The Neptune Square

fade awayThe first time I tried to write this blog it disappeared. Typical Neptune. I had been writing it within another document and although the other piece remained, Neptune just vanished. Similar experiences have happened with Neptune involved: a married client talks about her ghost lover during a session, and my recording device on my computer times out leaving us with no evidence of the discussion. Neptune absconds with time, too, as if to prove that actions mark time, and that without actions time is made irrelevant; many Neptune transits leave the person experiencing them with a Neptune-induced amnesia — people forget what they did for days, weeks and even years. Books are started and half-finished, romances appear then disappear, houses are swept away by floods… There must be a special place in heaven for those still left wondering, “Whaaatt?” by their Neptune transit. A “Neptune” Lost and Found, a place where people can go and be reunited with lost objects, people, ideas, lives. I hope so.

The Neptune Square is a generational transit. It happens for all of us between the ages 40-42, for approximately a 2 year passage. The Neptune Square introduces itself with a general malaise and fatigue, dis-enchantment if you will, with how things have panned out so far. The timing of this makes sense. Your thirties are a busy time spent striving to make goals and livelihoods happen. Most of us are building a career, relationship and family and all of this takes so much energy, energy we can senselessly spend, and often without stopping to pause or self-introspection, because we do have the energy and determination to forge ahead. [Read more…]

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Blind Faith

small still voiceIf you’re a sensitive you may be feeling foggy, spacey or tired this week as Friday’s Sagittarius lunar eclipse squares Neptune, the planet of sleep, dreams, spirituality, consciousness, deception and self-undoing. Neptune, like Twelfth House planets, is accompanied by that vague and fuzzy, dazed and confused feeling. If we want to nail down anything, a relationship or health problem, we won’t be able to. We can’t see very far into the future. Nay, we may only barely be able to see the next few feet in front of us. [Read more…]

The 40 Day Project, Neptune, The Care & Holding Of Magical Space

How do you hold the space to work out your intentions and life problems?  I have tried various methods. I’ve prayed, affirmed, spell-casted and altar-ed my way through some of my life’s biggest dilemmas and quandries. Pulling on the power of a spiritual force bigger than I has worked wonders. I’ve discovered that spiritual work that actually *works* takes discipline, focus, imagination, creativity…and a strong container. A good practice is well-designed. It’s design, by nature, cares for and holds the space for transformation.

There are many big huge changes and shifts I’ve wanted to effect in my life, and these are things I’m really excited about so I have the motivation and drive. However, lately when I go to do something, they often sort of flop (technical glitches, or life takes a different course), or I myself flop (I had motivation 5 minutes ago – where did it go?). Even though the personal work I’ve been doing yields huuuuge breakthroughs – I have ’em – then I float onto something else and it’s hard to grasp that big breakthrough I had a mere few days ago. Huh? In short, it feels like Neptune’s doing. [Read more…]

Neptune in Pisces: Rediscovering A Lost World, & Neptune Transits

Most ‘Neptunians’ I’ve known lead unconventional lifestyles; after all, modern life generally argues with the whole “I’m living in the moment” paradigm Neptune requires. One close friend is clairvoyant, an artist (Neptune conjunct Libra rising) and a gypsy (she is also a Sagittarius Sun sign). Riding her magic carpet from house sit to house sit, she lives under the auspices of Neptune; utterly without an external security blanket, she takes her cue from the shimmering, ever-changing present moment. From firsthand accounts, it’s difficult. Just try, for a day, planning your life around the inner dictates of Spirit. Sometimes it works out beautifully, and sometimes you just sit there wondering what the heck you’re doing. But for folks like her, there’s no other way. The only approach that works for her is to let go, surrender, trust in spirit. [Read more…]