art gallery full of women on the island of Maui. While these women had incredible magnetism, I observed that while many of them claimed to want love, a number of them just weren’t open. Through observing their closed energy against the backdrop of lushly feminine Maui I realized only a few of us were truly tapping our power to receive and attract.

Whereas men have the power to act, women have the power to attract. It’s a Mars-Venus thing.

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