5 Tips for Finessing Your Mercury Retrograde

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1/5-1/24/16 Mercury moves retrograde from 1 degree Aquarius to 15 degrees Capricorn.

The Facts

Three times a year, for approximately three weeks time, Mercury slows down so that from the Earth’s perspective it appears to move backwards. We call this Mercury retrograde. Mercury is associated with the zodiacal signs Gemini and Virgo. In mythology he is the messenger to the Gods, charging communication, commerce, ideas. First, the difficult news: As the fastest moving planet in the solar system, Mercury’s slower motion will slow down or altogether stop computers, electronic gadgets, communication, transportation and mail. The errata of daily life gets interrupted; mail goes missing, checks lost, cell phone batteries die –and you’re late for an appointment. During this time, schedules are more easily bungled. Delays, cancellations and postponements are common and par for the course. The potential for miscommunication misfires is high, and the more dependent we are on technology, speed and getting it done yesterday, the greater our potential for misunderstanding and frustration. Yet there are also some clear benefits to Mercury retrograde, and ways to work with this quixotic energy. Below, 5 tips for finessing your Mercury experience.

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Mercury & Neptune Station: Speaking & Knowing


I don’t have one voice. I have many voices. Sometimes it is soft, silky and seductive. Other times it is courageously bold. My voice can be wise, with wisdom beyond my years. My voice can be spiritual, moved by the field of connection unifying us all. Or it can be fiercely honest, calling bullshit on me, and on you. I may appear a white woman in her early 40’s but if I were a nineteen years old black man, or if I were in Bruce, nee’ Caitlyn, Jenner’s body, I would still be me. I contain multitudes within me. The multitudes move through me in dialects of moods, tone, emotion. My voice reflects the multi-dimensionality of my human and spiritual experience. [Read more…]

Mercury in Aries, Retrograde: Retro-fitting the Self

The weather, wet and cold right now in northern California, is great for staying indoors, reading novels, deep introspection and calling in sick – which is what I did today. As the piled high mountain of used Kleenex mounted, and after reading a few chapters of a fantastic novel, I decided that what I most wanted to do with my sick day was to put some attention on my latest life mission: figuring out a way to do what I love, without killing myself (the alternate title for this post).

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Mercury Retrograde Rides Again

574756285_3f2537a1c7If us Astrologers were to write up a cosmological code of conduct, a ten commandment doctrine of sorts, Thou Shalt Not Buy Machinery During Mercury Retrograde, would make that top ten list. Well, I’ve violated that. Twice.

Yes, but, because…when two of our cars overheated in the same day, and one died completely, Mercury retrograde be damned- it was simply the right time to get a new car. Or two. [Read more…]

Sabian Symbols & Mercury Retrograde

Trolling for preliminary props and praise, A Love Alchemist”s Notebook manuscript ended up in the hands of a few astrologers I”d never met before -including one, Lynda Hill. As a direct result of this synchronicity (as well as seeing Lynda’s work featured on April E. Kent’s website), I’ve become re-acquainted with the Sabian Symbols – which are essentially visual images that describe each degree of the zodiac. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the background of how Sabian Symbols came to be, it’s an inspiring and fascinating story appropriate for this Pisces Full Moon. [Read more…]

Solar Eclipse New Moon In Cancer: Returning to Essence

At first glance, upon stumbling on Simone Butler’s essay on this Cancer New Moon Eclipse, I thought I’d been punk’d. How could we who do not know each other have written something so similar? All I saw were the words in bold, ‘Daughters of the American Revolution’. I felt flattered, then a little piqued at being mimicked, not unusual I suppose. When I got over myself and read further I discovered that she was using Sabian Symbols as Oracle, which, according to my new facebook acquaintance Lynda Hill and author of book by the same name, describes the oracular message of this eclipse degree. Although my turn of phrase was different, I had spoken about the crisis of the crumbling patriarchy without a feminine infrastructure to support a more balanced world. I had spoken as a ‘Daughter of the Sexual Revolution’.

You may be thinking this is no big deal, we’re all under the same stars, right? Yes, we astrologers are all in the same club and although we’re a diverse bunch, occasionally a few of us are bound to hit the same nail on the same head in almost exactly the same way. But this was different. I had unknowingly spoken about a Sabian Symbol interpretation from a book I’d never read. [Read more…]