And Time Stood Still. Retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

They may say time stops for no one, but right now that’s only partially true. Almost half the planets in your sky are now officially retrograde. Mercury moves retrograde in Gemini, May 26-June 19 and if you don’t know what that means, you just haven’t been paying attention. (For those born yesterday & even if you’re not, Virgo Fern Feto Spring, an expert on such matters offers Survive & Thrive Guide to Mercury Rx ). But that’s not all, folks: Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto are alas, retrograde. Good times. “But,” as one of my clients exasperated over retro affecting a pending decision, “life doesn’t stop. I have to keep moving forward!” To this I reply: retrograde is a very good thing. Retrograde motion characterizes the inward-moving, yin cycle of any planet. We can apply the breathing room, information gathering and reflection time toward the principles any planet represents. This is an especially useful time for building sanity & repose around the larger movements of life. [Read more…]

Mercury in Aquarius, Gratitude Loosens Thought Paradigms

We were walking the dog, my sister and I -and sat down on a two sisters bench in the upper crust part of SF, Noe Valley. Settling into our patch of sun, a fashionably self-conscious twenty-something walked by. Followed by another…and another.

Overheard: “So I had to cancel my Pilates appointment this morning, and move my manicure…I was just too hung over…”

My sister says, “Ugh. Sometimes they make me sick.” They being the young urban modicums of hip and cool.

“This place looks like Melrose,” I snort.

“The thing is,” she says, “I live here. But I’m so much happier not living my life from that place.”

“You mean the place where one card falls and the whole house comes tumbling down?”


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Mercury Clears Throat, Enters Capricorn

Do you feel the difference a little earth makes? By this time next week, 5 speechluminaries will be in Earth signs! And it all shows in our attitude, our speech and our perceptions – Mercury functions. If the world just seems different that’s because it is; the issues we’re focusing on become more real and relevant to our immediate surroundings. It’s easier to be skeptical of anything outrageous or abstract when Mercury’s in Capricorn, as this sign digs reliable proof. We’re also more likely, especially in conversation, to do the Saturn thing – keep opinions and perceptions we’re uncomfortable with at arms length (Saturn is the boundaried planet). We know our mind, and our mind and opinions, and they suit us quite well, thanks. Meanwhile, the declarations we do make to the world, reach the world. [Read more…]

Mercury In Sagittarius: Aim Your Intention

How to Observe the Flight of the Arrowbow and arrow

The arrow is the projection of an intention into space. Once the arrow has been shot, there is nothing more the archer can do, except follow its path to the target. From that moment on, the tension required to shoot the arrow has no further reason to exist. Therefore, the archer keeps his eyes fixed on the flight of the arrow, but his heart rests and he smiles.

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Mercury in Scorpio RX Gets Intimately Closer…

Mercury retrograde season again? Oh, yes it is.

Mercury in Scorpio slowing to retrograde brings up the personal shadow freud-couch(haunted house special fx… mooowhoohaw….) a sign (or omen) to pay attention to the way we communicate our feelings. Venus in Virgo, Mercury’s ruling sign deepens listening to deepen thoughtful responses. How? Biting your tongue might be an appropriate response one day, articulating your thoughts the next. Shadow stuff directs our laser beam focus around what’s bubbling up on the inside. Scorpio Mercury Rx is like Dr. Freud on the couch. The Dr. incisively penetrates your emotional blocks and self-destructive tendencies, freeing creative energy. Are you ready for the head Doctor?

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Get Your Spells Ready, Girls, Mercury in Scorpio is Moving Retrograde

Mercury’s in it’s shadow period, meaning that although he won’t go retrograde till Thursday, we’re already feeling the slow down. Start planning for it by moving into reflective mode. Settle your mind, avoid taking on new projects, think about cleaning up your environment.

I had several retrograde moments this weekend. I was working a benefit ball in San Francisco as resident astrologer. On my drive in, I invoked a little spell in honor of Mercury in Scorpio (your spellbinding powers are strong under Mercury in Scorpio) to strengthen my intuition and vision.

Mercury and Uranus be brilliant tonight
Help me share your light, spark my insight

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